Twits Sign Higman, Still Plan to Exit 1st Round of Playoffs

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In the biggest off season news so far (cue Barnburner retirement announcement next week) the DC Twits have reached a one year deal with Kevin Higman.

Higman leaves the Janitors in a dump of a garbage and a heap of trouble, but his limited availability might not be the missing ingredient the Twits were looking for to make it past the first round of the playoffs.

The official statement from the Twits follows:

The DC Twits are always on the lookout for players that could contribute to their team. After the Summer 2011 season, the DC Twits recruited one of the top pitchers in the league, Stephen Crawford from the Biebs Feevs (since disbanded). Crawford is a career pitcher with an ERA of 1.06, averaging 66 strikeouts in 3 seasons. The Twits had locked down their go to pitcher, now they needed to replace the loss of Will Campbell’s bat.

Manager Greg Hudson knew this coming into the Summer 2012 season and began to recruit a player who had always hit well against the Twits — Kevin Higman. After exchanging some emails and talking before and after games, the DC Twits officially extended an offer to Higman. And that is what leads to today.

“I would like to officially announce the signing of Kevin Higman to the DC Twits”, Greg Hudson, Twits Manager and PWL Manager of the Year stated.

“Kevin will be moving to Vermont for work this winter, however will be on a part time basis with the Twits and full time come playoffs (if we make it that far).”

Higman comes to the Twits as a career .504 hitter (instantly the Twits best batter) and coming off winning the PWL batting title (4 HRs, 14 RBIs, .574 avg, 1.681 OPS).

A Face Made for Podcast: Gallaway Talks to WSEM

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Commissioner Gallaway was a recent guest on Wiffle in Southeast Michigan’s (we know, weird name?) second annual Christmas Podcast.

WSEM, who was a co-host along with the PWL and KWL of the NWLA Tournament last July, does a monthly podcast which is then put on their blogspot website (we know, blogspot?).

The usual topics are league news, but they have branched out to cover national wiffleball fare, including an infamous preview of the NWLA tourney, and an interview in November with Brian Meyers, commissioner of the Kalamazoo Wiffle League.

Commissioner Gallaway talked about the PWL, NWLA, taking over the wiffleball world, and posed a question for the second guests of the podcast, the Freaky Franchise the best wiffleball team in the country.

You can listen to the podcast (seriously, you can do video over the web now right with a $5 camera?) right here.

PWL Collects Wiffy Awards and National Team Honors

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The National Wiffle League Association announced their 2012 Wiffy Award winners as well as named players to national teams for pitching, hitting and fielding.

The PWL picked up two national awards, two regional player of the year awards, and had 15 players named to named to national teams. In addition, the PWL once again was co-honored for National Event of the Year, the third straight Wiffy in this category, for co-hosting the NWLA National Tournament in Columbus, Ohio.

Commissioner Chris Gallaway earned his first hardware on the national stage being named both the National Commissioner of the Year and National Wifflitarian of the Year. Commissioner of the Year has been given out since 2006, but Gallaway is only the third winner, with the HRL and KWL Commissioners picking up the first six awards between them.

“I’d like to thank NWLA for this recognition, and also thank Brian Meyers and Truck Moriarty for withdrawing their names for consideration this year, making it a fair fight”, Gallaway said when learning of the award.

Gallaway is the second winner of Wifflitarian of the Year. It was first awarded in 2011 to Josh Smith, the founder and editor of Wiffler’s Digest.

Two players were named regional players of the year as well. There is a national pitcher, hitter, fielder and rookie of the year award given, as well as one for each of the NWLA’s four regions.

Joseph Thaman picked up the honors of the Eastern Region Pitcher of the Year.

Brian Hollrah was named the Eastern Region Rookie of the Year.

The PWL, along with the seven other leagues that participated, were recognized for the National Wiffleball Event of the Year for the NWLA Tournament in Columbus, OH. The PWL, WSEM and KWL were co-hosts of the event.

The PWL won this aware in 2011 along with KWL and WSEM for participating in the London Wiffleball Tourney. In 2010, the Scared Hitless vs. Scared Hitless battle between the KWL and PWL was given the honor.

National first, second and third teams were also named for pitchers, hitters, fielders and rookies.

Pitchers – 1st Team

  • Joseph Thaman
  • Matt Gagnon

Pitchers – 2nd Team

  • Nicholas DiCrosta
  • Colin Gannon
  • Jacob Tomko

Hitters – 1st Team

  • Jim Shannon

Hitters – 3rd Team

  • Nicholas DiCrosta
  • Jack Shannon

Rookies – 1st Team

  • Brian Hollrah
  • Todd Ogg

Rookies – 2nd Team

  • Adriano DeSorrento

Fielders – 1st Team

  • Chris Mazur
  • Kevin Higman

Fielders – 2nd Team

  • Jim Shannon

Fielders – 3rd Team

  • Christopher Smyth

For past information on the Wiffy Awards and National Team Honors see:

Champions Dinner (Su12): Gumballers Pop Wheelchair

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The 2012 Summer Season Champions Dinner was held Tuesday, October 12, 2012, at the PWL Headquarters.

The event was the most well attended dinner other than the Nationals on-field event in Spring 2011.

Even though Wheelchair got to take home the trophy, the rookie Gumballers made a strong showing. They had all three nominees for Rookie of the Year (must have been an interesting clubhouse) and ended up taking home four of the eight awards.

This was the final event at the headquarters, which is closing to find a new location in November.

After dinner and drinks, recognition of league leaders in the triple crown categories for batting, pitching and fielding were given.

The results of the secret Award winners were also announced:

  • MVP – Joe Thaman (Superman’s Wheelchair) – 3rd Consecutive
  • Rookie of the Year – Jeffrey Nitto (Gumballers)
  • Cy Young – Jeffrey Nitto (Gumballers)
  • Gold Glove – Fielder – Kevin Higman (Janitors) – 2nd Consecutive
  • Gold Glove – Catcher – Charles Schulz (Gumballers)
  • Gold Glove – Pitcher – Sam Johnson (Ha’chi Mountaineers)
  • Manager of the Year – Gregory Hudson (DC Twits)
  • New Team of the Year – Gumballers

View the complete list of past award winners.

Superman’s Wheelchair picked up their take home trophy and also raised the permanent Commissioner’s Trophy.

Champions Dinner (Su12): Last Dinner Before Hall of Fame Closes

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UPDATED: There will be cheesecake lollipops.

On behalf of the World Series Champions Superman’s Wheelchair, the PWL formally requests your presence at the 2012 Summer Champions Dinner.

PWL Summer Champions Dinner

  • Tuesday, October 16, 2012
  • 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • PWL HQ – 2852 Connecticut Ave NW (Woodley Park Metro)

The dinner will be a held at the PWL Headquarters and Hall of Fame. This will be the LAST dinner at the HQ, as it is closing in December for an undetermined amount of time. Join us!

The dinner, with a menu chosen by the World Series Champions, and drinks are complimentary for registered league players and their guests. But you MUST RSVP.

The dinner will include the presentation of the World Series Trophy (officially Commissioner’s Trophy) to the World Series winners, but will also recognize other league leader and award winners.

The leader in each of the “league leader” categories will be presented a PWL certificate. Awards will also be presented to the winners of the seven awards that were voted on online.

  • Most Valuable Player
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Cy Young Award
  • Gold Glove Award (P,C,F)
  • Manager of the Year
  • New Team of the Year

In addition to pickup up some hardware, it’s also a good time to recruit free agents for the next Season.

Please make plans to join us.

World Series Preview (Su12): Rematch at Daybreak

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Summer 2012
World Series

Superman’s Wheelchair

Moose Knuckles
#4 (10-4)
#1 (12-2)

It’s going to be an early start for World Series Sunday as Superman’s Wheelchair and the Moose Knuckles play a best of three game series for the title. Game 1 has a first pitch time of 8:05 AM with player introductions and the National Anthem starting at 8:00. As for all postseason games, the national television contract determines the start time. Players, league officials, and the Moose Knuckles one fan have all expressed concerns about the early AM start, but TBS appears unmoved. Apparently they are planning seven hours of Yankees pre-game coverage, so we had to finish the series no later than 11 AM to avoid that conflict.

The Moose Knuckles find themselves with the #1 overall seed after a strong sophomore season. Their only regular season losses were to the DC Twits and Scared Hitless. This team still struggles to score runs against good pitchers, but their aggressive baserunning and style of play pays off. They rely on their pitching and defense to keep them in the game, and waiting to string two singles in a row, which they leg into doubles, together to win games. Their ace, Matt Gagnon, has been hot down the stretch, but struggled in Game 3 of the DCS. It’s unclear if he just got tired, or if he got figured out. Rumor is that Andrew Zarobila (the better Zarobila) might be unavailable, making it even a tougher offensive climb.

Wheelchair is the two time defending Summer World Champions and if you use Barnburner logic (we don’t) are looking for a third consecutive title. They can’t seem to figure it out in the Spring, but so far are unbeaten in the Summer quests. They lost a solid bat this offseason with Mark Nicholson departing which has left a hole in their lineup. Two free agent pickups haven’t materialized in Halvordson and Zecher, and they are not expected to be a factor in the playoffs. This team continues to mostly be about Joe Thaman’s pitching and Joe Thaman’s batting. But he can’t do it alone and with a tough challenge, Keeven and Christoff need to be their good streaky not bad streaky selves. If all three of these guys are on at the plate, you can’t get them out. If they’re not, then Thaman has to hold opponents to 0 runs a game instead of .5 runs a game and eventually hope to hit a solo shot himself.

The two teams have met only one time before in the best of three game Division Championship Series this Spring. They have managed to never face each other in the regular season due to the Divisional alignments. Wheelchair eliminated the Moose Knuckles in two games, 2-1 and 3-0 to advance to the World Series.

Game one of that series was an extra inning affair that involved some controversy and an incorrect ruling on the field. The Moose Knuckles appeared to tie up the game 1-1 in the top of the 5th when two missed pegging attempts allowed Dan Stana to score after a double. Superman’s Wheelchair successfully convinced the umpires to return Stana to third base because the first pegging attempt happened between first and second bases. However, a second pegging attempt had been made between second and third base, which would have given Moose Knuckles the run. The rookie sqaud argued, but didn’t officially protest the decision, and the game continued. The Moose Knuckles did tie it up the next inning, with what would have been the go ahead run, only to lose in the bottom of the seventh on an Aaron Christoff walk off single that scored Joe Thaman.

  • 2012 Spring Division Championship Series: Game 1 – stats | box | video
  • 2012 Spring Division Championship Series: Game 2 – stats | box | video

Probable starters and matchups for Games 1 and 2 are:

Sunday, September 30

8:05 AM – Game 1 (Blue)
Superman’s Wheelchair at Moose Knuckles

Joseph Thaman
Matt Gagnon
(6-3) 0.39 ERA
(9-2) 0.75 ERA

9:00 AM – Game 2 (Green)
Moose Knuckles at Superman’s Wheelchair

Matt Gagnon
Christopher Keeven
(9-2) 0.75 ERA
(2-0) 0.43 ERA

10:00 AM – Game 3 (Blue)
Superman’s Wheelchair at Moose Knuckles
(if necessary)

Umpires Ben Thompson and Jim Kroll will work the series. MK Jennings will be the official scorekeeper and Craig Fifer will handle the public address responsibilites. Jordin Sparks will do the National Anthem.

World Series (Su12): World Series and Champions Dinner

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The schedule for the World Series has been set.

It will be Saturday, October 13, 2012. Sunday, October 14, 2012

  • Game 1 – 11:30 8:00 AM: Superman’s Wheelchair at Moose Knuckles (Blue)
  • Game 2 – 12:30 PM 9:00 AM: Moose Knuckles at Superman’s Wheelchair (Green)
  • Game 3 – 1:30 PM 10:00 AM: Superman’s Wheelchair at Moose Knuckles (Blue) *if needed

The umpires and scorekeeper will be announced closer to game time.

The 2012 Champions Dinner will be held Tuesday, October 16, 2012.

At the dinner, hosted by the World Champions, leaders in the batting, pitching and fielding triple crown categories will be recognized, year end award winners will be announced, and the World Series winners will formally take possession of the Comissioner’s Trophy.

The Champions Dinner will be held at the PWL Headquarters and Hall of Fame.

This is the LAST Champions Dinner at the current Hall of Fame. The Hall is closing down in December so this is your last chance for a while to visit.

Dinner and drinks are provided.

PWL In the News: 3 Minute Interview with the Commish

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In today’s The Washington Examiner the PWL gets a shout out as Commissioner Chris Gallaway did a three minute interview about the league.

The 3-minute interview is kind of their version of the Six Innings profile, only a lot less cool.

September 30, 2012 | 8:00 pm

Liz Essley
Staff writer – transportation
The Washington Examiner

Gallaway, a Northwest D.C. resident and political consultant, is founder and commissioner of the Potomac Wiffleball League, which has about 100 players. The league, with teams like the Dupont Circle Jerks and Scared Hitless, records every game with detailed statistics and online video.

What made you want to start a wiffleball league?

I’ve always loved playing baseball and baseball-type sports. Once I got a little bit older, I realized my skill level to play hardball baseball or even softball wasn’t where it needed to be. Wiffleball, which uses a plastic bat and ball that doesn’t travel as far, seemed like a good alternative. And with softball and baseball you need more players, maybe five to seven people on a team. With wiffleball you need just two to three people on a team. So it seemed like the perfect thing for people who just wanted get together to play.

Do the players take it really seriously?

We have a good mix. There’s a decent amount of the players that really do take it super seriously. They play for statistics. They play for wins. They email me after the videos of the games get posted online and they point out parts of the video and want something that was scored as an error to be corrected as a hit. But there’s a lot of people who want to have a good time.

Is wiffleball a manly sport?

Absolutely. It’s definitely not a sport for wimps. We have a lot of wiffleball injuries. Like baseball, it’s a sport that’s leisurely but requires blinding speed in bursts to be successful. It’s slow, but things happen in a flash once the ball’s put in play. We have our fair share of skinned knees and dirty uniforms.

— Liz Essley

Jeffrey Nitto: Award Slut

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Jeffrey Nitto of the Gumballers is just the fifth sixth player in league history to receive career nominations for Most Valuable Player, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year and only the second player to do it one season.

The other four five: Joseph Thaman, Matthew Higgins, Nicholas DiCrosta, Eamon Murray and Adriano DeSorrento, who just joined the club this season.

Higgins is the only one of those who ever received the nominations all in one season.

No one has ever won all three awards, either in a single season, or in their career.

Nitto sat down earlier this season for a Six Innings Profile.

Player of the Week (Su12): Week 7

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Alex Filides of Scared Hitless squeezed out a victory for his second Player of the Week keychain.

Filides tied for the top honors in the Managers vote, and was second in the public voting. Adriano DeSorrento dominated in the public vote but fell to third place in the Manager’s choice.