All Star Rosters Announced!

Written by - Posted 2006-04-27 21:04 in News

The All Star Game is this Sunday, here are the rosters for each Division.

The Division that wins the All Star Game will get home field advantage in the World Series.

Eastern Division

  1. Chris Gallaway, FieldWorks – Co-Manager
    (Ben Prochazka, Borg – Co-Manager in Abstentia)
  2. Mindie Reule, Borg
  3. Stephen Zigmund, FieldWorks
  4. Kevin Hickerson, Hot Sundaes
  5. Chris Coffman, You’re Killing me Smalls

Western Division

  1. Chris Lucas, Just Look at Yourself – Manager
  2. Christian Jones, Just Look at Yourself
  3. Dan Dondero, Masterbatters
  4. Doug Mah, A Team
  5. Don Draper, A Team (At-Large Selection)*

*The At-Large selection was determined by applying a stat formula to the remaning players in the Western Division after the team-selected all-stars are removed.

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