Around the League: Week 3 Recap (Summer 2015)

Written by - Posted 2015-09-21 15:19 in News

Week two at the Royal Order of the Moose and we’ve got a couple gripes to get out. For the second straight week Master Batters and Garbage Plates didn’t provide enough players to field a team except this week there weren’t scorekeepers to bail one out. With our three game a week, two field schedule this pretty much ruins everything as the Twits and Chicken and Wiffle had nobody to play. If you’re going to be short let us know early and maybe we can do some maneuvering so everyone else isn’t inconvenienced.

- As a result of the forfeits, the DC Twits lead the league at 8-0. Everyone knows they aren’t the best team in the league but this is what happens when people don’t show up.

- Wolfpack suffered their first defeat to the Jackhammers on a walkoff as their offensive woes came back to haunt them again. Tough to win games when you can’t string two hits in an inning together no matter how solid your pitching and fielding are.

- Jackhammers promptly went and lost to the Circle Jerks to remind everyone they can be beat by anyone at anytime. Talented but dysfunctional, you have to wonder if they can put it together for a postseason run.

- Chicken and Wiffle move into the playoff picture thanks three forfeit wins and no thanks to their negative run differential. What a weird season.

- Garbage and Master Batters, you owe us a round of beers.

Big thanks to Commissioner Hudson for sticking around to score and making the fantastic decision to use the money saved from not having to score early games on beer. Without people willing to go the extra mile we wouldn’t be playing wiffle so let’s make sure we let folks know we appreciate the effort.

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