Around the League: Playoff Preview (Summer 2015)

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We’ve weeded out half the teams from the Summer 2015 season aka The First Season Without Gallaway aka Where the F Are My Stats. Familiar names and faces dot the playoff landscape, here we go through the storylines.

  • Wolfpack vs #4 DC Twits*
    - They just played twice Sunday with the Wolfpack sweeping but the Twits were without veteran pitcher Stephen Crawford. Expect to see some changes on the mound for them.
    - Wolfpack have some very interesting lineup questions and former MOTY Adriano will have some decisions to make. They’ve got 6 players, all of which are former All Stars and have at least one title. Batting six is a not a formula for success in a 3 game series so what will give? Colin as a clutch pinch hitter / Cy Young worthy reliever? Keeven punished for getting married and traveling the world for 90% of the season? Burns out because he seems to only get to first anyway?
    - Twits rely on Lockbaum for power and hope other people are on base when said power comes through. TwitsBall is them losing 1-0 in 9 innings and is a very real thing. Slipping to the #4 seed hurts them not having the last at bat.
  • Verdict – Wolfpack in 2. Close, boring games to watch but the Wolfpack speed on the bases and in the field make the difference.

  • Jackhammers vs #3 Dupont Circle Jerks*
  • - Jackhammers are the better team, but has signing Matt Gagnon ever worked out for anyone? Knuckles, Canvassers, NWLA, London…
    - We assume this series has some sibling bragging rights at stake as the Shannons face off. Or maybe it’s just who is less hungover. Either way at least 3 separate cars will be driven from Casa de Barnburner.
    - Felix Fernandez has mostly kept his promise to “be cool” but he is desperate to win and the Jerks need him at his best on the mound. Will be hard to look away if things get hairy.
    - Jerks also have some lineup questions with six on their roster; maybe skipper John Hamlett moves his gym to the lodge to make an appearance.

    Verdict – Jackhammers in 3

    World Series – Wolfpack over the Jackhammers in three close games. While the Jackhammers match up in career accolades and pitching depth, the hitting matchup favors the Wolfpack.


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