Spring 2017 Season Preview

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Weather is warming up, grown men are tweeting oiled men in spandex at each other , must be wiffle season! This offseason has felt extra long due to the fall being a tournament but we are back. Allow us to offer some unsolicited but very valid musings on what we see for the PWL in 2017.

- Commissioner Hudson is retiring, moving his family (he has a kid now, congratulate him you jerks) to Richmond. This means we will have the first contested Commissioner election in PWL history pitting Alex “Haven’t I seen that guy walking through Arlington” Filides and Stephen “Unhittable when the radars are broken” Crawford. Vote!
- The Barnburners are back! We think one of the Shannons, not sure if the good one, is still in the Midwest but they’re all signed up. More on individual teams later.
- Thanks to a Capitals-esque opening day the PWL has already qualified for NWLA this year. Nevermind the meltdown on Sunday, what you need to know is that you need to play in 5 PWL games to qualify this year. They changed it.
- For the first time NWLA is not in rural Ohio; somehow that was too convenient for the mullet toting NWLA-ers so we have to go to Michigan. Thanks! Gallaway isn’t going, most likely because if you launch a Subway cup over your head it doesn’t satisfyingly smash and make everyone uncomfortable.
- Will this be the year of celebrity guests? Lots of long time players either aren’t signing up but staying on the peripheral of PWL news. Gagnon, Keeven, Higman, Burns, McNally, we’re looking at you.
- We’ve got a new team, a new old team, and the DC Twits trotting out the same lineup for the 87th consecutive season. In no particular order let’s get into it –

Blandsford Barnburners – We’re in trouble but somehow these are the good guys. Bringing back the original crew right as the Twits are due for their usual 4 year slump they are the team to beat. If they win expect to see Adriano shaking on a street corner mumbling to himself all summer.

DC Twits – We’re long out of original angles for the Twits. As shown in the tournament Crawford can take over, if Lockbaum’s one hit a game is a homer and Greg does everything else they can beat you. Or they can score 4 runs in a season. Yay Twits.

Master Batters – Another stalwart, love seeing these guys and the enthusiasm they bring. How the roster gets filled out is TBD but Grivnow will be there with his bike and hockey gear so all is right in the world. Welcome back fellas, the league needs more folks like you.

Janitors – Can’t talk about league fixtures without mentioning Iron Man Kerby leading his Janitors squad back for another go around. They were deceptively feisty in 2016, leaving a lot of teams very uncomfortable before usually falling in a one run contest. They need another piece to compete in a postseason series but count on them for some upsets.

Dupont Circle Jerks – Last we saw them they flamed out horribly in the tournament, before that they were raising the trophy. John Hamlett is a reliable leader but questions about the surrounding cast abound. How much frustration can he take before those always very visible quads go rogue and start beating people up? Only time will tell.

Strike Force – The new old team, this is Adriano’s latest attempt at dethroning the Barnburner empire. Got a new guy, no idea if he’s more Nick West or Sean Hendershot, but this team has the best 1-2 pitching punch with Jeff Nitto in the fold. This team symbolizes pretty much everything that has gone awry with the PWL in the past couple of years so we’ll see how it all comes together.

Oldtown Barrel Bruisers – New team! Leaked some video of practice session which is a bit pompous but we appreciate the enthusiasm. Hopefully they can give the old timers a run for their money. Their early season schedule will be key as they adjust to the nuances of the PWL game. Glad to have you guys, now prove you belong.

Signups are still open and several teams could use some free agent depth. If you know some folks who want to come out now is the time to get them in gear. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and keep checking the Facebook page for updates. Look forward to seeing everyone at the Moose!

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