Obama: Health Care Done; Strike Board Next

Written by - Posted 2010-03-23 14:24 in News

Wasting no time today after signing the bill for health care reform, President Obama signaled his intention to attack the second most important priority of his administration, the PWL strike board.

“Health care was my top priority, but that doesn’t mean we can stop now. The strike board issue must be resolved, and it must be resolved before the first pitch this Spring”, the President said shortly after giving away the last of the 20 pens he used for the health care legislation.

Commissioner Gallaway has said he believes significant progress has been made over the last few months in moving the league toward a strike board option, including a speed limit for pitchers.

“I caved on the public option, but I cannot back down from the speed limit”, the President continued. “Let’s talk about a compromise between 30 and 40 MPH, but having no limit is off the table.”

A second scrimmage will be held this Sunday at Ft. Reno before a final proposal is sent to the league and the White House for review.

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