PWL Dominates St Louis, Except Colin

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Commissioner Gallaway and seven PWL all stars missed the final week of the regular season destined for even greater glory at the NWLA Regional tournament in St. Louis, MO.

PWL was a top 8 finisher at the 2014 NWLA Tournament in Ohio, so was guaranteed a return trip, but was required to play at regionals.

A few roster changes were made from the previous tournament, including adding the entire Barnburner squad. That brought mixed results as Ty Fletcher bought himself a National roster spot, while pitching hopeful Colin Gannon remained hopeful.

Despite Gannon’s inability to hit the board resulting in an opening game loss, PWL dominated the next three games, going 3-1 in the Regional.

The team lead the country in hitting after the regional round.

Commissioner Gallaway didn’t arrive until late the night before, coming from the previous day’s regional, so the team was on it’s own for social activities Saturday night. Fortunately Stephen Crawford was able to babysit the Barnburners on trips to the arch and casino.

Who's On First?: Season Recap

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Congratulations to the 6 time World Champion Blandsford Barnburners, they were the best team wire to wire this season and deserved the trophy. Before everyone starts ditching old alliances to form new super teams in Ohio let’s see how our preseason calls stacked up.

The Promise – “Every day it just gets harder to live the dream you’re believing in…”

Garbage Plates
Pitch Perfect
Backdoor Sliders
Besley Bashers
Dupont Circle Jerks
Master Batters

Let’s give credit to the Dupont Circle Jerks, the only cellar dweller to successfully retool and make strides. They were in playoff contention with just hours to go in the regular season and we look forward to seeing if they get over the hump this summer. Everyone else in this group well you are who we thought you were. Not really a good thing.

Dancing in the Dark – “There’s something happening somewhere baby I just know that there is…”

Bald Beavers
Chicken and Wiffle
One Hit Wonders

The One Hit Wonders managed to win three games despite have a -59 run differential so there is that? Otherwise they and the Bald Beavers were pretty terrible. Chicken and Wiffle had a sniff at the playoffs but fell just short, they are another team that should contend for the dance this summer especially if some of the old guard retires.

Glory Days – “Sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory…”

Moose Knuckles

Now we get to the playoff contenders and sure enough, everyone in this group made it but fell short of the World Series. The Canvassers showed flashes of a scary offense but struggled to put their full squad on the field and word has Gallaway’s pet franchise calling it quits. Moose Knuckles showed heart in taking the Barnburners to three games but their lack of offense did them in. The Janitors got one third of a season from Higman and a full season of Fernandez, they should try switching that if they want to really contend. Gumballers did Gumballer things in winning a lot before losing early, will this be the offseason they shake things up?

Born to Run – “Highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive…”

Blandsford Barnburners
DC Twits

Twits, we hate you, you are like the girl we bragged about hooking up with all summer then you show up twenty pounds heavier at Christmas and all your friends make fun for porking a fatty. We were spot on about the other two as the Barnburners defeated the Wolfpack in the World Series, proving once again you can get away with most anything if you have half of the inaugural Hall of Fame inductees at the top of the order. The question is where do we go from here? The Barnburners claim to be done as a franchise but available as free agents, but will they actually care about the games? The Wolfpack were one win away from potentially launching a dynasty but now face a serious identity crisis and looming retirements. Last year the league’s balance of power shifted in Ohio, it isn’t farfetched to expect more of the same for the summer season.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the end of year festivities and come say goodbye to Gallaway. If you ever wondered how players in the league know each other it’s through events like this. So if you are interested in joining a new team, getting some exercise or just meeting some people, come out and get your last wiffle fix until August. We’ll play some pickup wiffle, have new skills competitions, everyone can enter the home run derby and the food is free. Stay tuned to Facebook for further details, we’ll see you there.

Barnburners Champions of the World

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For the 6th time in 7 tries, the Blandsford Barnburners are World Champions.

The beat the Wolfpack two games to one, to clinch their sixth title. They tie the Canvassers with most championships in league history.

After losing the first game to a pitcher ejection forfeit, despite being up 1-0 in the final inning, the Barnburners rallied to win games 2 and 3. The Wolfpacks lone run in the series came on an Adriano DeSorrento home run in Game 3.

Jack Shannon, the batting triple crown winner for the regular season, hit for the cycle in Game 3.

World Series Preview: End of an Era

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The Spring 2015 World Series kicks off tonight at 8:00 PM.

The best of three game series is being held at the Maryland Soccerplex in Boyds, Maryland.

Pregame ceremonies will feature the introduction of players and the National Anthem.

The #1 seed Blandsford Barnburners will be the home team in Game 1 and 3 if needed. The #2 seed Wolfpack will be the home team in Game 2.

The umpires are John Hofstadter and Rick Nieve. The official scorer is Tony Ragano, and Hunter Sperling will handle public address responsibilities.

The league is providing a complimentary shuttle bus (along with beer and pizza) to the games. The party bus will leave the Arlington Courthouse Metro station at 6:45 PM, and return there after the games. Everyone is welcome to ride along.

The Fernandez Forecast: World Series Predictions (Sp15)

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About the Author: Felix Fernandez is the guy most of the league hates for no reason, and some of the league hates for very good reasons. He’s aggressive in the game, eats, sleeps and breathes wiffleball, and left the winning run in two postseason series stranded on third base.

The Barnburners defeated the Wolfpack 1-0 during the regular season, as both teams struggled offensively in the contest. Each of the teams are very strong at the plate, but with totally different approaches to hitting.

It’s not much of a secret that the Wolfpack play small ball, while the Barnburners mash balls over the fence. The question is, can the Wolfpack be consistent enough against Colin Gannon, the best pitcher during the regular season, to string enough hits together in one inning? This writer doesn’t think so, but stranger things have happened.

Wolfpack, Will McNally will probably remind me who’s playing in the championship, despite my pessimistic point of view. Also, how much will playing on a larger and faster field affect the two teams?

The pitching matchup will feature 2 of the league’s best pitchers during the regular season in Colin Gannon (Barnburners) and Adriano DeSorrento (Wolfpack). The keys to this matchup are Adriano keeping the ball down and mixing it up once in a while, where Gannon needs to rely more on location and changing speeds. The advantage of pitching depth goes to the Barnburners, as they have 4 solid guys that can throw.

Although, not the best base running team in the league, the Barnburners are recklessly dangerous. They will challenge weaker fielders to peg them, although Fletcher and Gannon are more “one base at a time guys”. For the Wolfpack, it’s mostly station to station base running, however at times, they will use smart aggressive base running to stretch a single into a double or score from second on a base hit.

In the field, Jim Shannon looked very solid in his last game, as the improved turf conditions, seems to have made a difference. Nick West is fast and quick, but sometimes will go through inconsistent periods of fielding the ball. One of the keys to the game will be to test the throwing and pegging skills of West. It will be the Will McNally vs. Ty Fletcher showdown at the catcher’s spot, even though the position is typically very unexciting, but expect there to be quite a bit of trash talking between these two. Gannon and DeSorrento, might not have significant range, but should be able to hold their own in the field.

Barnburners will win the series in a sweep. However, if the Wolfpack come in ready, motivated and focused (and sober), hit the ball the way they’re capable of doing and Adriano can figure out the Barnburners’ weakness at the plate, then the Wolfpack could very well upset the 5 time champions.

Boys of Summer: Register Today!

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Registration for the Summer Season is now open!

With a new Commissioner, and possibly new playing fields, it’s going to be a little different. But, expect the same great wiffleball action, stats and game videos that you, and your family who you bore them with, have grown to love.

The registration page has the full details on the Summer Season, but team deadlines are August 4th to sign up. The season will begin August 16th and run through October.

Watch the website and follow us on twitter @potomacwiffle for hot stove updates as teams and players sign up.

Who's On First?: World Series Preview

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Spring season is down to two, the same number of times the Moose Knuckles tried to forfeit the DCS. Despite higher powers intervening both times they still lost. Let’s look back a bit then preview Monday’s finale.

In case you didn’t know there has been a party bus leaving from Courthouse to shuttle any and all who wishes to come watch the playoffs, beer and food provided. Yes, it’s that easy, that free and that awesome. Monday, 6:45pm, Courthouse Metro, listen for Nick West howling and follow the sound.

Gumballers @ Wolfpack

  • No wind at the Maryland Sportsplex favored the defending champs and Adriano didn’t disappoint, not allowing a runner to reach second in Game 1.
  • While only getting one across the Wolfpack seemed entirely more comfortable in a close, small ball game. This doesn’t show up in the stat sheet but was palpable to everyone there.
  • Game 2 the ‘Pack pounced in the top of the first but left two on and the Gumballers grateful to get out only down a run.
  • Stacy Critchfield smashed a line drive homer in the bottom of the 5th to give the Gumballers life but unfortunately at that point he was also pitching.
  • After some gamesmanship induced whining by the Gumballers, champs put up two more in the sixth and the Gumballers went quietly into the offseason. Okay not quietly has Don McClintock yapped enough snatch the league’s Most Hated crown away from Gagnon, alienating both friend and foe.

Moose Knuckles @ Barnburners

  • Five time champs scored in each of the first two innings and it seemed they would coast into the World Series, taking Game 1 comfortably.
  • Mother Nature had other ideas however and halted a scoreless Game 2 with a downpour. At this time the Moose Knuckles tried to forfeit but their messenger was apparently as slow as their base running and play was resumed before a formal announcement could be made.
  • Then, Jon “The Butcher” Gagnon used the change in weather to smash one into the stands for a dramatic walk off. The wiffle world was dragged out of their sleep, alert for a possible upset.
  • After some heated deliberation Gannon came back on the mound for Game 3 and promptly let the first two Moose Knuckles on base. They wouldn’t score however because you know, they’re the Moose Knuckles.
  • Barnburners weren’t threatened from there as the bats heated up and some aggressive base running paid off, coasting as we expected they would into the finale.

Wolfpack @ Barnburners

  • Other than wanting your team to win, you’ve got to admit this is the matchup the PWL wanted to see since the Wolfpack was formed and took home the Summer title in a Barnburner-less season.
  • No team on the planet takes advantage of wind blowing out than the Barnburners as the whole lineup is equipped to mash. Wind will be HUGE in this series.
  • On a related note, no team is better equipped to do whatever it takes to win than the Wolfpack. They’ve got top level pitching, defense, base running and know how to win close games. If the Barnburners can lose to a depleted Moose Knuckles team, they can certainly lose here.
  • Should the series go three it means Gannon will be openly questioned by his teammates, the lot of who haven’t been in truly meaningful close game since losing the World Series to the Twits. They know their legacy is on the line.
  • Wolfpack can become the first back to back champs in the modern era and would head into the offseason as the favorite for a three peat.

Prediction – Barnburners in 3. Their power at the plate is the trump card and given the way they steamrolled through the season they have to be the favorite. Expect to see hard fought, well executed wiffle as both teams know what is on the line in Gallaway’s PWL swan song. If the wind is dead like it was for the first DCS or blowing in, this series is a toss up. Blowing out gives a bigger edge to Barnburners but either way there won’t be a series anywhere in which both teams leave everything they’ve got on the field like this one. You should take a free ride on the party bus, drink some free beer, eat some free food and watch wiffle at its very best.

SAVE THE DATE: July 12 Champions Dinner / All Star Game / Home Run / PLUS

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The Spring Season final Sunday will be held Sunday, July 12, 2015.

Activities will begin at noon and will include the season awards presentations, a home run derby, the all star game, and some additional skills competitions.

Food and drinks will be provided by the league.

Traditionally these events have been held in conjunction with the World Series, but due to schedule changes the World Series will be held on a weeknight this season.

The exact location will be announced soon, but will likely not be at Gravelly Point since our permit does not allow play during the month of July.

DCS #1: Barnburners Survive Scare

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The undefeated #1 team in the nation needed three games to advance to their 7th World Series during the DCS Thursday night.

The Blandsford Barnburners beat the Moose Knuckles 2 games to 1. They lost game 2 on a walk off home run from Jon Gagnon that was the first ball to hit the stands.

Game 2 was delayed twice, once for a heavy downpour, and then again for lightning, before the dramatic ending. The Moose Knuckles had decided as a team to forfeit the game during the second delay, but before the decision was announced, the horn sounded to resume play.

DCS #2: Wolfpack Return to the World Series

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The Wolfpack return to their second consecutive World Series after beating the Gumballers 2 games to 0 in the DCS.

The series was held at the Maryland SoccerPlex, as will the other DCS and the World Series, because the games are being played on weeknights and Gravelly Point does not have lights.

A free shuttle bus is taking players and fans from the Courthouse Metro in Arlington up to the fields before each game. For full details see the story.