Around the League: Season Recap (Summer 2015)

Written by - Posted 2015-10-13 11:01 in News

The strangest regular season in PWL history wrapped up this week. We’re in for a marathon Sunday as we will play the entire playoffs in one day. Let’s run through the final day:

- Chicken and Wiffle finished a disappointing season with more letdowns, losing to the Wolfpack on Colin Gannon’s walkoff. At some point they need to add some talent to put them over the edge or at least you know, stop forfeiting.
- DC Twits tumbled fast and far from their lofty perch two weeks ago as Spencer Howard was kind of enough to remind everyone that Adriano is a former MVP. They need Crawford to have a chance at making a run next week.
- Jackhammers wrapped up the two seed, winning what ended up being a comically bad division.
- Congrats to the Dupont Circle Jerks, qualifying for their first playoff berth. How long that lasts we’ll talk about a bit later, they have some interesting lineup decisions to make.
- Garbage Plates scared everyone they played but ultimately fell short of the playoffs. They’d be the best odds to change that in the Spring if they keep their core intact.
- Master Batters went winless, disappointing even for them. We’d feel bad but they forfeited what seems like half of those losses so we don’t. They’re a veteran team that can scrape together wins, we expect they’ll just pretend this season never happened.
- Janitors missed Higman as much as you would expect but Kerby will reload. If Felix Fernandez melts down for the Jerks he could be available again.

Stay tuned for the playoff preview including details on the final Sunday. We’ll be expanding the All Star Game, doing the fastest around the bases and fastest pitch as well as the Derby. Former Commissioner / guilt-stricken-for-leaving -the league-without-a-field-sugar-daddy Gallaway is providing lunch and beers again so we hope to see you there.

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