Spring 2016 Regular Season Wrap Up

Written by - Posted 2016-05-25 16:20 in News

Spring 2016 regular season is a wrap, thanks everyone for making it a success. In reverse order of the standings we’re going to give our thoughts on the state of each team then get into playoff predictions.

*Master Batters – Did Dan Snyder run your draft? They immediately sprung for the Hall of Fame name without realizing he wouldn’t be around very much. Given what the Bashers did in the same draft this doomed their season from the get go. This is a veteran franchise that we expect to reload and maybe you know, not put someone’s kid in their lineup.

*DC Twits – We’re done with you, no more optimism or hope. What kind of team are you trying to be? The past couple of seasons have been a laughingstock of ploddingly inadequate base running, inconsistent hitting, fielding gaffes and general lack of an identity. There are pieces here but they don’t fit together, time to blow it up fellas.

*Janitors – Spirited run to the playoffs behind Iron Man Kirby’s hitting, decent pitching and beating the teams they needed to when they were less than full strength. That’s enough for a playoff berth this year and to build on moving forward. Nice work.

*Besley Bashers – When at full strength (meaning with Nitto) these guys beat everybody at least once. Lack of playoff experience is a slight concern but so far this season has gone about as well as they could’ve hoped. Will the team stick together or is this their only shot with their current lineup? We know offers will be made to the key free agents but nobody can say what this squad will look like in the summer.

*Wolfpack – Solid, not great, and certainly not up to expectations. Adriano gave up an alarming bunch of homers, Colin reverted back to his inconsistent self and they finally paid for their lack of power through the lineup. Didn’t Burns used to at least occasionally get past first on his own or are we imagining that? No lineup decision will shape the playoffs more than how this six man front is handled.

*Dupont Circle Jerks – The Jerks gradual ascension has them atop the league for the first time. From the final week at least their last minute addition of Filides looks brilliant and this team led almost every hitting category. Securing the one seed was huge not just for matchups but for them knowing they can beat any team in the league. Well done fellas, we tip our caps to you.

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