Spring 2016: Week 1 Recap

Written by - Posted 2016-04-18 12:51 in News

If Week 1 is any indication we’re in for a roller coaster of a season, let’s rehash what we saw.

- Doesn’t appear to be any places to pad your batting stats, at least not against starting pitching. With a streamlined league it looks like everyone has at least one guy to put on the bump that is capable of throwing a shutout. Expect averages and home run totals to decline from those winds blowing out at Gravelly days.
- The Besley Bashers made as much noise as a 1-2 team can make, losing a heartbreaking extra innings battle to the Wolfpack, beating the Circle Jerks and falling to the Master Batters in three straight 1-0 contests. Trouble is Nitto will miss time and in a league decided by the slimmest of margins you need to start winning those one run games.
- DC Twits are 0-2 and while you can argue they lost to both of the preseason picks for best teams, at some point you need to show us something. We’re just about to quit you DC Twits.
- Master Batters are 2-0 but we’ll just wait and see what they do when all their Hall of Famer moves to Chicago next week. Are they any better than the Janitors without Jack Shannon?
- Wolfpack did Wolfpack things, winning two close games and wiping the floor with the Janitors. The six man lineup isn’t ideal but they won the title with it so until someone proves otherwise they’re still the team to beat.

Moving into Week 2 we’d like to remind folks to please clean up after themselves, there were far too many empty water bottles and beer caps left behind this week. Take what you brought with you and leave only your footprints.

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