Opening Day Festivities!

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As we gear up for the season we’d like to share some important things about both Opening Day and the Moose Lodge.


*Moose Lodge has bathrooms for us to use, they are down the stairs in the back by the pavilion. This door should be open by the time games start, if they aren’t let us know
*Bringing alcohol is not permitted but they have agreed to a sweet deal for us. 6 beer domestic buckets are $15 including tax and tip, cash only. We’re working on food specials as well.
*They have a full food menu, we will try and have a copy at the scorer’s table. If you don’t see one let us know. Wings, burgers, pizzas, etc
*Only those that are members of the lodge may purchase beer or food from inside, at press time that is Michael Burns and Alex Filides. PWL is working on securing funds to add more members. and this doesn’t apply during league sponsored events

Opening Day

*Former Commissioner Gallaway is providing lunch and beers for the league. Food should be out around noon while the beers are available all day. Burgers, dogs, pizza, maybe some wings, tots, and tenders.
*Please DO NOT take your own beers from the lodge fridge, we do need to keep a tab with them. We will likely make an arrangement to have a bunch in the league coolers to make it easy.
*If you plan on drinking, please carpool or arrange for alternate transportation. The last thing we need is someone driving drunk. There are nearby metro stops where someone could drop you or you can Uber, cab, etc.

See everyone Sunday!

Loyal Order of the Moose
7701 Beulah St, Alexandria, VA 22315

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