Spring 2017 So Far (Updating as Needed)

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If you haven’t seen — sign ups for Spring 2017 are open and so far we have 4 teams coming back and 1 new contender. We expect at least 8 — managers are already being harassed by me to sign up. They LOVE that. So first things first — if you haven’t signed up yet, do so. The price will go up as we get closer. So do it now.


It has been too long since we have seen the Blandsford Barnburners suit up together. This Spring they return focused on only winning the championship, destroying everyone in their path. The ORIGINAL crew is coming back too, as Jake Tomko returns to the mound. Is he still good?

The Master Batters are currently returning — who will sign up? I have no idea. Who will actually show up? I have no idea. Either way, I look forward to seeing the team they assemble. Can Zach Carter come back already?

Last Spring, the Dupont Circle Jerks took home the championship — 3 of their players are now gone. Gagnon a FA, Jim Shannon back with Barnburners, and Alex now “retired.” Who will manager John Hamlett bring to defend the title this year?

New team alert — Oldtown Barrel Bruisers are already doing spring training in prep for opening day. From what we can tell, they are somehow related to a Crossfit studio. Do we consider them a threat?

“Fresh” off their Fall 2016 tournament win, the DC Twits organization has issued a new challenge to the league. Per star pitcher Stephen Crawford — “If you go deep off of me, I will give you $5. Shannon (the good one) can play for double, but then it is $4 per K.”

You are reading that right – you can make your money back this year by hitting home runs off the DC Twits. So again — you should sign up now.

Other notes of interest

  • The Wolfpack have collapsed.
  • Besley? Janitors? Where are you?
  • Notable free agents out there: Matt Gagnon, Adriano DeSorrento, Matt Curtin, Jeff Nitto
  • Super teams have died. Gone are Wolfpack, Jackhammers, I Want My Corners,
  • Remember you have to play to qualify for NWLA!

Spring 2017 Teams
Blandsford Barnburners
DC Twits
Dupont Circle Jerks
Master Batters
Oldtown Barrel Bruisers
Strike Force

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