Spring 2016 Awards!

Written by - Posted 2016-07-29 13:55 in News

The awards are now officially closed, so who won? Let’s find out below. No major surprises.

Gold Glove Award Catcher
No surprises here — congratulations to the hardest working catcher in the league, Will McNally. I’m sure “Skip” is proud.

Gold Glove Award Pitcher
Adriano DeSorrento is guaranteed to be on the ground at some point in a game, usually followed with a groundskeeping complaint. Either way – no errors and well deserved.

Gold Glove Award Fielder
The Wolfpack were 2 votes away from a sweep of the Gold Gloves, but Jim Shannon steals this one, seemingly everywhere on the field this year.

Manager of the Year
One could argue any of these managers deserved to win this year, all dealing with a lot of moving parts, new players, and beating the odds. But to the victor go the spoils, congratulations to John Hamlett!

Rookie of the Year
Was there ever any doubt who would get this? Brad Van Fechtmann was dominant in his rookie season and will go down as one of the best rookie seasons of all time.

Cy Young Award
This is another no brainer decision, Matt Gagnon had one of the most dominant pitching performances of anyone in the league in a long time. Go look at his stats.

Most Valuable Player
Each of these players brought something to their team, but no player provided the number of clutch hits Jim Shannon did. Helping to carry the Dupont Circle Jerks to their first ever Gallaway Championship title. Oh yeah, Jim also won the Triple Crown.

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