Spring 2016 DCS Preview

Written by - Posted 2016-06-01 11:02 in News

DCS 1 – #1 Dupont Circle Jerks vs #4 Janitors
As mentioned, DCJ getting the one seed was huge. Assuming the NWLA regionals aren’t rained out they should handle the Janitors. No disrespect meant but there are three contenders this season and two of them are playing in the other series. The Jerks are loaded top to bottom. Could the Janitors keep balls in the park and squeak out with a few breaks? Sure, that’s why we play the game, but don’t bet the house on it.

Prediction – DCJ in 2 then stick around to root for the Bashers.

DCS 2 – #2 Wolfpack vs #3 Besley Bashers
Now this is a series. Teams split 2-2 in the regular season with three of those games decided by a single run. The Bashers no longer have holes in their lineup, brought back former All Star Alex Cohn and everyone can hit for power. Pitching behind Nitto is a huge concern but ROTY favorite Van Fechtmann has emerged serviceable in relief. The Wolfpack haven’t looked quite like themselves and lost a couple close games they would’ve won in the past. Their lefties need to put together some of those innings that drive opponents up a wall while Keeven and Adriano continue their resurgences at the plate. There are rumblings of them not having the entire pack this weekend but details have yet to emerge. Depending on who is there Sunday the lineup decisions could make or break this series, especially if the Bashers take Game 1.

Prediction – Wolfpack in a very close 3. They show up with something to prove for the first time since the Barnburners left, have loads of playoff success against Nitto and have experience in every type of close game. The Bashers will need the long ball and razor sharp fielding to win their playoff debut, both of which they’re capable of. Will be fun to watch.

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