The Filides Forecast: World Series Predictions (Su13)

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About the Author: Alex Filides is the guy most of the league hates for no reason, and some of the league hates for very good reasons. He’s aggressive in the game, eats, sleeps and breathes wiffleball, and left the winning run in two postseason series stranded on third base.

Canvassers 2 Gumballers 0

Canvassers vs. Gumballers

The Canvassers ended up winning the season series, two games to one during the regular season and they also played a tie breaker game, at the end of the regular season, in which, the Canvassers prevailed.

Cy Young candidate Anthony Morin leads the charge for the Canvassers versus another Cy Young candidate, Jeffrey Nitto for the Gumballers. After several seasons in the league, Morin has finally had a break through season, while teams have started to figure out Nitto.

The Gumballers are good at putting the ball in play, but aren’t a big homerun threat. They will need a bit more than stringing a few hits together, which is nearly impossible against a good pitcher. Don McClintock for the Gumballers is a true leadoff hitter with a high on base percentage and can easily leg out a double with his speed. Michael Cohen and Stacy Critchfield basically put
the ball in play and use their speed to get on base. There are really no bad hitters in the Gumballers lineup, but there aren’t any great hitters in their lineup either.

The Canvassers are a bit more dangerous at the plate, in terms of scoring runs. Garcia is a homerun threat, with plenty of speed. Morin has shown he can hit, he’s been the leader for this season and they will need his leadership tomorrow. Rookie of the Year candidtate, Spencer Howard is a welcomed edition to the Canvassers and a key componenent to their success this season. Pete Hackeman can
hit the occasional homerun.

The Canvassers will sweep the series, break the curse of Zigmund and should silence the Barnburners crowd for at least half a season, or at least they meet again in the spring. Nitto is a great pitcher, but will eventually they’ll figure him out. The Gumballers aren’t likely to figure Morin out anytime soon. Best chance for the Gumballers to win this sereies is for the ole fashioned pitcher ejection, although Garcia is decent, he’s not quite at the level of Nitto. HOwever, maybe the knee buckling curve could work it’s magic, if something happens.

At the beginning of the season and never in a million years did I think the Canvassers would be here, but you heard it here first. The Canvasssers will sweep the series 2 games to 0.

World Series Preview (Su13): 3 Down, 3 To Go

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Two Eastern Division teams will face off Sunday to determine who will be the kings of not only their Division, but of the wiffleball world. The Canvassers and Gumballers are intimately familiar with each other in a way that not even Alex Filides feels comfortable talking about. It’s hard to say they’ve been rivals, or at least it was before this season, despite sharing turf in the East for three dances. Rest assured though, after three meetings already this season, and three more on the schedule, next Spring’s regular season games will certainly have a little more flair.

The Canvassers come in as the top seed in the series, placing #3 overall in the postseason. They claimed that seed in a division tiebreaker game against the Gumballers, forcing them to the #6 seed, despite finishing the regular season completely tied head to head and with run differential in those head to head games. The franchise is no stranger to the playoffs, appearing in more World Series than any other with seven trips. They’ve won five of those, tied with the Barnburners for the most all time. These Canvassers, however, aren’t the same folks who last claimed the Commissioner’s Trophy in the Summer 2009 season. Not a single member of a previous championship team remains. Kris Garcia is the lone member of the squad who’s played this late in October, having won a World Series with Catalista Revolucion in Summer 2008. While the team has improved in the offense department over previous seasons, led by Rookie of the Year hopeful Spencer Howard, they still remain about middle of the pack at the plate. What really changed this season is their pitching. Somehow, someway, Tony Morin just “found it” on the mound, and has been unhittable. The team ERA dropped from 2.03 last Spring to 0.42 this season. It’s not hard to win ballgames when you give up less than half a run a game. Morin, having a Cy Young caliber season, has often been one of those guys with potential, but something has just clicked this season, and he’s dealing. The team changed their logo after the last World Series victory to incorporate a shield with stars for each of their titles. We’ll find out Sunday if a logo update is going to be necessary.

In just three seasons the Gumballers have quickly positioned themselves to be a force in the league. They won a tough Eastern Division title their first two seasons, before losing a one game playoff to the Canvassers this season to settle for second place. They were the #2 seed their first season, the #4 seed last season, and this year had to settle for a #6 seed needing the wild card to advance. They had to play five games, of which they won three, on tiebreaker and Wild Card Sunday to make it to their second DCS, including two walk off wins. There they easily upset the #1 seeded DC Twits to clinch their first World Series appearance, with ace Jeff Nitto holding the Twits to just 4 hits over two complete game shutouts. Nitto took over managerial duties this season, in addition to being the best hitter, best pitcher, and we assume if we cared about this kind of thing, best fielder on the team. Actually, we take that back, Don McClintock is a critical piece of their defensive alignment in the field and adds timely hitting to help push the Gumballers to victory. The addition of Rookie of the Year nomine Stacy Critchfield (boy Stacy, not girl Stacy) has proven a wise investment. While still developing as a hitter, he’s a solid backup in the bullpen if Nitto gets in trouble or can’t make an appearance, which seems to happen often. The dead weight they cut in the offseason also seems to have paid off as this is a tight, lineup that is hard to get through. If they’re 100%, they’re going to be tough to beat.

In regular season games, these teams are 5-2, with the Gumballers winning the first five meetings, and the Canvassers the last two for an overall run differential nine in the Gumballers favor. This includes three meetings this season, a one run win for the Gumballers Week 1, a one run win for the Canvassers Week 5, which then forced a one game tiebreaker, which the Canvassers took 4-0.

Expect these pitchers duels to last a little while, and turn on aggressive base running plays.

Sunday, October 6

11:00 AM – Game 1 (Utah Park)
Gumballers at Canvassers

Jeffrey Nitto
Anthony Morin
(6-3) 0.82 ERA
(9-3) 0.37 ERA

12:00 PM – Game 2 (Utah Park)
Canvassers at Gumballers

Anthony Morin
Jeffrey Nitto
(9-3) 0.37 ERA
(6-3) 0.82 ERA

1:00 PM – Game 3 (Utah Park)
Gumballers at Canvassers
(if necessary)

Umpires will be Jerry Shapiro and Ben Gottlieb. Tony Ragano will have public address responsibilities and Alex Filides will be the official scorekeeper.

One Final Sunday: World Series/Awards Dinner/HR Derby/All Star Game

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There is little hope of the government shutdown being resolved before Sunday morning. If it is, we’ll return to Gravelly Point for all of these events. However, make plans to travel to the backup location at Utah Park Diamond in Arlington, VA.

Utah Park Diamond
S Utah St and 32nd Rd
Arlington, VA 222206

If you have NOT RSVP’d for the free food, please do so NOW so that we ensure that we have enough.


The Sunday festivities will start off with the World Series. The Gumballers are in their first, and the Canvassers are in their league leading 8th, but first since Summer 2009.

World Series

  • Game 1 – Gumballers at Canvassers – 11:00 AM
  • Game 2 – Canvassers at Gumballers – 12:00 PM
  • Game 3 – Gumballers at Canvassers 1:00 PM (if necessary)


Three additional events will immediately follow the World Series and are open to all league members, friends, guests, and fans.

The post-season awards presentations as well as the formal presentation of the Commissioner’s Trophy will occur during the Champions Dinner. Certificates will also be presented to the league leader in each of the triple crown categories for batting, pitching, and fielding. Food and drinks for the dinner will be provided by the league.

Awards are currently being voted on by all players in the league. Votes are due at 11:59 PM FRIDAY night. If you have not voted, do so today!

Champions Dinner

  • Dinner Served – 12:30 PM
  • Awards Presentations – 1:00 PM

You MUST RSVP if you are coming for food, so we have enough.


The home run derby returns this season after a successful rebirth in the Spring. The format is a little different this time, each team gets one representative only.

Each contestant will get 5 “outs”. Any swing of the bat that isn’t a home run is an out. After the first round, the top 4 contestants, plus any ties, will advance to a final round. In the final round, everyone gets 5 additional outs, and the player with the most combined home runs wins.

HR Derby

  • Round 1 – 1:30 PM
  • Finals – 1:45 PM


After a long absence, the All Star Game is returning to the PWL.

The team representatives have been divided into two teams, the Senators and the Nationals, and are ready to battle for all star domination.

All Star Game

  • Nationals at Senators – 2:00 PM

All events are open to all fans and league members.

If you are attending the dinner, you must RSVP via our facebook site so that we can have an accurate count for food.

And the Nominees Are...Summer Awards (Su13)

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The nominees for the final round of voting for the 2013 Summer Season awards have been decided. Let the campaigns begin.

48% of the rostered players voted in the selection process, which was up 2% from the Spring nominations.

A final round ballot will be distributed to the players Wednesday afternoon, and voting will be open until 11:59 PM on Friday, October 4 to determine the final winners.

The winners will be announced and hardware awarded at the Champions Dinner which will be held at 1 PM on Sunday, October 6th, location dependent upon the United States House of Representatives.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

Most Valuable Player

  • Brian Edgar ® (DC Twits) – 1483 votes
  • William McNally (Suns Out Guns Out) – 1472 votes
  • Adriano DeSorrento (Nasty Boys) – 1468 votes
  • Nicholas West (7th Linning Stretch) – 1467 votes
  • Christopher Keeven (Superman’s Wheelchair) – 1456 votes

Rookie of the Year

  • Spencer Howard ® (Canvassers) – 256 votes
  • Brian Edgar ® (DC Twits) – 247 votes
  • Stacy Critchfield ® (Gumballers) – 220 votes

Cy Young Award

  • Joseph Thaman (Superman’s Wheelchair) – 822 votes
  • Anthony Morin (Canvassers) – 819 votes
  • Jeffrey Nitto (Gumballers) – 810 votes
  • Neal Kovach (Ha’chi Mountaineers) – 761 votes
  • Stephen Crawford (DC Twits) – 726 votes

Gold Glove Award – Fielder

  • William McNally (Suns Out Guns Out) – 550 votes
  • Michael Burns (Suns Out Guns Out) – 549 votes
  • Christopher Smyth (Master Batters) – 497 votes

Gold Glove Award – Catcher

  • Pete Hackeman (Canvassers) – 745 votes
  • Alexander Stamm ® (Ha’chi Mountaineers) – 736 votes
  • Stacy Critchfield ® (Gumballers) – 733 votes

Gold Glove Award – Pitcher

  • Nicholas West (7th Linning Stretch) – 562 votes
  • Sam Johnson (Ha’chi Mountaineers) – 531 votes
  • Stacy Critchfield ® (Gumballers) – 505 votes

Manger of the Year Award

  • Adriano DeSorrento (Nasty Boys) – 416 votes
  • William McNally (Suns Out Guns Out) – 383 votes
  • Gregory Hudson (DC Twits) – 361 votes

Gumballers Upset Twits to Advance to World Series

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In the first night games since 2009 the #6 seed Gumballers upset the #1 seed DC Twits in the Division Championship Series to advance to their first World Series.

Jeff Nitto tossed two complete game shutouts, holding the Twits to just three hits for the series.

The Gumballers await the winner of the #2 seed Superman’s Wheelchair and #3 seed Canvassers game which will be Wednesday night.

The games were played at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Boyds, Maryland.

The government shutdown has closed Gravelly Point, which forced the league to find alternate field accommodations. With alternate fields being needed anyway, that opened up the possibility of finding a facility with lighted fields to play games during the week.

Open for Business, Action Needed from You

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The federal government might be shut down, affecting many players, fans, umpires and scorekeepers in the league, but rest assured the PWL is open for business.

In fact, there is a bunch of business we have to conduct this week. So much, we came up with a list for you to keep you up to date.

  • POST SEASON AWARDS – All players who were on an official roster received a ballot in their inbox to select the nominees for this season’s awards. From MVP, to Cy Young, to Gold Gloves, we want to recognize the best, or at least, the most popular, players in the league. The deadline to vote on the nominations is NOON ON WEDNESDAY. After that another ballot will go out to select the final award winners.
  • POST SEASON SURVEY – Each season we do a post-season survey to get your feedback so we can improve the league. Please take time now to fill out the survey, so we can get your opinion on how things are going. It’s a long one, but an important one. We want EVERYONE to fill this out, former players, current players, guests, fans who got drug out to Gravelly. Even that creepy guy with the neon bike shorts that watches us from behind the trees. Everyone! Click “here”: to fill out the survey.
  • AWARDS DINNER / HR DERBY / ALL STAR GAME – Once again, we’re doing this immediately AFTER the World Series, whether the government is open or not! Food and drinks are on the league. Come early to catch the end of the World Series and stay to pickup some hardware. Oh…and to see who hits the most home runs and watch the return of the All Star Game. Every team has a player in the All Star game, come support yours. You MUST RSVP on our Facebook page so that we have a proper count for food. So, please come, but please RSVP.

Utah Park Diamond, S Utah St and 32nd Rd, Arlington, VA 22206

  • PLAYOFFS, PLAYOFFS, PLAYOFFS – Even with Gravelly temporarily closed the post-season must go on. We’re playing the two DCS series this week, UNDER THE LIGHTS. The Twits and Gumballers will play tonight starting at 7:30 PM and the Canvassers and Superman’s Wheelchair will play Wednesday. We’ll be way up in Boyds, Maryland, at the Maryland SoccerPlex. We’ll then move back inside the beltway Sunday (either at Utah Park or Gravelly Point) for the World Series. This will be the 4th and 5th playoff series played at night, and our first ever games played in Maryland.

Please watch the website and follow us on twitter @potomacwiffle to stay informed about events. We look forward to seeing you SUNDAY!

Playoffs and All Star Schedule (and backups)

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It took four extra games to decide who the final six in postseason would be, and one that was decided, uncertainty continues to hang over the PWL postseason as the threat of a government shutdown that would close our fields looms.

Some things are 100% decided…and somethings are still up in the air. Here is what we can tell you.


The Division Championship Series will both be night games played this week in advance of World Series Sunday. Gravelly Point, if it’s even open, doesn’t allow night games, so these games would have to be moved either way.

The host facility for the Division Championship Series will be Field #17 at Maryland Soccer Plex in Boyds, Maryland.

Maryland SoccerPlex
18031 Central Park Circle
Boyds, MD 20841

DCS #1 – Tuesday, October 1

  • Game 1 – Gumballers at DC Twits – 7:30 PM
  • Game 2 – DC Twits at Gumballers – 8:30 PM
  • Game 3 – Gumballers at DC Twits – 9:30 PM (if needed)

*DCS #2 – Wednesday, October 2

  • Game 1 – Canvassers at Superman’s Wheelchair – 7:30 PM
  • Game 2 – Superman’s Wheelchair at Canvassers – 8:30 PM
  • Game 3 – Canvassers at Superman’s Wheelchair – 9:30 PM

These will be our first games ever played in Maryland after multiple seasons in both DC and Virginia. Three previous playoff series have been played at night. A DCS for Summer 2008 between Scared Hitless and the Canvassers was played at night. The following Spring, a DCS between Clubber Lang and Scared Hitless featured lights. The final series after dark was a World Series, and also the latest in the year we’ve ever played, a Summer 2009 World Series played November 18th between the Canvassers and Flaglove. All the previous night games were at Ft. Reno.


The World Series will begin at 11 AM on Sunday, October 6th. Where, is completely up to the United States Congress. We would like to play at Gravelly Point, but if the shutdown has not been resolved, we are not allowed to play there. The park is closed.

The backup location for the World Series Sunday events is the Utah Park Diamond in Arlington, VA.

Utah Park Diamond
S Utah St and 32nd Rd
Arlington, VA 222206

The schedule is set, despite the location being unknown, or the World Series teams being decided.

World Series – Sunday, October 6

  • Game 1 – 11:00 AM
  • Game 2 – 12:00 PM
  • Game 3 – 1:00 PM (if necessary)

The post-season awards presentation, as well as the home run derby and all star game will follow the World Series. Food and drinks for the dinner will be provided by the league. Awards, currently being voted on will be handed out.

Champions Dinner

  • Dinner Served – 12:30 PM
  • Awards – 1:00 PM

HR Derby

  • Round 1 – 1:30 PM
  • Finals – 1:45 PM

All Star Game

  • Nationals at Senators – 2:00 PM

All events are open to all fans and league members.

If you are attending the dinner, you must RSVP via our facebook site so that we can have an accurate count for food.

Awards Nomation Voting Open!

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It’s time to start selecting the 2013 Summer Season Award Winners.

We give out four awards for full season play and an award for Manager of the Year. Unlike Player of the Week awards, these winners are kept secret and announced at our annual Champions Dinner hosted by the World Series Champions at the end of each season.

Instead of the nominees being chosen by the Commissioner, all official roster players will get to vote to determine the nominees. That’s right, YOU pick the nominees.


Those nominees chosen by the players will then be put up for a final vote to determine the winner.

Each player in the league has been emailed instructions on completing their ballot, which is being hosted by BallotBin. Emails were sent to the address used when the player paid their registration fee. If you did not receive your email notification contact the Commissioner.

Voting for the nominees is being done by ranked pairs voting.


The awards to be voted on, as well as the number of nominees that league players will select are:

  • Most Valuable Player – Wiffleball is an offensive sport, and the five nominees for this award are determined largely by offensive power, though voters should consider overall performance in making their selections. (5 nominees)
  • Rookie of the Year – This award is for the Rookie player (defined as a player not eligible for nomination in any prior year’s stats) who had the most impact on the PWL. (3 nominees)
  • Cy Young Award – The Cy Young Award honors the finest pitching performance for the season. (5 nominees)
  • Gold Glove Award – This award honors performances in the field. There is one award per position, Pitcher, Catcher and Fielder. (3 nominees per position)
  • Manager of the Year – This award honors the best manager of the year. (3 nominees)

Every player in the league who qualified for the minimum number of appearances is on the ballot to choose the nominees. Ballots are initially sorted based on a single stat performance. MVP and Roookie of the Year by SLG. Cy Young by OBA. Gold Glove by RF. Manager is randomized by the system.

The Filides Forecast: Summer 2013 Predictions

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About the Author: Alex Filides is the guy most of the league hates for no reason, and some of the league hates for very good reasons. He’s aggressive in the game, eats, sleeps and breathes wiffleball, and left the winning run in two postseason series stranded on third base.

Canvassers 2 Gumballers 0

Gumballers vs Canvassers should be a very interesting match up. Potential game day starter Stacy Critchfield for the Canvassers and Anthony Morin for the Canvassers. Morin has had a great season on the mound and had defeated the Gumballers in their second meeting. Rookie Spencer Howard is another great addition to the Canvassers’ potent lineup hitting .449 this year, to go along with veteran, Kris Garcia. Both have had solid seasons. Gumballers rely on putting the ball in play and some aggressive base running. I think it will be the Canvasser bats that will be able to manufacture a run against Critchfield. However, if Morin gets pitcher ejected by the 5th inning, then it could be the Gumballers that gain a huge advantage. With ace Jeff Nitto out, I’m taking the Canvassers to win the game and the division.

Moose Knuckles 2 Suns Out Guns Out 1

Another tough match up between two divisional rivals. Potential game day starter Chris Mazur goes for Suns Out vs. the Moose Knuckles, Matt Gagnon. For the most part, Gagnon has been the league’s best pitcher this season, but is also going up against one of the best offenses in the league. The Moose Knuckles will try to scrap for runs using their aggressive base running tactics. Flowers had a monster week in their last meeting against Suns Out, hitting 4 homeruns, but most of them weren’t against the Suns Out ace, Mazur. Gagnon tends to nibble at the corners, however it’s gotten him into trouble at times this season with pitcher ejections. This is where the new addition Ty Fletcher will come into play, addding a much needed second pitcher to the rotation. Suns Out has the hitting duo of Will McNally and Michael Burns and one of the best 1-2 tandems in the league. Despite past history, I’m taking the Moose Knuckles in this game. Moose Knuckles 1 Suns Out Guns Out 0

For Saturday’s Divisional championship series winner, we’re going with the Moose Knuckles. They have finally found some solid backup pitching to the rotation. Matt Gagnon has been one of the best pitchers all season. The Nasty Boy’s will be in the mix with Adriano DeSorrento leading his team both with his pitching and his bat. The Hai’chi Mountaineers are another dangerous team to watch out for. Last year Cy Young award winner Neal Kovach will try to keep the hitters in check. Any one of these 4 teams have a chance of coming out on top. Listed below are the odds for each team winning the DCS for Sunday.

Moose Knuckles 2-1
Nasty Boys 3-1
Canvassers 8-1
Suns Out 10-1
Hai’chi 15-1
Gumballers 15-1

Web Gems: Week 7 (Su13)

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Brett Over the Shoulder Grab
Racing into foul territory, Brett makes it look easy as he snags this fly ball — and avoids the tree (just off screen).

Mackey’s Diving Catch
It’s always nice to have a catcher to pick up the slack on some foul balls — Mackey of Suns Out did just that. Diving to make this catch in the batter’s box.

Rotach Saves a HomeRun
Ha’Chi crushes this ball sky high — only to have it come down into Rotach’s outstretched hand as he robs them of a homerun.

Moose Save a Run (and game)
This play would end up saving the game for Moose as Joe Cokey makes a perfect throw from right field to home — easily tagging the runner.

Brett Armpit Double Play
The double play is a rare find. Here, Brett gets a line drive to his armpit, catches it, and strolls over to make the tag at first for the double play.

Web Gems: Week 7 (Su13)
Brett Over the Shoulder Grab
Mackey's Diving Catch
Rotach Saves a HomeRun
Moose Save a Run (and game)
Brett Armpit Double Play
total_votes: 12

About Web Gems: Nominations can be made by anyone, manager, player, fan, rival wiffleball league, and are due by NOON each Thursday. The league office will review all nominees and submit up to five of them to be voted on by the public. Voting will be open from Friday until 10 AM on Sunday. Submissions can be made by sending an email to, and MUST include the youtube link to the game, as well as the time (minutes and seconds) where the play occurs.