2016 September Tournament Details

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We have 8 teams competing in the first ever PWL Tournament. What this means is we will do it all on Saturday instead of a two day tournament. I made this decision due to time and field constraints, inclement weather forecast, and just getting everyone to Moose two days in a row. What that means is that on Saturday, we will start at 9:00a SHARP. If for any reason cannot fit the final games of the tournament in, we have Moose reserved for Sunday also as a backup.

Upon arriving, check in at the tent and grab a lineup card to submit to the scorekeepers at your designated field. Field one is on the right, field two on the left. We will be self-umpiring again, so review the rules as needed on the site: — I’ll be there all day for questions also.

For pool play, there will be a 6 inning limit no matter what. That means that games can end in a tie, with run differential accounting for standings (tie-breaker goes to runs allowed). The two pool winners will be the automatic #1 and #2 seeds for a single elimination tournament to start immediately after pool play ends. No inning limit in the tournament — please score runs.

I ask that all teams are ready at least 15 minutes before their scheduled game, with their lineup ready to give to the scorekeeper. This will help keep things on track. If a game ends early, we will get started as soon as possible. Be helpful.

Get with your managers if you have any questions or email

Useful information:
- Moose Lodge Address: 7701 Beulah Street Alexandria, VA 22315
- Pizza will be served at noon
- Beer and water coolers at the tent (don’t drink and drive)
- Bathrooms are around back downstairs
- Park in front of Moose as close to street as possible aka furthest from the fields (Moose have an event later in the day)
- Arrive AT LEAST 15 mins before your schedule game, earlier the better

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