NWLA Switches to Kickball for April Fools

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The National Wiffle League Association, the guys who do the team rankings, are known to celebrate April Fools Day.

They overdid it a bit this year, with a slew of stories and headlines, and even changed the masthead to be the National Kick Ball League Association. Causing us to throw up in our mouths just a little.

Check out their “headlines”, (NWLA Website) including a story about the PWL playing at the airport, instead of Gravelly Point this season (includes artwork), a story on the NWLA tournament being cancelled, and a headline about two time National “Character” of the Year Tony Ragano running for Governor of Maryland.

Update Your Player Profile

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As we continue to make upgrades to the PWL website you’ve probably noticed that we’ve developed a player profile page for each player.

On that page you’ll find a players headshot (if we have one) as well as that players stats.

We also want you to be able to add other information to the player page to tell us more about yourself.

Things like how you bat, throw, what your uniform number is (or what it would be if you had uniforms) as well as other fun stuff, including a brief bio (255 characters or less) about your life in or outside of wiffleball.

NOTE: Your email address is used to verify who you are, but will NOT be displayed on the website.

All information is moderated by the PWL office. So, keep it up to the standards you’d expect to be found on our website, or at least something you’d be ok with a google search on you pulling up.

Please take a few minutes and update your player profile page today!

HOT STOVE: Long Winter

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3/27/2013Current Teams and Players

  • Roster signings have been slow the last couple of weeks but are expected to pick up as we enter the home stretch. Nine teams have officially filled the minimum five players needed. With contraction talks in the air, more roster spots should get filled soon.
  • In what is being described as an even exchange by no one, the Janitors have replaced the lost Kevin Higman with former Have Fun manager Scott Abrahams.
  • Todd Ogg joined Superman’s Wheelchair to help in their offensive pop department. But, didn’t they really need a backup pitcher?

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The planned expansion from three fields to four fields has been put on hold as league officials continue to negotiate with the National Park Service over short and long term facility use.

With three fields, we’ll be limited to 20 teams. Currently 19 teams have had roster signings, and 9 of those teams have officially filled their roster. Should more than 20 teams express interest, the league will have to work out contraction, or free agency to accommodate players.

Games will start at 10:30 AM, and be scheduled every hour until 5:30 PM. The proposed schedule has been sent to team managers, and while not official, is available for view here as a PDF. The teams will pick their schedule spots on the pre-season Manager’s call Wednesday, April 8th.

Individual Players, Teams, and Free Agents can REGISTER TODAY.

2nd NWLA Tournament Dates Announced

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The 2nd Annual NWLA Tournament will be held July 19-21 in Columbus, Ohio.

The PWL is one of the three founders of the tournament, along with the Kalamzaoo Wiffle League and Wiffle in Southeast Michigan.

The PWL Nationals team went 2-4 in last year’s tournament and finished 5th in the double elimination tournament.

The tournament is fast pitch, with a wider field and two outfielders.

The initial tournament featured eight teams, and is expected to grow. Any league that is recognized by the National Wiffle League Association website, which does the weekly team rankings, that has at least four teams is eligible to participate.

The tournament is the same weekend as the London Wiffleball Tournament in nearby London, Ohio, which the PWL also attends.

Spring Training 2013: Arizona It's Not

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Make plans to join us the Sunday before the season kicks off at Gravelly Point for Spring Training!

We’ll setup a field, bring a couple of strike boards, take some BP, and get a scrimmage game or two in.

Spring Training 2013

  • Sunday, April 7
  • 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Gravelly Point

Head Groundskeeper Alex Filides is running Spring Training again this year, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s a real thing, come find out.

You know you don’t want to show up Week 1 and embarrass yourself. After all, the stats are public, and so are the game videos.

BuzzFeed: 39 Ways You Know You're a True Wiffleballer

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Spectacular photo series to highlight this list from Matt Kiebus at BuzzFeed.

Something to think about as we’re 33 days from Opening Day.

New Rule: New Pope, New Deputy Commissioner

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Commissioner Gallaway announced today that the Potomac Wiffleball League has named Greg Hudson as the third Deputy Commissioner in league history.

Hudson has played and managed four seasons with the DC Twits, and was named Manager of the Year in Summer 2012. He was also the creator of Hard Knocks: PWL and sat down for a Six Innings profile in late 2011.

“I’m excited that Greg is joining us in the league office. He’s going to be tremendous asset. We’ve come a long way and the league continues to grow, it’s far past time to add more senior leadership to the staff,” Commissioner Gallaway said in a prepared statement.

Hudson’s profile hasn’t been finalized in the league office yet, but with a background as a videographer and video editor, Hudson is expected to contribute to both on field and off field responsibilities.

The first Deputy Commissioner, Stephen Zigmund, served from 2006 through Spring 2009. Zigmund is the career and single record holder for Hits, Home Runs, Runs Batted in and Total Bases. He also holds the single season record for Doubles. He retired in 2009 after winning four World Championships with the Canvassers, but still represents the league in the annual London Wiffleball Tournament. His role was largely relegated to field setup, scorekeeping and umpiring, tasks which have sense been moved to a team of league contractors.

The second Deputy Commissioner was Brian Clapp, who served from Spring 2009 to Summer 2011. Clapp was named Deputy Commissioner for Public Affairs shortly before Zigmund’s departure later in the same season. Clapp was the leader of the Rossi Posse. He is the career leader in Ground Outs, but will be surpassed this season by Matt Dreyfus who only trails by one. Clapp was primarily responsible for team and player recruitment, special events like the Champion’s Dinner, and making apologies for Commissioner Gallaway being an asshole.

The position has been vacant since the end of the 2011 season.

Hudson released a statement

Back in 2011, I came across a site that seemed almost too good to be true. A site that brought together wiffleball players from around the DMV and built a place for them to compete and even track their stats. The league was of course PWL. It was in 2011 that the DC Twits were formed — a name chosen due to our love of DC and Twitter (which we proudly display our handles on our team jerseys). Since 2011, the DC Twits have gone from an 8-7 non-playoff team to an 11-3 division winning playoff team (we’ll win a playoff series eventually right?).

I have taken an active role in the league, not only just stat tracking, watching video, among other things — but as manager, I wanted to take on new challenges, specifically in the free agency market. While I’m sure the Biebs Feevs and the Janitors both hate me taking 2 of their players (Crawford and Higman) — free agency adds some fun to the league. Just don’t go stealing my players.

Moving forward as Deputy Commissioner at PWL, I am looking to better the league in many aspects. In just the 2.5 years since I’ve played, PWL has already become a better league in so many ways. As Deputy, I first want to look into ways to better our video capabilities. As a videographer/video editor professionally, I am going to take these abilities to strengthen our league. We’re going to test out WebGems, highlights, and more. I will be working with Chris — and maybe more importantly, you all. To accomplish everything we want to strengthen this league into the best in the country, we need your help too. I want to interact with everyone in the league, I want your suggestions, concerns, comments. I want to be able to help the new teams, too. If you have an issue or a concern, drop me a line, or just come talk to me before or after the DC Twits games. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in a couple of more weeks!

You can email Hudson at or follow him on twitter at Greg_Hudson.

NWLA Ranks All Time Top 50 in National History

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The National Wiffle League Association is helping to keep us busy during the off season by releasing a series of “All Time Top 50” lists via their twitter account (@nwla_).

Granted, the NWLA national history only goes back to 2006, but that is older than most of the current leagues represented. The PWL was first recognized in 2009.

The lists included both current and former leagues, teams and players throughout the 74 leagues and 494 teams the NWLA has recognized.

They ranked Teams, Hitters, Pitchers, Fielders and Commissioners.

PWL players and teams broke into the countdowns a few times.

  1. Blandsford Barnburners
  2. Superman’s Wheelchair


  1. Jim Shannon


  1. Joseph Thaman
  2. Nicholas DiCrosta
  3. Jacob Tomko

  • Jim Shannon
  • Brian Ford
  • Kevin Higman
  • Chris Mazur
  • Commissioners

    1. Chris Gallaway

    View an archive of NWLA stories on this site.

    New Wiffler's Digest Features The Commish

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    It’s been a long off season and we’re just over two months away from first pitch of the Spring Season.

    To help you get into the wiffleball mindset the latest edition of Wiffler’s Digest has arrived on newsstands.

    Commissioner Gallaway is profiled in this issue in the story “God’s Gift to Wiffleball?” on page 31.

    Download the PDF of the current issue here:

    You can also check out the Wiffler’s Digest Website for wiffle content between issues. The digest is produced by Editor-in-Chief Josh Smith, who visited the PWL last Spring during the rainout Week 2.

    If you’re interested in submitting articles on behalf of the PWL, or content to the National Wiffleball League Association or even writing for this website, contact the Commish.

    Past Wiffler’s Digest Issues