Around the League: Week 4 Recap (Summer 2015)

Written by - Posted 2015-10-01 10:38 in News

Well well well, look what we have here. Resurgent teams, final week drama, close games, all the good stuff.

- The league is officially on notice – these are not your grandpa’s Garbage Plates. They can hit, field and pitch well enough to beat anyone. They dropped two tough games before annihilating the Master Batters. Like the Cubs this year, you don’t want to play them in a single game playoff. We look forward to what these guys do in the future.

- Pregame chatter for the afternoon games centered on what would happen if the Circle Jerks won all three. Well they did, sweeping the Twits to their first two losses and booting forfeiting donks Chicken and Wiffle out of the playoff picture. Nicely done.

- Wolfpack escaped two close games to sweep the day and regain first overall. Nick West had four homers to provide his usual lion’s share of the offense; they better hope he is available come playoff time.

- Jackhammers officially have the best uniforms and scoring celebrations but lose a prime chance to sweep the Wolfpack. They’ll win their division but let’s see if Jekyll or Hyde shows up next week. You don’t want to play them but you also know you can beat them, interesting combination.

- Great so see Kevin Higman, pity the Janitors only got in one game because Chicken and Wiffle were last minute forfeits. Really ruins the day for other teams.

We’ve gone one week left in the regular season. Playoff teams are likely locked in thanks to the forfeits today but seeding is still very much up for grabs. As we close out we need your feedback on the Loyal Order of the Moose, we’ll be sending out a survey soon after the season ends.

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