NWLA 2016 - Regionals Recap

Written by - Posted 2016-07-08 11:57 in News

One of the inaugural eight teams of the NWLA tournament, largely because league founder and Wiffleball hero Chris Gallaway created and funded the tournament, Potomac Wiffleball League found itself in unfamiliar territory in 2016. Due to what can only be described as a piss poor performance in the double elimination tournament round in 2015, the PWL Nationals had to earn their trip to the annual tournament this year.

So PWL “trudged” up I-95 (in a cushy tour bus) to play in a regional tournament for the first time where the results mattered, in the shadow of Yankee Stadium, on the grounds where Babe Ruth used to drink beer, eat hot dogs, and play baseball, in that order. Thankfully, no one on the team is a Yankee fan so there’s that.

This was also the first tournament without Chris Gallaway managing the team. So leadership was entrusted to 2-time NWLA pitcher, Crawf-dog (Career 2-2, 8.20 ERA). Fortunately his managing skills far surpassed his pitching performances and the PWL Nationals posted their best ever offensive production at NWLA (.398, 10 HR) and secured a spot in Ohio. Of course most of the team is inspired by a steak dinner, but nonetheless, PWL will be back, attempting to do something they couldn’t under Gallaway – make a deep run in the double elimination tournament.

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