Spring 2016: Week 2 Recap

Written by - Posted 2016-04-25 15:02 in News

Didn’t take long for things to get interesting, had a light schedule this week with the Master Batters utilizing the new rule rescheduling rule for two of their games.

- Besley Bashers secured their best win as a franchise, a come from behind 3-2 victory over the defending champion Wolfpack. Great win for them and making our playoff prediction look pretty sweet. Their offense should keep them afloat in Nitto’s absence and they’ll be at full strength for the playoffs.

- Dupont Circle Jerks right the ship, going 2-0 with Gagnon pitching two perfect games. They stuffed the stat sheet as a contender should against the plummeting Janitors and Master Batters. Helps when your opponent has a child in the lineup.

- DC Twits scored 8 runs! On 13 hits! In one game! They still had two errors and gave up 6 hits but let’s just them bask in what will likely be 25% of the runs they score this year.

- Officially time to ring the warning bells for the Janitors and Master Batters. Both look to be in need of a pitcher or risk falling out of playoff contention very early. Where is Higman again?

Looking ahead to next week the Wolfpack seek revenge on the Besley Bashers while the Circle Jerks look to continue their cakewalk through the Western Division. Master Batters battle the Twits for what is shaping to be the final playoff spot but you have to like the Twits chances without Jack Shannon in the fold.

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