NWLA 2016 - Regionals?

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If you think you might be, or if you think your addition to a team of PWL All Stars will make that team the best in the country, we want you to try out for the NWLA tournament. Yes…a tryout. We know, you don’t tryout anymore, but trust us, you want to for this.

This year is pretty important — thanks to the efforts of last year’s team, PWL is no longer guaranteed a spot in the tournament. Instead we must qualify at Regionals in NYC on June 4 You’ll be back in time for the playoffs on June 5th, don’t worry.

The fourth annual tournament, which was co-founded and is largely hosted by the PWL, will be July 15th through 17th. The PWL is one of sixteen leagues who will each send an all star team to represent their league in the National Tournament. The rules are a combination of rules used throughout the leagues. The tournament is fast pitch, with walks, and the field is the official 90 degree width like a traditional baseball field. (2 fielders and a pitcher are used to make up for the wider field.)

Roster changes might be made for the regionals that are different than the national tournament (if we make it there).

Tryouts for the team are open to all players who are on a roster for the Spring season. Interested players are encouraged to contact the Commissioner, Michael Burns, or Stephen Crawford, in advance to express interest.

NWLA Tryout/Practice
Sunday at 1:30p

The finalists will be narrowed down after the tryouts. The roster is up to eight players, however 10 might come to NYC.

PWL players who are not able to go to Ohio, are welcome to scrimmage during the tryout times if they’d like to join in. Especially if you’ve got an hour time slot open to kill and want to take some AB’s.

Players who are selected will have an all-expense paid trip, including travel, hotel and meals, to Columbus as well as the regional. In addition, each player will get home, away and alternate jerseys provided by the league.

Sign up for the tryouts today, email the Commish.

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