6 Innings With Anthony Morin

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Anthony Morin is one of those rare free agents who turned into a lifer. He was assigned to the Canvassers because back in the day the only team that would take free agents was the Commissioner’s own. “I wouldn’t say I saw greatness in him,” Commissioner Gallaway would go on to say, “I felt guilty that he paid his $30 and no one wanted to take him.” Morin established himself as an important, but infrequent part (he was a rookie for three seasons) of the storied franchise over his first few seasons. Gallaway eventually saw something in him though. When he stepped down as the Canvassers manager after 12 seasons, the Commissioner named Morin his successor. After making the playoffs his rookie season as a skipper, Morin’s teams finished .500 or under the next three seasons. A personal renaissance for Morin, however, led to a team renaissance during the Spring 2013 season. In addition to dominating on the mound after finding his pitch, Morin led his team to the World Championship, and claimed a sixth plaque for the franchise on the Commissioner’s Trophy.

It’s also possible he’s submitted the best Six Innings profile picture in league history.

Anthony Morin
[ player profile page ]

Nickname: Tony. I’d think of something clever, but considering the PWL website has listed me as Anthony for the last 5 years this may be the only time I’ll ever have a shot at making my true nickname known.
Age: 27
Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Resides: Washington, DC
Employer: If you ask me in two weeks, I’ll say Apple
Bats: I’d say strong … to quite strong.
Throws: The most unhittable pitch the PWL has ever seen.
How did you find the PWL: Facebook, actually. Does the PWL even advertise on Facebook, or did they somehow just know enough about me to throw a “Are you interested in a wiffleball league” banner ad in my face? Either way it’s creepy, and I still clicked on it. After that was a blur … I remember Gallaway peppering me with questions about my ability to make contact from the right side, then next thing I know I’d been drafted by the Canvassers. Hey, I’m not going to argue with free home and away uniforms.

Seasons: 9
Career Batting Avg: .345
Career ERA: 1.67
Awards: Cy Young Award (Su13), Web Gem of the Week (Su13Wk3), five nominations for POTW but no wins.

TWIF: What is your favorite baseball team and who is your favorite baseball player of all time?
AM: Definitely the Red Sox. I was born up in Mass. My mom’s a fan, my dad’s a fan, my entire family are fans. It’s sad that I have to provide that level of detail to avoid the bandwagon label, but such is the world we live in. Favorite baseball player of all time, you ready for a curveball? Yogi Berra. I love the guy.

TWIF: What is your favorite thing about wiffleball?
AM: This one’s tough. I’ll go with either the look on the batter’s face when you drop one in at 17mph on top of the strike board … or ringing someone up with a late read on the radar gun.

TWIF: Describe Sean Hendershot in one word.
AM: Studmuffin.

TWIF: Have you ever used a wiffleball bat for other than its intended purpose?
AM: Once or twice back in the 80’s, but I did not enjoy it.

TWIF: If you could drown one player in the Potomac river, who would it be and why?
AM: I’ll say only this … when was the last time anyone actually saw Nick DiCrosta?

TWIF: This is your ninth season. You’re 20th on the all time games played list in the league. You’ve been nominated for POTW 5 times and never won. You were nominated for Manager of the Year and a Gold Glove and never won. You took over as manager of the franchise with the most World Championships and for four seasons you only made the playoffs twice. Last season…something happened. After seven seasons of mediocrity you figured out how to pitch a wiffleball. It led to a World Championship and a Cy Young Award. What exactly happened?
AM: 20th all time, wow, really? I’d probably be in the top 10 if it weren’t for all of those last minute “I’m too tired for this crap” early Sunday morning cancellations during my first couple seasons. And I appreciate you highlighting the mediocrity that has plagued most of my career. But you’re right, something just clicked last year. I can’t really say what exactly it was, only because I have no idea what to call that disgusting pitch everyone’s been flailing at. It’s not really a screwball. It’s not really a drop. But it does move 3 feet at a time and hits the strike board relentlessly. It’s that pitch that led me to a a Cy Young season, but a Cy Young caliber pitcher will make any team competitive. Without a doubt the real reason we won the World Championship last summer was because of the guys I got to play with. Kris Garcia would be the ace on probably 95% of the teams in the league, and he was the guy teams had to face when I was off. Spencer Howard was absolutely robbed for Rookie of the Year. We had a Gold Glove winner behind the dish in Pete Hackeman. And Sean “Studmuffin” Hendershot came up with our two biggest hits of the season. The Canvassers didn’t take down Superman’s Wheelchair and The Gumballers on route to their league leading 6th World Championship because one guy had it going. They won because they played well as a team and had a helluva lot of fun doing it.

Web Gems: Get Some!

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Each week we’ll be voting on a Web Gem to recognize the best defensive plays. Sure, maybe it should be called a hand gem, or a palm gem, possibly even a finger gem, but we’re calling it a web gem.

The league office isn’t watching hours and hours of game footage each week, so it’s up to YOU, yes you, the reader of this website to submit nominations. The only plays nominated will be chosen from the ones that you submit to us for consideration.

Nominations can be made by anyone, manager, player, fan, rival wiffleball league, and are due by NOON each Thursday. The league office will review all nominees and submit up to five of them to be voted on by the public. Voting will be open from Friday until 10 AM on Sunday.

Submissions can be made by sending an email to, and MUST include the youtube link to the game, as well as the time (minutes and seconds) where the play occurs.

Player of the Week (Sp14): Week 1 Nominees

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Opening day is in the books! We had a league wide batting average of .380, and a total of 53 home runs to go around. For comparison, Spring 2013 saw a batting average of .277 and had 10 homeruns. I’m sure wind had NO factor opening day right? To the nominations!

  • Kris Garcia (12 nominations, 4 wins) is the ol’ veteran here, currently on his 15th season in the league, and yet continues to hit the ball well. Coming off the World Series win, Garcia batted .625, hit 3 homeruns, had 6 RBIs, and an OPS of 2.375.
  • Rookie nomination alert! As if the Nasty Boys needed more guys hitting home runs, they get Justin Arras to hit 3 in his first week. Batting .714 with an OPS of 2.857, Arras knocked in 6 RBIs. And even with all that wind blowing the ball every which way, Arras didn’t strike out once.
  • Has Andrew Flowers (4 nominations, 0 wins) been hitting the weight room this off-season? He came out ready to play — hitting 2 home runs for 4 RBIs, batting .750 with an OPS 2.375 and had himself a sac-fly and a save. Looks like Flowers is picking up where he left off and continues to be one of the best hitters in the league.
  • Jim Shannon (9 nominations, 1 win) and his Barnburners team sure have been talking a lot via twitter this offseason — and then lost in the worst way via pitcher ejection while leading. Needless to say, Jim did what he does and continued to consistently get on base, batting .571 with 2 homeruns, 6 RBIs, and an OPS of 2.286.
  • Well this one is awkward to write. Greg Hudson (3 nominations, 0 wins) of the DC Twits had himself quite the day at the plate Sunday. Hitting 4 home runs (including the first of the season for the league), batted .727 with an OPS 2.727, and knocked in 4 with only 1 strikeout on the day.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW Sp14 Week 1
Kris Garcia
Justin Arras
Andrew Flowers
Jim Shannon
Greg Hudson
total_votes: 56

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

Week 1 (Sp14): You're Only Human (Second Wind)

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The sun and temperature cooperated for Opening Day, but the wind, an ever present feature at Gravelly Point, did not. Unfortunately, people participating in non-wiffleball activities at Gravelly were not discouraged by the wind, and overflowed the facilities.

The four pitcher ejection forfeits is the second most in a single week in league history. Week 5 of the Spring 2012 season saw five games end this way. Two times there have two forfeits in a week, and twelve other times we’d have one. Not all of these are wind related, but many are.

The first few really nice Sunday’s of each spring always bring lots of extra people to Gravelly Point. Parking is always at a premium, but the overflow this Sunday caused the park police to meter, then close off entry to the parking lots. Don’t worry, it gets better in that the park won’t be so overfull in future weeks. But, finding an actual spot to park your car will continue to be a challenge, when the lot is 110% full on a normal day, instead of 220% full as it was this week.

Despite the wind, operations ran fairly well. Sacbut was given a reprieve from the season’s first forfeit, as Chuggin’ Chorizos allowed them an extra 10 minutes to show up at the field. The new teams fared, however, as you’d expect the new teams to do. A couple of them think they’re going to be good…but we’re not sure any of them will be in the playoff picture in June.

You can find all the stats, standings and box scores including play-by-play on the website. Links are available on the schedule pages, or on the schedule section of the team pages. You can also get them on the scoreboard page. Complete game videos for each game will go over over the next few days. They take a little longer than the stats, which are usually up before we leave the field each week.

SCORING CORRECTIONS: If there are any corrections needed for the scoring, please contact the Commissioner. Corrections must be made by the Saturday following the games at 11:59 PM. (In the MLB, the official scorer has one day to correct, in the PWL, it’s one week.) Please note, we definitely want to get corrections (wrong players, incorrect coding, etc), but if you complain about things that are judgment calls, like a hit or an error, it will still be reviewed, but you will be mocked on the website.

Check back later this week for our traditional Player of the Week voting. Each week five nominees will be voted on by the public and the managers to receive a keychain award.

Also, don’t forget about submitting Web Gems. Great fielding plays get nominated and cut into a video for a league vote.

We’re off next week for Easter. That should give you even more time to pour over the stats.

Week 1 Preview (Sp14): Tell Her About It

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It’s been 187 days since an official wiffleball pitch that counts in the stats has been thrown. It’s been a long winter. But, in two days, wiffleball is back on the banks of the Potomac River.

We’ve got five new teams, and a slightly weird, 18 team season ahead of us.

The weather is expected to be great, 80 and mostly sunny. We might have some wind to contend with, but when won’t we?

In the event the forecast is wrong and it gets wet, make sure you’re following us on twitter (@potomacwiffle) for live status updates or call the Game Information Line at 855-8-WIFFLE about an hour before your game.

Opening Day always brings a few technical items of business for players. It’s picture day, so make sure you look your best. Players will also be picking up their league tshirts, and signing the waiver before their first games.


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The National Park Service has determined the ground at Gravelly Point is too saturated to support permitted activities the weekend of April 6.

The informal Spring Training event has been cancelled.

No wiffleball activity, even individual pickup games or team practices is allowed at the fields. Anyone caught engaging in wiffleball activity would jeopardize our permit for the rest of the season.

Managers Set Spring Season

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The managers of the 18 official teams met via conference call Thursday night to finalize the details of the Spring Season.

This is the first season with 18 teams, which has led to some changes in the normal operating structure.

There will be six divisions of three teams each to create balanced divisions. The division champion of each division, as well as two wild card teams will advance to the playoffs. A proposal to reduce the number of teams to six failed on a 4-14 vote. Two teams, Torn Labrums and Sacbunt were not present for the call.

Managers also had two schedule options to choose from. One option for a balanced schedule had each team playing their divisional rivals four times, and then playing six other teams outside of their division once. That proposal was rejected in favor of a more traditional schedule, where divisional rivals were played twice, and the balance of the games were against non-divisional teams. Of the ten non-division games, nine of them will be against the same opponents that your division plays. However, each team will have one random, non-balanced game against an opponent. The vote was initially tied on which schedule to go with before the Master Batters changed their vote to break the tie.

The biannual grumbling about the pick order for schedule spots which allows the worst teams to pick first resulted in two votes to change the policy. Proposals from the Barnburners to change the order for this season failed 5-11, and a subsequent proposal to change the rules for future seasons also failed 8-8. No other rules changes or proposals were considered.

The new divisional alignments were also approved for returning teams. The divisions are rebalanced based on previous season record each year. With six divisions for the first time, the league is looking at options for naming the divisions. In the past we’ve used directions, North, South East, West and Central. If you have good ideas, send them to the Commissioner.

The first pitch of the Spring Season will be at 10:30 AM on Sunday, April 13th as the DC Twits host the Garbage Plates and rookie Torn Labrums host a Thaman-less three time World Champion Superman’s Wheelchair. The first week will conclude with a 4:30 PM contest between the reigning World Champion Canvassers and the Spring 2013 World Champion Blandsford Barnburners. Between the two franchises they’ve won 11 of the 17 World Series in league history.

Spring Training

An optional spring training is set for this Sunday, April 6th from 1 PM to 4 PM at Gravelly Point. The event is not an official league activity, and Felix Fernandez will be coordinating it for us again this year.

However, the National Park Service has notified us that due to the recent snow and rain, and the expected rain this weekend, they may not allow permitted sports activity at Gravelly Point this week.
We expect to get a decision by the end of the day Friday and will update everyone.

Please RSVP for the event so we can keep you updated: RSVP on Facebook

NOTE – If the event is officially cancelled, you cannot use Gravelly Point for wiffleball related activities, even on your own. Our permit to play at the Point depends on your cooperation.

HOT STOVE: Winter Is Dead

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The deadline to register teams for the Spring 2014 season is April 1st. Sign up today so you don’t miss out.

March 27, 2014Current Players and Teams

  • 17 Teams is not a good number. We need to have 16 or 20. Unclear if there are three new teams out there meaning the dreaded “C” talks are starting. Contraction.
  • The free agent lottery was won by the Canvassers as career hits leader Matt Dreyfus rejoins the team he spent one season, and won his only World Series, with back in 2009. The Canvassers had previously lost out on another former player, Nick West, who ended up with Suns Out Guns Out. With Dreyfus can the defending World Champs challenge the domination of the Barnburners?
  • One more experienced free agent is available, career strikeouts leader (and career AB leader) Felix Fernandez. Unclear if anyone will pick him up though because of his “off field” issues, not the least of which is his new secret identity.
  • One new team is fighting off contraction talks by rolling out their logo and filling their rosters. The Chuggin’ Chorizos have six players and a logo. Sounds like a new team to us.

March 22, 2014

  • 15 Teams Including 3 New Teams Have Signed Up So Far. We’ll either take 16 or 20, so there is either 1 spot, or there are 5 spots left.
  • Ha’chi Mountaineers are OUT for the Spring. They intend to return in the Summer, but the pink socks need a good washing in the meantime and ace Neal Kovach has chosen love over wiffleball. Unclear if there is free agent poaching available, of which Dave Lucadamo is probably the only real get.
  • 7th Linning Stretch is not returning, journeyman, carpetbagger, slut, whatever you want to call him, Nick West, likely the top free agent of the off season has signed with Suns Out Guns Out.
  • Christopher Pike of Sex Panther fame has signed with the Janitors, and since he was the only Sex Panther that ever showed up, that franchise has effectively died. It works almost none of the time.
  • Still waiting to hear from the Gumballers, last season’s World Series runners up. Also waiting on the bastard stepchild of the Scared Hitless franchise the Gas House Gorillas. With Alex Filides hinting at retirement, for the third time, the door might be closing on this storied, but never champion, franchise.

February 25, 2014

  • One week into registration Canvassers, DC Twits, Garbage Plates and Master Batters have all had at least one player register.

February 17, 2014

  • Will Wheelchair be back or is the loss of Thaman too much to overcome?
  • Can the Canvassers defend their record setting 6th World Championship, or will the Barnburners return to tie the record?
  • Is Alex Filides re-re-retired?
  • Has Matt Gagnon bottomed out yet?

PWL Recognized Nationally

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The National Wiffle League Association annual Wiffy Awards as well as National Teams were announced in December and the PWL was once again well represented.

The PWL won the Wiffy for National Website of the Year. The league’s rebranded website launched in April prior to the start of the Spring 2013 season.

The PWL also co-won the award for National Wiffleball Event of the Year for the fourth consecutive year, and the second time for co-hosting the NWLA Tournament in Columbus, OH.

Commissioner Chris Gallaway was named National Commissioner of the Year for the second consecutive year as well. Brian Myers of the KWL has also won the award twice, and Truck Moriarty of the HRL won the award four times.

For National Teams, PWL players honored were:

National 1st Team Pitchers

  • Jeffrey Nitto
  • Joseph Thaman
  • Matt Gagnon

National 2nd Team Pitchers

  • Neal Kovach

National 3rd Team Pitchers

  • Nicholas DiCrosta
  • Chris Mazur

National 1st Team Hitters

  • Jack Shannon

National 2nd Team Hitters

  • Jim Shannon

National 1st Team Rookies

  • Ty Fletcher

National 2nd Team Rookies

  • Alex Cohn
  • Craig Miller

National 3rd Team Rookies

  • Joel Brunk
  • Jon Gagnon
  • Jack Rems

National 1st Team Fielders

  • Michael Burns

National 2nd Team Fielders

  • Bryan Wood

National 3rd Team Fielders

  • Kris Garcia
  • Chris Mazur

For past information on the Wiffy Awards and National Team Honors see:

Canvassers Champions of the World

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The Canvassers beat the Gumballers 2 games to 1 to claim the Summer 2013 World Championship.

Photos from the Final Sunday: