NWLA 2016 – Gallaway’s Last Stand?

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It’s that time of year again, that special time where former Commissioner Gallaway sends a squad of PWL All-Stars on all expense paid trips to play wiffleball. What makes this year different is all signs point to this being the last wiffle hurrah of Chris Gallaway. This means two things; first off the PWL owes him their best effort. Unlike in years past the NWLA team has to do more than show up at regionals to qualify for the big dance in Ohio, we need to win some games. It would be embarrassing to say the least if we don’t get there. Second, those who have traveled or dined with Gallaway know it means he is going to go out with a bang. Gallaway nights are a can’t miss extravaganza any time but the last weekend where he is the “God of Wiffleball” before retiring to inevitably take over a local T-Ball league?

Skip your brother’s wedding, the real party is in Ohio. Want to come?

Here is what you need to know

- We won’t be having formal tryouts. We will set up an NWLA distance mound on the practice field at the Moose these last two weeks. If you want to be on the team, talk to Greg Hudson or Michael Burns. Even if you’ve been on the team before we need to know your interest and availability for this year.

- To qualify for the NWLA you must have at least one at-bat in the PWL or other NWLA recognized league this season. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Regionals are June 4th in NYC, on the site of old Yankee Stadium. PWL will take a bus up after work June 3rd, play five games June 4th and bus back down. The rain date is June 5th but barring horrible weather you will be back for the PWL playoffs. Team schedule here

- While preferred it isn’t required you can make the regionals and nationals. However for any new guys it would behoove you greatly to be available for both.

- Final roster decisions will be made by the team manager and Commissioner Hudson.

- For Ohio we will fly out July 15 and return July 17 so you might need to take a day off work. Website here:

London 2016

There is also an all-day underhand fun festival known as the London Wiffleball Tournament the same weekend in Ohio. PWL will be sending a squad again this year, if interested talk to Hudson or Burns. The requirements here are a little less stringent; you need to be able to drink at least thirteen light beers in a day and preferably not fall asleep in the grass in between games. Those are just preferences, we understand it’s a long day.

See everyone at the Moose on Sunday!

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