The Filides Forecast: DCS Round 2 Predictions

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About the Author: Alex Filides is the guy most of the league hates for no reason, and some of the league hates for very good reasons. He’s aggressive in the game, eats, sleeps and breathes wiffleball, and left the winning run in two postseason series stranded on third base.

Wheelchair vs Suns Out
Wheelchair wins 2-0

It’s been a while since these teams have met. Suns Out is coming into this series with an 11 game winning streak including a playoff series win vs. Gumballers and quality regular season wins vs. Scared Hitless and Moose Knuckles during that streak. Wheelchair has won 16 of their last 17 games, including the playoffs dating back to last season.

Michael Burns and Will McNally are Suns Out’s main hitters and they both need to hit for them to have a chance in this series. However, the downfall is that they haven’t had many looks against Wheelchair’s ace Joe Thaman.

As of now, it appears that Will McNally will be the starting pitcher with Mazur out this Saturday. They don’t need to strike everyone out, but do need to be quick, fast and adept in the field. Wheelchair doesn’t particularly have fast baserunners, so this works to their advantage.

For Wheelchair, Chris Keeven and Joe Thaman are an excellent 1-2 combo at the top of the order. When they are both hitting well, they are extremely tough to beat. They have other guys in the lineup that can hit on occasion, if these others guys can get on base, it should be an easy win for Wheelchair. Keeven and Thaman are two of the more consistent hitters in the league.

Wheelchair (keys to the game)

  • Thaman staying in the game at pitcher.
  • Keeping runners at first base on hits, not allowing them to get to second.
  • Completely shutting down on of their top 2 hitters.
  • A little offensive “pop” from Christoff, Ogg and Halverson would help.

Suns Out (keys to the game)

  • Offensive support for Burns and McNally
  • Mixing up pitches and changing speeds against Wheelchair hitters.
  • Not being afraid to make outs on the basepaths, through smart, aggressive baserunning.
  • Being patient at the plate and working the count. Making the pitcher work.

Barnburners vs. Moose Knuckles
Barnburners 2-0

The Barnburners and Moose Knuckles met in the final week of the season, with the Barnburners coming back from behind to win 3-2. Matt Gagnon(MK) did pitch 3.5 innings of one hit ball, while allowing 0 runs. However, the two questions are can Gagnon stay in the game and can he pitch as effective on the blue field where the Barnburners have the all important home field advantage? Will the Barnburners go with a rotation as they had during the season? Or will they stick with Jim and Jack Shannon as they did in the 1st round of the playoffs against 7th inning?

The Moose Knuckles do have a very good hitter in Andrew Flowers, the whole team can put the bat on the ball and scrap for runs, but they have also been very inconsistent this season in their run scoring ability. They have arguably the best fielding tandem in Gagnon and Flowers, which should help.

The Barnburners have looked as dominant as ever before. There are just too many “ifs” with the Moose Knuckles, everything will have to break right, such as Gagnon staying in the game and hitting the corners, the rest of the team needing to find some offense to support Flowers. In other words, the Moose Knuckles will need to play their best series while hoping to catch the Barnburners on an “off” day to pull of the miracle upset.

Barnburners (keys to game)

  • Pitching aggressively to the batters knowing they have solid backup pitchers behind them.
  • Situational hitting when it calls for it and not swinging for the fences every time up.
  • Keeping the pressure on by putting runners on base.
  • Smart aggressive baserunning.
  • Not being distracted by any nerf footballs floating around the field.
  • Getting that first out of the inning, without allowing any base runners.

MooseKnuckles (keys to game)

  • Gagnon pitching the series of his life and staying in the game.
  • At least one or two other guys supporting Flowers on offense.
  • Not getting too emotional during the game. I should take my own advice.
  • Knowing the Barnburners hitting tendencies
  • Keeping the Barnburners runners off bases. They can allow for one or two homeruns and still stay in the game

Web Gems of the Year: The Top 10 (Sp13)

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You voted each week to pick the winners, now we’ve compiled those eight winners and added on two other top vote getters for a final web gem review.

The players in the league will vote to award the Web Gem of the Year which will be announced at this seasons Champion’s Dinner following the World Series.

The top 10 are:

  • Darryl Wilson Robs Greg Hudson – On a ball hit deep to left curving with the wind, Janitor’s outfielder Darryl Wilson makes a bobbling catch — while falling into the outfield fence — to rob Greg Hudson of an extra base hit.
  • Gagnon Gunned at Home – Dubbed one of the best throws in PWL history (debatable), Gagnon is again tagged out, this time trying to tag on a routine pop fly (aggressive baserunning). In a bang bang play, Gagnon is gunned at home by great team work, started by a spectacular throw by Michael Burns.
  • Chris Pike Pegs a Moose – It’s what Chris Pike had planned all along. Let Andrew Zarobila run as long as he can, and then peg him just as he’s about to have an inside the park home run. All part of the plan or pure luck? You decide.
  • Alex Cohn Makes One Handed Diving Catch (Green Field) – Two nominations in one week? Yeah, Alex Cohn is back again. If it wasn’t for the catcher blocking the camera, this could well have been the best WebGem of the year. However, you have to let your brain fill in the pieces. Alex lays out and one hands the ball in mid air. *Take note catchers, move out of the way.
  • Chris Smyth Robs Greg Hudson of a Home Run (Again) – Chris Smyth was running around everywhere for the Master Batters against the DC Twits. He saved 3 homeruns (1 the wrong call, but wasn’t disputed at the time) — one of those homeruns he saved was robbing Greg Hudson of a homerun and keeping the game in extras.
  • Alex Cohn One Handed Dive (Red Field) – I wonder if Alex Cohn of the Bashers was frustrated with everyone’s voting on his previous webgem because he was blocked by his catcher. So what does he do this week? Oh just do the exact same play but this time in view of the camera. Outstretched completely for another one handed dive.
  • Scott Abrahams Peg #1 – Scott Abrahams has been a nice pickup for the Janitors — batting .308 so far. That being said, he also gets 2 nominations this week. In this one, he pegs Cokey trying to stretch his single into a double.
  • Nick West Tip Catch – We haven’t gotten very many catcher nominations up here yet (mainly due to the camera cutting off the craziest plays). However, Nick West had a great heads up play — tipping a foul ball up to himself and catching it easily.
  • Neil Kearns Saves the Game – The Besley Bashers have really come on strong late in the season, winning 3 of their last 4. A reason they won against the Master Batters is thanks to Neil Kearns. His double play ends with him throwing from beyond third to get the runner just before he reaches home, keeping Besley a run up and with the victory. Also, pretty sure Master Batters’ own player gets in the way and almost gets run over.
  • Joel Brunk With Diving Catch – Joel Brunk of 7th Linning Stretch has had himself a nice season as a rookie. Here against Joe Thaman and Superman’s Wheelchair he tracks a line drive near 2nd and makes the diving catch look easy. I’ll say it again though — 7th Linning needs a new logo.


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That is not a type-o in the headline. The new national website rankings, out this week, from our friends at the National Wiffle League Association place us 4th in the country.

That’s right, 4th. So, logic would tell us then that there are three websites that are better than ours. We’re not sure on which planet this is true, but certainly, not on planet earth.

The rankings were done, as they were the previous year, by Sam Skibbe of the Skibbe Wiffleball League from St. Louis, Missouri. My guess is they’re really in O’Fallon, but claim to be from St. Louis, like all O’Fallon trash does, as if St. Louis is much of an improvement.

Now, in general, we like Sam, or we used to. He brought a team to the NWLA tournament last season, as well as played in London, and this season he’s even a member of the organizing committee working closely with Commissioner Gallaway to host the 2013 tournament.

He seems, on the surface, like a decent guy, who cares about wiffleball, and wants to make it better. That all seems good.

But, we have to seriously question his judgment, his competence, his lineage, and his basic understanding of what a website is after this debacle of a national ranking came out. 4th? Our website?

Is it possible Sam hasn’t cleared his browser cache in months and was looking at the old website? Is it possible that he somehow just drew names out of a hat for these rankings? That might explain what’s going on here, but certainly no one, giving any thought at all, to a website ranking is going to put us 4th? Behind three other leagues? Three?

We hope this was an error, or act of random luck, and Sam, which is a girl’s name by the way, didn’t intentionally rank us 4th. If this was intentional though, that makes the whole situation much worse. We wouldn’t put it past a Cardinal fan to do something like this. Long known as the most despicable people on the planet, these bottom feeding fans suck the worst possible traits from everything they get near. Thankfully, in 1985, they were set straight by Don Denkinger.

We hope that amended rankings will be coming soon, but until then, we wait for a proper ranking system, perhaps by someone who doesn’t live in hoosier-ville, to redeem the NWLA website.

Champions Dinner and Home Run Contest (Sp13)

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The season ending awards dinner will be a held for the first time at the PWL fields at Gravelly Point Park, and will be more of a lunch.

The dinner will be held in conjunction with the World Series, and since we’re at the fields anyway, a home run contest open to all players in the league will be held also.

It’s fathers day, so bring your dad along to pitch to you in the home run contest.

The catered dinner and drinks are complimentary for registered league players and their guests. But everyone MUST RSVP using the Facebook event page so we can get enough food and drinks.

The dinner will include the presentation of the World Series Trophy (officially Commissioner’s Trophy) to the World Series winners, but will also recognize other league leader and award winners.


The leader in each of the “triple crown league leader” categories will be presented a PWL certificate. Awards will also be presented to the winners of the seven awards that were voted on online.

  • Most Valuable Player
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Cy Young Award
  • Gold Glove Award (P,C,F)
  • Manager of the Year
  • New Team of the Year

We will also give out the first ever Web Gem award for the season.


Please make plans to join us.


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Hours after Scared Hitless was eliminated from the playoffs during the first round of the Division Championship Series on Sunday, manager Matt Dreyfus submitted his resignation as the clubs skipper.

“I hoped a steady hand and calm demeanor could be the catalyst to get Scared Hitless to the promised land. I believe in this team, but the time for a new leader has come,” Dreyfus said.

Dreyfus took over the storied franchise four seasons ago, after a revolving door of managers and personnel plagued the clubhouse. He hands the reigns of the franchise off after amassing all time record of 49-23, a winning percentage of .681. That record includes a disappointing 8-8 in postseason play.

He ranks 5th in all time wins for a manager, tied for 7th in regular season wins, and 4th in postseason wins. (See all time managerial win records at the end of this story.)

In pre-playoff predictions, Commissioner Gallaway had wondered if a managerial shake-up would be necessary since the team was playing far below its talent level, but Dreyfus indicated his decision had been made well before the preview was posted.

It’s unclear where Hitless goes from here. Nicholas DiCrosta can barely manage himself, misses important games, oversleeps for playoffs, and has a reputation for making the worst possible decisions whenever possible. Alex Filides managed his own team for a few seasons before joining Hitless, but routinely made up imaginary people to fill his roster. Joey Davis has been a part-time player the last several seasons, and rookie Nick Vanderhye seems to be a non-factor. Could Brian Ford get early parole in time to manage the Summer season and catch the Phish summer tour?

Manager All Time Wins

  • Chris Gallaway – 135 (5 World Championships)
  • Christopher Keeven – 104 (3 World Championships)
  • Colin Gannon – 66 (3 World Championships)
  • Kris Garcia – 50 (1 World Championship)
  • Matt Dreyfus – 49
  • Howard Krasilovsky – 47
  • Patrick Browning – 46
  • Tony Ragano – 45
  • Gregory Hudson – 43
  • Andrew Johnson – 39
  • Matt Gagnon – 39

Manager Regular Season Wins

  • Chris Gallaway – 104
  • Christopher Keeven – 82
  • Colin Gannon – 50
  • Howard Krasilovsky – 47
  • Kris Garcia – 43
  • Gregory Hudson – 42
  • Matt Dreyfus – 41
  • Patrick Browning – 41
  • Tony Ragano – 41
  • Andrew Johnson – 37

Manager Postseason Wins

  • Chris Gallaway – 31
  • Christopher Keeven – 22
  • Colin Gannon – 16
  • Matt Dreyfus – 8
  • Kris Garcia – 7
  • Matt Gagnon – 7
  • Ross Duenas – 7
  • David Crain – 7
  • Patrick Browning – 5
  • Tony Ragano – 4
  • Alex Filides – 4
  • Jack Shannon – 4

DCS Round 2 Playoff Schedule (Sp13)

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The final four teams have been finalized and the second round of the Division Championship Series matchups are set.

Each series is a best of three game contest. The winners will face each other in the World Series.

Saturday, June 15th

DCS #5

  • 11:30 AM – Moose Knuckles at Blandsford Barnburners (Blue)
  • 12:30 PM – Blandsford Barnburners at Moose Knuckles (Green)
  • 1:30 PM – Moose Knuckles at Blandsford Barnburners (Blue)

All Time Series: 1-0 RD 1 – Blandsford Barnburners
Umpires: TBA
Scorekeeper: Alex Filides
Public Address Announcer: Nicholas DiCrosta
Color Commentary: TBA

DCS #6

  • 11:30 AM – Suns Out Guns Out at Superman’s Wheelchair (Green)
  • 12:30 PM – Superman’s Wheelchair at Suns Out Guns Out (Blue)
  • 1:30 PM – Suns Out Guns Out at Superman’s Wheelchair (Green)

All Time Series: 1-0 RD 13 Superman’s Wheelchair
Umpires: TBA
Scorekeeper: Kevin Wall
Public Address Announcer: TBA
Color Commentary: TBA

The World Series is tentatively scheduled to be played Sunday, June 16th. Game 1 will start at 11:30 AM.

Web Gems: Week 7 (Sp13)

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Joel Brunk With Diving Catch – Joel Brunk of 7th Linning Stretch has had himself a nice season as a rookie. Here against Joe Thaman and Superman’s Wheelchair he tracks a line drive near 2nd and makes the diving catch look easy. I’ll say it again though — 7th Linning needs a new logo.

John Hamlett Sprints to Make the Catch – The epic game between the Sex Panthers and Dupont Circle Jerks ended up using 6 total pitchers — and eliminating the Circle Jerks from the playoffs. Before that happened though, John Hamlett had his only fielding play of the day, a sprint to foul territory and quick snag of a pop fly.

Zac Champ Saves the Game – The defensive equivalent of a walk off? Well I guess that’s making a defensive web gem to save the game. That’s exactly what Zac Champ did. Fielding a ground ball after a kick-save, Zac races to the ball to JUST get Jack Rems sprinting down to first. That’s the would be tying run coming across home in front of Zac also. His effort helped give the Garbage Plates a 3-2 victory.

Web Gems: Week 7 (Sp13)
Joel Brunk with Diving Catch
John Hamlett Sprints to Make the Catch
Zac Champ Saves the Game
total_votes: 9

About Web Gems: Nominations can be made by anyone, manager, player, fan, rival wiffleball league, and are due by NOON each Thursday. The league office will review all nominees and submit up to five of them to be voted on by the public. Voting will be open from Friday until 10 AM on Sunday. Submissions can be made by sending an email to, and MUST include the youtube link to the game, as well as the time (minutes and seconds) where the play occurs.

Award Nominees (Sp13)

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The nominees for the final round of voting for the 2013 Spring Season awards have been decided.

46% of the rostered players voted in the selection process.

A final round ballot will be distributed to the players Friday afternoon, and voting will be open until Noon on Sunday, June 9th to determine the final winners.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

Most Valuable Player

  • Jack Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners) – 3100 votes
  • Joseph Thaman (Superman’s Wheelchair) – 3051 votes
  • Jim Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners) – 3042 votes
  • Jack Rems ® (Natty Brohs) – 2824 votes
  • Alex Cohn ® (Besley Bashers) – 2802 votes

Rookie of the Year

  • Alex Cohn (Besley Bashers) – 694 votes
  • Jack Rems (Natty Brohs) – 690 votes
  • Ty Fletcher (Blandsford Barnburners) – 612 votes

Cy Young Award

  • Neal Kovach (Ha’chi Mountaineers) – 1819 votes
  • Joel Brunk ® (7th Linning Stretch) – 1786 votes
  • Jack Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners) – 1781 votes
  • Joseph Thaman (Superman’s Wheelchair) – 1716 votes
  • Jeffrey Nitto (Gumballers) – 1667 votes

Gold Glove Award – Fielder

  • Michael Burns (Suns Out Guns Out) – 1080 votes
  • Trevor Fedie ® (Porkchop Sandwiches) – 961 votes
  • Kris Garcia (Canvassers) – 949 votes

Gold Glove Award – Catcher

  • Bryan Wood ® (Porkchop Sandwiches) – 1081 votes
  • Nick Vanderhye ® (Scared Hitless) – 1047 votes
  • Alex Cochran (DC Twits) – 1027 votes

Gold Glove Award – Pitcher

  • Chris Mazur (Suns Out Guns Out) – 1253 votes
  • Christopher Pike (Sex Panthers) – 1196 votes
  • John Hamlett (Dupont Circle Jerks) – 1141 votes

New Team of the Year Award

  • Besley Bashers – 80 votes
  • Porkchop Sandwiches – 67 votes
  • Oedipus and the Mama’s Boys – 21 votes

Manger of the Year Award

  • Christopher Keeven (Superman’s Wheelchair) – 678 votes
  • Nicholas West (7th Linning Stretch) – 573 votes
  • William McNally (Suns Out Guns Out) – 569 votes

Division Championship Series #4 Preview (Sp13): All Square

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The seeding reflects reality in this DCS as the evenly matched Suns Out Guns Out square off with the Gumballers. Both teams finished 10-4, and Gumballers had a 25 run advantage in run differential, but Suns Outs won the season head-to-head meeting.

Suns Out returns to the postseason for the second time, but the first since 2011 after being iced out the last two seasons. They dropped two silly games and lost a controversial extra inning walk off to start the season 0-3. But they rebounded and rattled off nine consecutive wins to finish the season and clinch a Division title. Manager Will McNally is locked in at the plate this season, and if Michael Burns can play up to his previous form, they could make a deep playoff run. They want to keep Chris Mazur on the bump, but McNally is also a serviceable backup if he runs into trouble. They need to string together some runs to avoid dropping one run games, and it wouldn’t hurt if they found shirts with sleeves.

Last seasons overall number two seed, the Gumballers struggled a little more their sophomore season than they did their first year. Jeff Nitto’s record setting scoreless inning streak came to an end mid-season, and since then he’s giving up runs like candy, but it’s still tough to hit the submariner. Two forfeits Week 5 really hurt their seeding, they only lost two games they actually played this season, one to Wheelchair, and the other to Suns Outs. The core of the team remains solid around Nitto, Don McClintock who gobbles up all balls hit to the field, and Michael Cohen, who is technically a rookie but just barely. Some turmoil in their leadership, as manager Brennan Reif has almost been replaced, and certainly has been a non-factor, hasn’t seem to trickle onto the field yet, albeit the forfeits. Their extra man, Charles Schulz is struggling in his sophomore effort, but he’ll probably be late for the game and miss the starting line up anyway.

The teams have met twice, and appropriately, split. In the Summer of 2012 the Gumballers ran off a 7-0 victory, but this season during Week 6 Suns Out evened the all-time series with a 1-0 perfect game.

Sunday, June 9

10:30 AM – Game 1 (Green)
Gumballers at Suns Out Guns Out

Jeffrey Nitto
Chris Mazur
(7-1) 0.69 ERA
(6-1) 1.05 ERA

11:30 AM – Game 2 (Blue)
Suns Out Guns Out at Gumballers

Chris Mazur
Jeffrey Nitto
(6-1) 1.05 ERA
(7-1) 0.69 ERA

12:30 PM – Game 3 (Green)
Gumballers at Suns Out Guns Out
(if necessary)

Bill Healey and Harold Ward will serve as umpires. Andrew Martin will be the official scorer and Joevon Stennent will have public address responsibilities.

Division Championship Series #3 Preview (Sp13): Brothers vs. Brothers

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Likely to be the most frustrating series in the first round, the Ha’chi Mountaineers and Moose Knuckles both make their third postseason appearances in DCS #3. These could be games that all go twenty innings before someone finally scores on a single and a throwing error back to the pitcher.

Ha’chi Mountaineers come into the postseason as the number three seed. We’ll use an asterisk on that seed though, a couple of stolen wins, on top of possibly the easiest schedule other than the Barnburners, put them there. Much of the league thinks they’re grossly over rated, but Ha’chi isn’t worried about what people think. Their only concern is getting a run in their pink socks. They are on a tear to end the season, having won seven straight games, though only one of which was against a playoff team, and two were forfeits. Consistency is always a problem for the team, and who shows up makes all the difference. Ha’chi ace and Cy Young hopeful Neal Kovach is expected to be unavailable for the DCS, leaving the pitching duties on Sam Johnson, who can be feast or famine for hitters. But the problem really comes in when Johnson needs relief on the mound, there is none other than manager and brother Andrew Johnson, who is more suited to mop up duty. The Moose Knuckles are going to make Ha’chi work, but they match up pretty well in terms of aggressiveness. If Johnson can stay in the game, (not that Johnson, the other one), it should be a grudge match.

It’s good to have one team everyone hates that you can rally the league around, and in this league, that’s the Moose Knuckles. Everybody loves to hate the Moose Knuckles. Some bad losses early in the season cost last postseasons number one seed a repeat of the Southern Division title and stuck them in the wild card race. They made it to the World Series last season, only to lose to Wheelchair. It’s a tough road for them back, but their improved run scoring this season probably lets them get to the second round, where, despite a major upset, they’d have to get past the Barnburners before making a repeat visit to the final series. Though Matt Gagnon only got ejected from the mound once this season, the fact that they don’t have a rotation, or even a competent second pitcher is major problem for them in the postseason format. That, and the rules don’t let them have a designated hitter for Gagnon. Rookie addition Jon Gagnon, no relation to Matt that he’s willing to admit, has been spark plug for the team’s bats, but expect Ha’chi to figure him out over the course of three games.

The teams have met one time, during Week 4 of the Summer 2012 Season, the Moose Knuckles won 3-1 in seven innings.

Sunday, June 9

10:30 AM – Game 1 (Blue)
Moose Knuckles at Ha’chi Mountaineers

Matt Gagnon
Sam Johnson
(7-3) 0.46 ERA
(3-3) 3.00 ERA

11:30 AM – Game 2 (Green)
Ha’chi Mountaineers at Moose Knuckles

Sam Johnson
Matt Gagnon
(3-3) 3.00 ERA
(7-3) 0.46 ERA

12:30 PM – Game 3 (Blue)
Moose Knuckles at Ha’chi Mountaineers
(if necessary)

The umpire crew will be John Hofstadter and Bob Angeli. Andrew Martin will be the official scorer, and Joevon Stennent will have public address responsibilities.