Week 1 Schedule (Su12)

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10:30 AMGreen  
10:30 AMBlueDupont Circle JerksNasty Boys
10:30 AMRedGumballersScared Hitless
11:30 AMGreenDupont Circle JerksGumballers
11:30 AMBlueMoose KnucklesSuns Out Guns Out
11:30 AMRedScared HitlessNasty Boys
12:30 PMGreenDC TwitsMoose Knuckles
12:30 PMBlueJanitorsHave Fun Out There's
12:30 PMRedCrooked GunselsSuns Out Guns Out
1:30 PMGreenDC TwitsCrooked Gunsels
1:30 PMBlueCanvassersJanitors
1:30 PMRedHave Fun Out There'sBlatz
2:30 PMGreenHa'chi MountaineersGarbage Plates
2:30 PMBlueCanvassersSuperman's Wheelchair
2:30 PMRedBlatzMaster Batters
3:30 PMGreenMaster BattersGarbage Plates
3:30 PMBlue  
3:30 PMRedSuperman's WheelchairHa'chi Mountaineers

Managers Call (Su12): No Changes

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The Managers of the PWL participated in a conference call Wednesday night to finalize the schedule and divisions for the Summer season and also to consider rules changes.

A proposal from the Moose Knuckles to change the order in which teams get to pick schedule spots was considered. By tradition, teams with the worst record from the previous season pick first, then new teams. The Knuckles proposed that teams with the best record pick first. The vote was a 7-7 tie, with two teams not on the call. Without a majority, the previous procedure was followed.

Schedule spots also drove team divisions. We have four divisions this season, with the Division Champs advancing to the playoffs.

  • Canvassers
  • Dupont Circle Jerks
  • Gumballers
  • Scared Hitless


  • Have Fun Out Theres, The
  • Janitors
  • Nasty Boys
  • Superman’s Wheelchair

  • Crooked Gunsels
  • Garbage Plates, The
  • Moose Knuckles
  • Suns Out Guns Out


  • Blatz
  • DC Twits
  • Ha’chi Mountaineers
  • Master Batters

After the schedules were set, rules changes were considered. The Commissioner proposed that playoff teams be reduced from 8 teams, (with 20 in the league) to 6 teams. The language added to the rules states that if there are 17 or more teams, then 8 teams advance. Fewer than 17 teams will be 6, meaning we won’t have to change the rules every season. This rule was passed unanamously.

The Canvassers proposed a rules change to eliminate our special league rule that if a player catches a ball and falls over the home run fence that it’s a home run. The Canvssers proposed using the MLB rule, which would make it an out. The proposal received 4 votes, 8 were against, 2 abstained and 2 teams weren’t present so it failed.

There were no free agents to draft, so the call adjourned.

Full schedules will be posted soon.

Managers Finalize Season Wednesday / First Pitch Sunday

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The managers are the Board of Directors of the PWL. The Managers for every team who has at least 5 PAID PLAYERS, will have a conference call on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, at 9:30 PM EDT with the following agenda:

  • Adoption of Schedule
  • Drawing for Team Divisions
  • Drawing for Schedule Spot
  • Adoption of Rules Changes
  • Free Agent Draft

After this call, final information about the Summer Season will be posted and emailed out to everyone.

First pitch is this Sunday at 10:30 AM. See you at the Point!

HOT STOVE: Summer Lovin'

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7/31/2012 11:00 PMCurrent Teams and Players Signed Up

  • Have Fun Out Theres return and become the 16th Team, TEAMS ARE FINALIZED
  • Canvassers pickup a free agent as Nicholas West returns to the team after a season on his own sqaud, and Kris Garcia flirted with Scared Hitless but decided to stay married to the Canvassers for one more season.

7/30/2012 11:00 AM

  • 15 Teams have had players officially signed as of today. 16 is a very nice even number so we’re hoping for one more, and one more only.
  • DEATH WATCH: It seems likely that we’re losing Sex Panthers, Most Interesting Men, and We’d Hit That. Though, no confirmations as of right now.
  • NEW TEAMS: Blatz and TBA are signed up as the 2nd and 3rd new teams and should be filling out rosters soon.

7/18/2012 10:00 PM

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  • 8 Teams have had players officially signed as of today, but we know a lot of standards will be back.
  • Welcome to the first new team for summer, the Gumballers.
  • All Star Kevin Higman despite being courted by several teams will return to the Janitors. Rumor is they have signed a second hitter, Todd Ogg, formerly of NWO, but it’s not confirmed yet. That will give them a total of two hitters.
  • DEATH WATCH: Looks like we’ll lose Have Fun Out Theres, NWO, and Natty Brohs. A couple of teams on life support, We’d Hit That and Most Interesting Men.

A Little DC, A Lot of Ohio

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The Nationals and Senators have arrived in Ohio and are ready for the London Wiffleball Tournament which starts at 8 AM Saturday morning. It’s a 5:45 AM wake up call for the two squads who decided to take 1 AM batting pactice under the lights at the NWLA fields across the street from the hotel.

The Senators and Nationals visited London Friday night to practice and scrimmage on the actual London fields. The Senators won both scrimmages.

Both teams will play pool play starting at 8 AM, which will determine seedin for a single elimination tournament starting around 2:30 PM. There are 75 teams signed up for London, but there are always some no shows.


  • 8:00 AM vs Bluebirds (Field 12)
  • 8:35 AM vs Big Whackers (Field 13)
  • 9:45 AM vs Padres (Field 15)
  • 10:55 AM vs Savages (Field 17)


  • 8:00 AM vs White Sox (Field 17)
  • 10:55 AM vs Mavericks (Field 3)
  • 11:30 AM vs Knights (Field 4)
  • 12:40 PM vs ODU (Field 8)

In additon, the teams attended the opening dinner for the NWLA Tournament. Two members of the Senators and two of the Nationals help compose the NWLA team. Matt Gagnon and Joe Thaman will arrive Saturday afternoon to complete the NWLA lineup. Don’t pitchers usually report early to camp?

The welcome dinner was followed by a draw for pool play spot. PWL got the 8th draw and is in the same pool with other tournament organizers and semi-rivals KWL and WSEM. Tampa Bay is also in the pool.

Pool play is Saturday night to seed the double elimination tournament:

  • 9:00 PM vs WSEM Big Wood (Red Field)
  • 10:00 PM vs KWL Aces (Green Field)
  • 11:00 PM vs TBW Lightning (Blue Field)

Champions Dinner (Sp12): As the World Burns

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The 2012 Spring Season Champions Dinner was held Wednesday, June 27 at the PWL Headquarters.

In addition to recognition of league leaders in the triple crown categories for batting, pitching and fielding, the two Triple Crown Winners were “crowned”.

The Blandsford Barnburners picked up their take home trophy and also raised the permanent Commissioner’s Trophy.

Award winners were also announced:

  • MVP – Joe Thaman (Superman’s Wheelchair)
  • Rookie of the Year – Brian Hollrah (We’d Hit That)
  • Cy Young – Joe Thaman (Superman’s Wheelchair)
  • Gold Glove – Fielder – Kevin Higman (Janitors)
  • Gold Glove – Catcher – Jim Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners)
  • Gold Glove – Pitcher – Chris Mazur (Suns Out Guns Out)
  • Manager of the Year – Christopher Keeven (Superman’s Wheelchair)
  • New Team of the Year – We’d Hit That

View the complete list of past award winners.

The sliders, shrimp, and cheescake lollypops were enjoyed by all.

Umpire Update

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Ben Thompson, the Commissioner of the Northern Virginia Softball Umpires Association, will replace Mark Dinnen on the umpiring crew working the World Series.

Thompson worked both Round 1 and Round 2 of the DCS.

The Filides Forecast: World Series Predictions

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About the Author: Alex Filides is the guy most of the league hates for no reason, and some of the league hates for very good reasons. He’s aggressive in the game, eats, sleeps and breathes wiffleball, and left the winning run in two postseason series stranded on third base.

Barnburners win series 2-1.

The wind is projected to blow from the SSE at around 8-10mph for Sunday, which means it will be blowing out on the blue and green field. Barnburners
definitely have the advantage here. Ty Fletcher is the key ingredient to solidify the Barnburners rotation, in fact he could be their best pitcher. Gannon is just
as good as an ace and Tomko isn’t bad for a 3rd option. As mentioned, last week Hitless needed a 3rd hitter to step up, which was Davis, however in this scenario, it has to be the better hitters in the Shannon brothers, if they can’t figure out Thaman, then the whole team is in trouble offensively. A very underrated defensive alignment for a team that has been noted for their offense, Gannon and Shannon as good as they come in the field.

Superman has Thaman on the mound, it is our belief that he will need to keep the Shannon brothers not only from…

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NWLA TOURNAMENT: Nationals for the National

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Commissioner Gallaway has announced the roster for the first ever National Wiffle League Association National Tournament.

The tournament, which is being co-hosted by the PWL will be the first time that fast pitch leagues recognized by the NWLA have come together under common rules to compete in a tournament.

The tournament will be held in Columbus, Ohio, July 14-15, and will begin with pool play Saturday night, then seed a double elimination tournament Sunday morning.

The PWL All Star team will be playing under the name Nationals, with the primary uniform matching the “other” Nationals home Curly W style uniforms and the alternate uniform as the red Curly W jersey.

The team will be wearing the red and blue official cap for all their games.

Four of the players competing for the Nationals will also be participating in the London tournament. Two pitchers, Joe Thaman and Matt Gagnon will be exclusively playing in the NWLA tournament. Three of the six members of the roster played in the Spring 2012 World Series.

Eight other leagues have officially confirmed their participation in the tournament. Teams from Michigan, Indiana, New York, Missouri, and Florida will join the Nationals in Columbus.

Commissioner Gallaway will manage the team.

Nicholas DiCrosta

Nicholas DiCrosta is the rare combination of both a top tier pitcher and hitter for the Nationals.

DiCrosta won the MVP Award in Spring 2010, and with five Player of the Week Award wins is tied for second on the all time list. He won a World Championship as a one season free agent pickup in Summer 2009. He is also the all time career leader in doubles.

He has participated in one London Wiffleball Tournament as a National.

The years are catching up with this crafty veteran, but he still has some game left. When he's not pitching he'll be subbing into the outfield or extra hitting. His favorite book: Sears Catalogue.
2008 SU84840166041010.400.8501.2501
2009 SP126871328021818.451.6481.0994
2009 SU1373492310051519.469.9801.4493
2010 SP1388603010091914.5001.1171.61712
2010 SU116247228151510.4681.0001.46813
2011 SP138663278151412.429.8251.25412
2011 SU138269338071927.478.8991.3775
2012 SP1275673001101417.448.9251.37314

Matt Gagnon
Matt Gagnon is the only rookie selected for the Nationals. While he has struggled to deliver as a hitter Gagnon rounds out a strong starting rotation as one of the best pitcher's in the league.

In his rookie season he led his team to a #3 overall finish in a tough PWL Spring Season. His aggressive style of play hasn't won him any fans so he won't be taking home any hardware in the form of postseason awards, but he did claim a Player of the Week keychain after he tossed his first perfect game.

Gagnon is a recent newlywed and hopefully all the scars from wiffleball were covered up for the pictures. His diving plays will come in handy as a utility fielder when he's not on the bump. His favorite honeymoon activity: tweeting.

2012 SP14885619811105.339.571.91122

Kevin Higman

Kevin Higman is one of those very good players who probably shouldn't be on the below average teams they're on. His sophomore season was strong, earning him a Player of the Week Award and three nominations.

In addition to his bat, Higman likes to flash the leather. He's one of the strongest fielders in the league and routinely takes away base hits as well as home runs from unsuspecting batters.

Higman hasn't seen playoff games or the high pressure situations he'll face in Columbus yet, expect him to be primarily patrolling the outfield. His dream date: Kerby Valladares.
2011 SU741351311132.371.543.9145
2012 SP137759317371613.5251.1021.6279

Jim Shannon
The other Shannon twin, Jim, is a must needed bat in the Nationals lineup and is an above average fielder.

In Spring 2012 Shannon won the 6th batting Triple Crown in league history, and became the first person to do it more than once.

More popular on the stats page than in the hearts of league players, Shannon has a Gold Glove award for fielding at catcher, but has not won the MVP award. He has been a member of three World Championship teams.

He has participated in three London Wiffleball Tournaments as a Senator, and as a member of the Nationally #1 Ranked Barnburners competed in the 2011 Battle of the Leagues between the Potomac Wiffleball League and the Kalamazoo Wiffle League.

Shannon is a Cubs fan, but we'll let him play outfield anyway. His favorite canned food: ravioli.

2009 SP95045214241111.467.9111.3784
2010 SP1377582530101916.4311.0001.4319
2010 SU2107500446.7142.4293.1431
2011 SP1377623601142125.5811.2901.8719
2012 SP1376653530162525.5381.3231.86212

Jack Shannon

Jack Shannon and his twin brother Jim pack a powerful offensive punch for the Nationals lineup.

Shannon won the Rookie of the Year award in his debut season but has quietly gone about his work since then helping the Blandsford Barnburners win three World Championships in three seasons.

He has participated in three London Wiffleball Tournaments as a Senator and as a member of the Nationally #1 Ranked Barnburners competed in the 2011 Battle of the Leagues between the Potomac Wiffleball League and the Kalamazoo Wiffle League.

He's a little bitchy about playing the field and predominantly serves as an extra hitter and designated hitter. His favorite animal: kittens.
2009 SP1367683471112627.5001.1181.6183
2010 SP127149172051114.347.6941.04113
2010 SU2106300242.5001.5002.0002
2011 SP1377603011081914.5001.0831.5834
2012 SP1376613071121821.4921.2301.7215

Joe Thaman
There are not yet any players inducted into the PWL Hall of Fame but when there are you can without question assume Joe Thaman will be among the honorees.

Thaman has two MVP Awards under his belt, three consecutive Cy Young Awards, and given another week you might be able to add one to each of those counts. This goes along with the two World Series trophies on display in his team's clubhouse.

Thaman may play for Superman's Wheelchair, but is in fact, not super human himself. Not only did he strike out for the last out of the game when his small college team was eliminated from the College World Series, he also skipped a playoff game for the birth of his human daughter...priorities. As the ace of the Nationals he'll primarily pitching and serving as an extra or pinch hitter in game situations. His favorite ice cream flavor: eucalyptus.

2010 SP137571365172014.507.9011.40811
2010 SU63638245031411.6321.0001.6321
2011 SP1410574337061119.446.7841.2309
2011 SU1169613380111525.5411.2131.7548
2012 SP1492683213071715.471.9711.44111

World Series Preview (Sp12): Finally

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Spring 2012 World Series

Superman’s Wheelchair

Blandsford Barnburners
#2 (13-1)
#1 (13-1)

If you can say anything about the World Series matchup this Sunday, you can certainly say it’s been long time coming. These two teams have dominated recent seasons, winning 5 of the last 6 World Series. Combined they are 94 – 18, a winning percentage of .839. However, as much as these two franchises have dominated, they have never settled the matter of which one is better on the field. Circumstances have kept that from happening.

The Blandsford Barnburners are three time World Champions, every season they’ve played, and are currently ranked #1 in the nation. They joined the league in the Spring of 2009, and promptly lost their first game by forfeit for showing up late to a team that only won that game the entire season. They would not lose many since. They don’t play the Summer season, mostly because they’re assholes, but have won the Spring World Series every season they’ve played, 2009, 2010, 2011. They are second on the all time World Series win list and closing fast.

Superman’s Wheelchair are two time World Champions, in four seasons, and are currently ranked #8 in the nation. They joined the league a year after the Barnburners in Spring 2010. Their first season was a learning one, going 8-6 and just missing the playoffs by one game. Since then, they have dominated, winning the last two Summer World Series, 2010 and 2011. If the rumor mill is true, this could be the last season for the core Weelchairians together to prove where they stand in league history.

The two teams should have played this long anticipated World Series a year ago, in Spring 2011. They were headed for a finale match-up when two time MVP and three time Cy Young Award Winner Joe Thaman decided to have a baby the morning of the Division Championship Series. He chose the baby over wiffleball immortality, and without the big lefty Wheelchair lost their first round series, leaving the oft talked about franchises still without a series to settle their differences.

This series will certainly help frame the short term discussion of which team is better. Though, it’s also likely just the beginning of what should be a longer, and more often played, epic rivalry.

Franchise History: The teams met twice in the Spring 2010 season. The Barnburners won Week 2, and Wheelchair (then in their rookie season and known as Fear and Loathing on the Base Path) upset them in Week 4 the week after the Barnburners broke into the top 10 national rankings for the first time. Despite three Seasons and three World Championships for the Barnburners, and four seasons and two World Championships for Superman’s Wheelchair, those are the only times they’ve ever met.

Probable starters and matchups for Games 1 and 2 are:

Sunday, June 24

2:00 PM – Game 1 (Blue)
Superman’s Wheelchair at Blandsford Barnburners

Joe Thaman
Colin Gannon
(10-1) 0.46 ERA
(7-0) 0.90 ERA

3:00 PM – Game 2 (Green)
Blandsford Barnburners at Superman’s Wheelchair

Colin Gannon
Christopher Keeven
(7-0) 0.92 ERA
(3-0) 0.48 ERA

4:00 PM – Game 3 (Blue)
Superman’s Wheelchair at Blandsford Barnburners
(if necessary)

Umpires Mark Dineen Ben Thompson and Ty Washington will work the series. Mike Edwards will be the official scorekeeper.