DCS #2 Preview (Su12): Two Rounds Early

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Summer 2012 Division Championship Series
Round 1 – Series #2

Scared Hitless

Superman’s Wheelchair
#5 (10-4)
#4 (10-4)

Both of these storied franchises faced rebuilding seasons this Summer as personnel changes, some temporary, some permanent, caused some shake-ups in the standings. The result is that the two teams who faced off in the last Summer World Series draw each other in the first round.

Hitless failed to win the Eastern Division for the first time in five seasons. With the loss of Joey Davis and what has to be a growing concern in the Hitless clubhouse about Nicholas DiCrosta’s commitment to the team, this is probably not “next year” for the team that usually makes it to the World Series, then loses the World Series. It’s an uphill climb for them to even get a chance to lose the ultimate series this year and their hopes are in the hands of Brian Ford as DiCrosta is unavailable for Rounds 1 and 2 of the playoffs. You might remember he skipped Round 1 last season and then caused a Hitless forfeit in Game 1 of round two when he “overslept”. Ford, nicknamed the “Pez Dispenser” because when he pulls back his arm to pitch, runs come out, had a respectable Spring playoffs, but is a well known big game choker, and these are some big games against Wheelchair.

Wheelchair has had their own problems this season. Losing two core players in the off season has left them struggling to score runs. Joseph Thaman remains the key to this team, both offensively and on the mound. Hitless can’t hit him, so as long as he stays in the game Wheelchair is set. Scoring runs might be a harder nut to crack. Wheelchair usually loses a couple of regular seasons games and digs in for the playoffs. They’ve won the last two Summer World Series and are looking for their franchise’s third.

Franchise History: Regular Season – Wheelchair (3-0), Postseason – Wheelchair (2-1) Wheelchair and Hitless faced off in the Summer 2011 World Series, with all three games going extra innings, and all three games being decided in walk off fashion by 1-0 scores before Wheelchair won the World Championship.

Probable starters and matchups for Games 1 and 2 are:

Sunday, September 30

11:00 AM – Game 1 (Blue)
Scared Hitless at Superman’s Wheelchair

Brian Ford
Joseph Thaman
(1-0) 0.81 ERA
(6-3) 0.39 ERA

12:00 PM – Game 2 (Green)
Superman’s Wheelchair at Scared Hitless

Christopher Keeven
Brian Ford
(2-0) 0.43 ERA
(1-0) 0.81 ERA

1:00 PM – Game 3 (Blue)
Scared Hitless at Superman’s Wheelchair
(if necessary)

Umpires Tyrone Washington and John Hofstadter will work the series.

DCS #1 Preview (Su12): Nasty Knocks Hard

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Summer 2012 Division Championship Series
Round 1 – Series #1

Nasty Boys

DC Twits
#6 (10-5)
#3 (11-3)

Powered by the Hard Knocks crew following them around all season the Twits have surprised everyone by grabbing a #3 seed this postseason. After cutting some dead weight (Will Campbell) this offseason and manager Gregory Hudson learning how to hit, the Twits are ready as long as they can keep Stephen Crawford on the bump. The only problem is drawing the Nasty Boys in round one. A team they haven’t beat for some reason, but will need to if they want to survive until Round 2.

The Nasty Boys are a team on a mission. They’ve won their last five games, and they needed every one of them just to make it to postseason. Sure, two of those games were against the Have Fun Out Theres, but they also had four games their final day, including one against Superman’s Wheelchair and a one game tiebreaker against Suns Out Guns Out to advance to the playoffs. They’re the #6 seed, but the momentum seems to be with them. Their problem is scoring runs. It’s feast or famine at the plate for this team. They need their ace pitcher, best hitter, and possible Player of the Week Adriano DeSorrento to perform well in both departments to “upset” the better seeded Twits.

Franchise History: Nasty Boys 2-0 – Nasty Boys beat the Twits during Week 1 of the Spring 2012 season 1-0 with Peter Alsis getting the win and Gregory Hudson taking the loss. This season they met Week 5 and an eight inning affair was also settled 1-0 with aces DeSorrento getting the win and Crawford taking the loss.

Probable starters and matchups for Games 1 and 2 are:

Sunday, September 30

11:00 AM – Game 1 (Green)
Nasty Boys at DC Twits

Adriano DeSorrento
Stephen Crawford
(7-1) 0.42 ERA
(9-3) 0.70 ERA

12:00 PM – Game 2 (Blue)
DC Twits at Nasty Boys

Stephen Crawford
Adriano DeSorrento
(9-3) 0.70 ERA
(7-1) 0.42 ERA

1:00 PM – Game 3 (Green)
Nasty Boys at DC Twits
(if necessary)

Umpires Ben Thompson and Rick Neave will work the series.

6 Innings with Matt Gagnon

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Our last six innings of the season is going to surprise some of you, nauseate others, and cause five of you to hoot, holler and high five. We sit down with Matt Gagnon the manager of the Moose Knuckles, the current #1 seeds heading into the postseason.

As most of you know who have eyes, ears, a twitter account, or have talked to anyone who’s played, the Moose Knuckles and their manager are a little “intense” and have earned a little bit of a reputation in the league for being disliked. No matter, they’re not playing to win friends, they’re playing to in hopes that getting grass and dirt stains will dim the neon yellow color of those obnoxious jerseys.

Matt Gagnon
[ player profile page]

Nickname: THE
Age: 25
Hometown: Born in Methuen Massachusetts. Grew up in Leesburg, Va
Resides: Gaithersburg, MD
Employer: Global Facility Solutions
Bats: Barely
Throws: Junk
How did you find the PWL: The Moose Knuckles were actually first formed in college when we played in a tournament that the Wiffleball Club of Virginia Tech put on every semester. After I graduated and wiffleball was no longer a part of my life, I battled some pretty serious withdrawals. I was giving handies behind bars in DC in exchange for throwing me a few soft tosses. My life was spinning out of control until a friend of mine sent me a link to this league. We were so excited about playing again, I think we signed up our team the day Chris opened up registration for Spring 2012, and the rest is history.

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Player of the Week (Su12): Week 7 Nominees

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Three pitchers get nominated this week after three perfect games. In order to help one of them win we’ve nominated the two most unlikable guys in the league on the batting side.

Alex Filides you know and hate. Hated him when he was on Clubber Lang, hated him when he was on NWO, hate him now that he’s on Scared Hitless. This is his 14th nomination, he’s won one time. But, he basically hit the crap out of the ball this weekend against some pretty weak teams.

Andrew Martin hung up the cleats a few years ago to become head scorekeeper. He filled in as a guest player for Superman’s Wheelchair and ended up having quite a week. He’s officially nominated for becoming the second player this season, and 17th in history, to hit for the cycle, but even without the automatic he would have earned a batting nod. He has one previous nomination, no wins.

Adriano DeSorrento is one of the perfect game guys getting a pitching nod but his batting numbers were NOT to be ignored so we ended up listing him in both places. He earns a nomination both ways this week. DeSorrento has three nominations, including two others this Summer, but no wins.

Gagnon and Crawford are familiar faces here as well, third nomination for both of them. Gagnon snuck a win in last season before we got to know him.





AVG.857.588.542 / 3-0W-L2-02-0
SLG1.9291.0591.333 / 0.33ERA0.000.00
2B331 / .196OBA.080.143
3B010 /10SO94
HR416 / 1HR00
RBI9412 / 2.81FIP1.702.53

POTW Week 7 (Su12)
Alex Filides
Andrew Martin
Adriano DeSorrento
Matt Gagnon
Stephen Crawford
total_votes: 85

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

Playoffs (Su12): Showdown Sunday

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For the first time ever both first rounds of the Division Championship Series will be played in one single day. That’s four best of three game series all on Sunday.

For teams that win the first series and advance to the afternoon, they’re looking at somewhere between four and six games in a single day. The first round bye was always important, but now it’s even more critical as the #1 and #2 seeds get fresh legs on the same day against a team that could have had a brutal three game affair just minutes before.

The schedule is:


DCS #1

  • 11:00 AM – Game 1: Nasty Boys at DC Twits (Green)
  • 12:00 PM – Game 2: DC Twits at Nasty Boys (Blue)
  • 1:00 PM – Game 3: Nasty Boys at DC Twits (Green) if necessary

DCS #2

  • 11:00 AM – Game 1: Scared Hitless at Superman’s Wheelchair (Blue)
  • 12:00 PM – Game 2: Superman’s Wheelchair at Scared Hitless (Green)
  • 1:00 PM – Game 3: Scared Hitless at Superman’s Wheelchair (Blue) if necessary


DCS #3

  • 2:00 PM – Game 1: Worst Seed at Moose Knuckles (Blue)
  • 3:00 PM – Game 2: Moose Knuckles at Worst Seed (Green)
  • 4:00 PM – Game 3: Worst Seed at Moose Knuckles (Blue) if necessary

DCS #4

  • 2:00 PM – Game 1: Best Seed at Gumballers (Green)
  • 3:00 PM – Game 2: Gumballers at Best Seed (Blue)
  • 4:00 PM – Game 3: Best Seed at Gumballers (Green) if necessary

The winners of each the second rounds of series will advance to the World Series which will be Sunday, October 7.

Both Scared Hitless and DC Twits made schedule requests of their opponents to alter the traditional Saturday/Sunday schedule.

Player of the Week (Su12): Week 6

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Benjamin Turner of the Garbage Plates wins Player of the Week for Week 6.

Player of the Week (Su12): Week 5

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Andrew Johnson of Ha’chi Mountaineers claims POTW honors for Week 5.

Week 7 Preview (Su12): The End Of The Innocence

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If not the end of the innocence it will at least be the end of the regular season this Sunday and it’s a LONG one.

Hold out hope for good weather and expect a lot of wind to be a major factor. Weeks 5 and 6 were so nice, we deserve to be punished.

There are twenty games this final week to accommodate the rainout games from earlier in the season.

The league has added an extra time slot at the end of the schedule and it turns out that this extra time is going to be critical in telling the story of the playoffs.

So far, the DC Twits and the Moose Knuckles are IN! The Twits have clinched the Western Division and the Moose Knuckles have hit the 10 win number which guarantees them at least a wild card spot.

The Gumballers can win 2 games to clinch the Eastern title, but at 9-2 even if they go winless this weekend have at least a shot at the playoffs, and winning 1 would guarantee them a spot. They play early in a couple of gimmes, but their real test comes after a three hour delay in their final game of the season against Suns Out Guns Out.

Superman’s Wheelchair is two wins from clinching a playoff spot and the Northern Division title. They have two laughers and can help determine the fate of the Nasty Boys with their final game. It won’t matter to Wheelchair, but it will matter a lot to the Nasty Boys.

In the Southern Division we have the tightest race as Suns Out Guns out is a game away from clinching postseason, and only trails Moose Knuckles by a game for the Division title. The two teams will meet in the final game of the year, likely to decide the outcome. Before they meet, Suns Out has to get past a tough Gumballers team while Moose Knuckles gets a weak Blatz game. Both of these teams are going to postseason, it’s just a matter of who’s fighting for the #1 seed and who’s fighting for the #5.

The wild card currently sits with Suns Out Guns Out (or whoever doesn’t win the South) and Scared Hitless. Hitless has four games this weekend. Winning all four would guarantee a playoff spot, winning three most likely will. They get lucky with their last week draws, four teams they should beat. But it’s a LONG day and Hitless has struggled this season to win games.

The Nasty Boys are the only other team that can still get to 9 wins. Currently a half game behind Hitless, they have three games to play. One they should win against the Have Fun Out Theres, one they should lose against Wheelchair, and one that would be a toss up with the Janitors. Though, the rumor is Kevin Higman is out, putting the Nasty Boys in better position. If Hitless loses one of their morning games and the Nasty Boys are in a position to tie Hitless for the final playoff spot by beating Wheelchair in the last round of games, don’t be surprised to see Wheelchair take a dive to force a play-in game for Hitless.

While the teams at 6-6, and even down to 4-8, aren’t officially eliminated yet, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which 8-6 gets you into the postseason in the current mix. It’s not impossible, but a lot would have to go wrong to make that happen.

The playoffs are tentatively schedule to start Saturday, September 29th with any tie-breaker games as well as the first round of the Division Championship Series which will feature the #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5 matchups, or some altered combination of the same to account for Division parity.

The two winners will advance to Sunday to face the #1 and #2 seeds after some quick reseeding.

The Sunday winners go to the World Series Sunday, October 7th.

All series are best of three game affairs, and the schedule is subject to change.

Week 7 Schedule (Su12)

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Additions are in bold. Deletions are in strike through.


10:30 AMGreenCanvassersGumballers
10:30 AMBlueScared HitlessCrooked Gunsels
10:30 AMRed
11:30 AMGreenGarbage PlatesGumballers
11:30 AMBlueCrooked GunselsDupont Circle Jerks
11:30 AMRedCanvassersScared Hitless
12:30 PMGreenMaster BattersDC Twits
12:30 PMBlueScared HitlessDupont Circle Jerks
12:30 PMRedCrooked GunselsGarbage Plates
1:30 PMGreenDC TwitsBlatz
1:30 PMBlueHa'chi MountaineersMaster Batters
1:30 PMRedNasty BoysJanitors
2:30 PMGreenHa'chi MountaineersJanitors
2:30 PMBlueBlatzSuperman's Wheelchair
2:30 PMRedHave Fun Out There'sNasty Boys
3:30 PMGreenHave Fun Out There'sSuperman's Wheelchair
3:30 PMBlueBlatzMoose Knuckles
3:30 PMRedGumballersSuns Out Guns Out
4:30 PMGreenSuperman's WheelchairNasty Boys
4:30 PMBlueSuns Out Guns OutMoose Knuckles
4:30 PMRedHave Fun Out There'sScared Hitless

Player of the Week (Su12): Week 6 Nominees

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Benjamin Turner went yard four times. Yeah, it wasn’t even with the wind blowing out each time. We can’t explain it either. He earns his second nomination.

Longtime veteran Patrick Browning came out of retirement and flew in as a guest player and ended up picking up his third nomination. The first was in the 2008, the second was in 2011. Browning hit three bombs, maybe had a 4th blocked by an umpire and drove in five runs.

Matt Gagnon picked up a keychain during his rookie campaign last season, but it became clear soon after that his teammates were the real stars on this team. Gagnon gets his second nomination with an automatic nod by tossing a perfect game. He also gave up just one hit, a controversial hit, which Gagnon has obviously challenged, in his second game of the day.

Michael Burns gets his fourth nomination and his second this season and rookie Michael Cohen earns his first to round out the top five.





Suns Out
Guns Out

POTW Week 6 (Su12)
Benjamin Turner
Patrick Browning
Michael Burns
Michael Cohen
Matt Gagnon
total_votes: 122

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.