Player of the Week (Su12): Week 4

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Jeffrey Nitto of Gumballers wins player of the week honors for Week 4.

Nitto is the second rookie to win this season. He threw a perfect game and led the Gumballers to three wins and the lead in the Eastern Division standings.

Nitto was the top choice of both the managers and the public vote.

The keychain will be presented in a pre-game ceremony Week 5.


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There is no wiffleball this week due to the Labor Day holiday.

Hard Knocks: DC Twits

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About the Author: Andrew Johnson is an above-average hitter for and legendary manager of the Ha’chi Mountaineers. A former card-carrying member of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, he now spends his time blogging about television, movies and sports when he isn’t working. He is one of the top 5 most talented people named Johnson in the PWL.

Unlike the National Football League, the Potomac Wiffleball League doesn’t require you to have a premium cable subscription to get unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to one of its best teams. There’s no DVR necessary either.

Nope, all you’ll need to get an inside look at the DC Twits – the reigning Western Division champions – is an Internet connection and the ability to tolerate someone other than Harry Kalas (may he Rest in Peace) doing the voiceover work, a task that’s taller than it seems at first.

Hard Knocks: Potomac Wiffleball League is the brainchild of Twits manager Greg Hudson, who says he came up for the idea during his first season in the PWL.

“It is a very overwhelming entrance [to the League],” says Hudson. “Walking into [Gravelly Point] is very cinematic with planes overhead, D.C. in the background, the Potomac [River] right there, and then these actual fields.

“When you take a step back and realize you are playing wiffleball on a stage like this, it is pretty insane … and a bit ridiculous. So what better way to capture it than this.”

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Player of the Week (Su12): Week 4 Nominees

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Two perfect games this week put pitchers on the nomination list. Nitto was denied a perfecto earlier in the season when his teammates run-ruled the opponents, but goes the full six this weekend.

This is Joseph Thaman’s 18th nomination for Player of the Week, tying him for first place on the all time nomination list with Nicholas DiCrosta. Both players have won four times, and are tied for third on the all time win list with Kris Garcia and Tony Cani. They trail Stephen Zigmund (7 wins) and Tony Ragano (5 wins).





Superman’s WheelchairMoose KnucklesPitchingNasty

POTW Week 4 (Su12)
Andrew Flowers
Joseph Thaman
Joseph Zarobila
Adriano DeSorrento
Jeffrey Nitto
total_votes: 67

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

He's Baaaaaack! Filides Returns

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Alex Filides, the most hated person in the history of the Potomac Wiffleball League is coming back.

After weeks, which seemed like days to all of us, away from both the PWL and the national capital region, Filides is bringing back his…well, whatever it is he has.

In a shocking move he’s spending the rest of this season with arch rival Scared Hitless. It’s dogs and cats living together kids, the end can’t be far away.

The next thing you know Dreyfus and DiCrosta will leave Scared Hitless to join the Canvassers and win their only World Championship rings of their long careers. Strange stuff is going on here folks. Buy a helmet.

The complete statement issued by Scared Hitless:


Scared Hitless agreed to terms today with free agent Alex Filides on a one-season contract. A physical will not be conducted.

Despite being on the opposite ends of an often heated rivalry, circumstances had developed where the two sides could each satisfy a need. Hitless had recently purchased the contract of Ryan May from Triple-A Gaithersburg, but still found the roster woefully thin.

“I know we’ve had bad blood in the past, but we are all veterans with the same goal – to win a championship” stated Hitless manager, Matt Dreyfus. “It may be strange at first, but I’m confident we will be a better club for the remainder of the season – especially if this move prevents me from ever pitching again.”

Contact details are still emerging, but early word is Filides will be expected to comply with Hitless’ uniform code of wearing a t-shirt.

Player of the Week (Su12): Week 3

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Joe Thaman of Superman’s Wheelchair won yet another Player of the Week award claiming honors for Week 3.

Thaman was the clear choice of the managers, but was almost denied his most recent award by the public vote which favored two players who seem to be more well liked (at least among their friends who they could get to vote online) but have less impressive credentials.

After a last minute surge in voting, Andrew Zarobila and Howard Krasilovsky ended up tied for top vote getter in the public voting. The tie, rather than one clear winner, ultimately allowed Thaman to pick up the deserved keychain.

The award will be presented in a pre-game ceremony during Week

Player of the Week (Su12): Week 2

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Rookie Drew Reid of the Crooked Gunsels won Player of the Week honors for Week 2.

Reid was the runner up in the public vote but impressed the Managers enough to just sneak by guest player Dave Lucadomo for the keychain.

The award will be presented in a pre-game ceremony during Week 4.

Player of the Week (Su12): Week 1

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Kevin Higman of the Janitors won Player of the Week honors for Week 1.

Higman was the top vote getter of both the public vote and the managers.

This is Higman’s second keychain.

The award will be presented in a pre-game ceremony during Week

Week 4 Preview (Su12): Wwwwwindy

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30% chance of rain and prediction of 16 MPH wind…which in Gravelly terms is a light tornado.

Last weeks rain out has altered the schedule. A rare 10 AM game to see if a couple of rookie teams can wake up early.

DC Twits will put their unbeaten streak on the line against two time World Champion Superman’s Wheelchair on the red field with the wind likely blowing in. Twits-ball anyone?

In the event that there is some rain, keep up with us. There are several ways to find out about cancellations (in order from fastest to slowest):

  • Twitter: follow us @potomacwiffle and set your notification to go to your mobile phone and you’ll get an SMS as soon as a decision is made.
  • Facebook: on Facebook we’ll update the “status” on the PWL page as well as send an “update” to the fans.
  • Phone Line: call the game info line at 800-6-WIFFLE and the automated recording will tell you if the games are on.
  • Website: this website will be updated with a story on the main page announcing the cancellation.
  • Email: if you are signed up on the PWL email list an email will go out with the cancellation.

Week 4 Schedule (Su12)

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Additions are in bold. Deletions are in strike through.

The rest of the weeks schedule is still being negotiated by the league office.


10:00 AMBlueCrooked GunselsGumballers
(Make Up Game)
10:30 AMGreenCrooked GunselsMoose Knuckles
10:30 AMBlue  
10:30 AMRedGumballersDupont Circle Jerks
11:30 AMGreenGarbage PlatesCrooked Gunsels
11:30 AMBlueMoose KnucklesDupont Circle Jerks
11:30 AMRedGumballersHave Fun Out There's
12:30 PMGreenGarbage PlatesCanvassers
12:30 PMBlueHave Fun Out There's
Ha'chi Mountaineers
Scared Hitless
Moose Knuckles
(Make Up Game)
12:30 PMRedSuperman's WheelchairDC Twits
1:30 PMGreenDC TwitsSuns Out Guns Out
1:30 PMBlueSuperman's WheelchairJanitors
1:30 PMRedScared HitlessCanvassers
2:30 PMGreenSuns Out Guns OutHa'chi Mountaineers
2:30 PMBlueMaster BattersJanitors
2:30 PMRedNasty BoysCanvassers
3:30 PMGreenMaster BattersHa'chi Mountaineers
3:30 PMBlueCanvassersSuns Out Guns Out
(Make Up Game)
3:30 PMRedNasty BoysBlatz