World Series Preview: Spring 2016

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Quick recap on the DCS then on to a comprehensive World Series preview. If you haven’t RSVP’d for Sunday’s festivities please do so . Bring your families and friends, all are welcome and it’s free we just need to know how much food to order.


The defending champs fell, but did anyone hear a sound? Swept quietly by the Besley Bashers the Wolfpack never really mounted a threat. You beat them by limiting base runners and hitting homers which is exactly what happened. Great performance by the entire Bashers squad, they were the better team Sunday.

Since we’re great at being wrong, we must acknowledge the Janitors coming within a game of a World Series berth. They held the Jerks to two hits and kept chugging around the bases for a walk off win in Game 2 before falling short in the rubber match. Great season, we look forward to seeing how they build on their surprising success. Now for the big show –

World Series – #1 Dupont Circle Jerks vs #3 Besley Bashers
*We had a different, more detailed breakdown until word got out that Matt Gagnon will miss the World Series

There have been three ace pitchers in the PWL this season, two of them faced off last week and in a perfect world we’d see another showdown for the title. Losing Matt Gagnon is a major blow to the Circle Jerks title hopes but let’s not engrave the trophy just yet.

How the Bashers win – Nitto is on, hitting the bottom of the board while the roster flexes its power at the plate. Top notch fielding and a true “next man up” mentality have the Bashers lifting the trophy to cap their first playoff run

How the Jerks win – Jim Shannon tees off on a less than perfect Nitto, Filides befuddles a Bashers lineup unfamiliar with facing him and Hamlett/Schwarting get the key hits and free outs behind the plate.

How we see it – The Bashers are prone to offensive slumps; it’s the pro and con of power hitting. All it takes is one swing but if the wind is blowing in or they get down and tighten up, can they manufacture runs other ways? Thing is, the Jerks are built in the same vein. The Filides pickup now not only looks genius but absolutely necessary. He provides great hitting to all parts of the field. They’ll need Jim Shannon to play like a Hall of Famer and get early leads to force the Bashers to perform under pressure.

Prediction – We’ll take the team with their ace on the mound, the Bashers take home their first title in three games.


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