Spring 2017 Playoffs!

Written by - Posted 2017-06-21 12:31 in News

The final standings are out and we have a couple surprises — perhaps the biggest one being the defending champs Dupont Circle Jerks failing to make the playoffs and finishing 5-9. The second biggest surprise, mainly because new teams usually don’t make the playoffs, is that the Oldtown Barrel Bruisers are the 3 seed, finishing 8-5. These guys trained and it it showed — every week they got better and better, look out Strike Force.

Let’s take a look at the playoff schedule, both the DCS and World Series will be taking place on the same day — THIS SUNDAY! Feel free to come and enjoy the show!

1 Barnburners
2 Strike Force
3 Oldtown Barrel Bruisers
4 DC Twits

9:30 4 DC Twits AT 1 Barnburners
9:30 3 Bruisers AT 2 Strike Force
10:30 Strike Force AT Bruisers
10:30 Barnburners AT DC Twits
11:30 DC Twits AT Barnburners (if nec)
11:30 Bruisers AT Strike Force (if nec)
~12:30 World Series Game 1
1:30 World Series Game 2
2:30 World Series Game 3 (if nec)

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