Hall of Fame Is Open

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After 20 seasons the first Hall of Fame election has been completed and four players have been chosen. The winners, as well as the full voting results will be announced this week.

All players in league history who had 100 regular season plate appearances were eligible to vote. There were 146 eligible voters. While contact information from the early days was spotty, either email or Facebook information was collected for all but one of those voters. 71 of those eligible voters, 49% ultimately cast a ballot. 37 of the 71 were current players this season, and 34 were past players.

The ballot consisted of all players in league history who had 200 regular season plate appearances. It included 65 players eligible for election to no more than six Hall of Fame members.

The complete details of the voting and this year’s ballot can be found on the Hall of Fame page.

Players needed to appear on 75% of the ballots cast in order to be elected. Every voter was able to vote for up to 12 players, twice the number of eligible positions. 53 votes were needed for a player to be elected.

Three of the four players elected received the exact minimum number of votes at 53, and the other Hall of Famer received one more, at 54 votes. 57 of the 65 eligible players on the ballot received at least one vote.

Commissioner Gallaway was happy with the process, but recommended changes for the future.

“I am excited that before I left as Commissioner we were able to finally elect players to the Hall of Fame. Going in, we had no idea how this process would work, if anyone would vote, or if the criteria we had set for voters, or for eligible players, would result in any elections. While it was very close, there is no doubt in my mind this was a tremendous success, and we have started out an important process which I hope will continue every year.”

Gallaway proposed several changes for future ballots, which ultimately will be up to the next Commissioner.

  • Sort Future Ballots in Order of Votes Received on Previous Ballot
  • List Newly Eligible Players at the Top of the Ballot their First Year
  • Lower Requirement for Election to 70% of Ballots
  • After 2016 Vote, Drop Any Past Players Appearing on Less than 5% of Ballots (but leave active players on ballot)

If the current process is maintained, at the conclusion of the Spring season there will be at least 149 eligible voters, possibly 151. There will also be 72 players eligible for election, possibly 74, increasing the total number of positions that could be elected to seven, with four currently filled.

With three open positions, players would be able to vote for six players on the ballot of 68 eligible.

The Summer season will likely bring additional eligible voters and players for election as several more players will hit the 100 plate appearances needed to be eligible to vote, and 200 plate appearances to appear on the ballot.

Who's On First?: Week 6 Wrap-up

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Interesting week in the books and an even more interesting one coming. Hopefully Commish-elect Hudson keeps the league running better than his offense in Week 7.

  • Moose Knuckles showed some life as Flowers clearly read the papers and responded with a big day against the division rival Janitors to put them on the brink of the postseason.
  • The much anticipated Barnburners/Wolfpack matchup turned into a one run snooze fest that leaves neither team particularly satisfied. Wolfpack have a tough final stretch to get a bye but control their destiny.
  • Gumballers have rattled off six straight, led by Nitto’s MVP worthy performance on the mound and at the plate. More on them below.
  • Besley Bashers won a game! According to the website they did so with two players but we knew something had to be up for them to post a W.
  • Garbage Plates notched their third win and have four teams below them in the standings, likely the high water mark for the franchise thus far. Definitely a direct result of free agent Trashy signing with the team.

Now let’s get into the playoff scenarios –

  • Barnburners are the 1 seed, congrats on an undefeated season and Gallaway mysteriously moving you to Blue as the homerun century mark came into play. Between that and Gallaway officiating your only big game of the season we now know he is retiring to run Sepp Blatter’s office.
  • Wolfpack take both games they’re the 2 seed. Lose one or both and it gets complicated for others but they are at worst a 3 seed.
  • Janitors need to win one and they’re in but rumor has Kevin Higman out so maybe Trashy has one more week of magic in him. They are the playoff linchpin and if they lose two….
  • Then the Dupont Circle Jerks could make the playoffs! They would of course have to sweep the season series with the Wolfpack but hey, they’re halfway there. This where you make an awful Bon Jovi joke.
  • Gumballers take two and it likely comes down to run differential with the Canvassers as they split the season series. They have to get past the Wolfpack first but if they do but both teams are both +37 so that could be fun to watch. Both play bad teams in their second game but the Gumballers play the Garbage Plates on Blue.
  • Moose Knuckles win their only game and they’re division champs, likely the #4 seed. Lose to the Backdoor Sliders and it creates a mess we don’t want to decipher. We’re going to assume they win.

Week 6 Preview (Sp15): Return to Sender

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We’re almost to the end of the Spring Season. While there isn’t much excitement in the playoff race, soak in the last couple of weeks of Gallaway-era wiffleball while you can. Maybe make friends with an umpire or exchange emails with a scorekeeper before they become extinct.

This will be Commissioner Gallaway’s final regular season week. During Week 7 he’ll be managing the PWL All Stars traveling to the St. Louis to play in the NWLA Tournament. Commissioner-elect Hudson will be running the show the final week. (Don’t worry he’ll have extra time since he doesn’t have to prep for the playoffs.) This will be just the third time in 20 seasons of league history the Commissioner has missed an entire week of wiffleball.

There is a 100% chance (so you’re saying there is a chance) of thunderstorms Sunday afternoon. Combine that with 91 degrees and you’ve got a recipe for amazing wiffle. Though, if we do get to play, wind out of the south at single digits will be great. Come play anyway.

DO YOUR JOB! – Don’t forget to do two things this week, and every week. Vote for Player of the Week and nominate a nice defensive play for a Webgem. And yes, on Webgems, don’t be embarrassed about nominating yourself.

Who's On First?: Playoff Preview #1

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We’ve got two weeks left of regular season play in the Gallaway Era and things COULD get interesting playoffs wise. Not that they will but they could. In order of predicted finish here we go -

The Field –

Barnburners – Win out and they’re the #1 seed. Due to some interesting schedule maneuvering by the Commish they only have two games left. It’s not impossible to see them being apathetic/hungover enough to fall to a motivated Wolfpack team Sunday morning but we’re not sure they really care if they do. Why would they in the grand scheme of things?

Wolfpack – Somehow have the inside track to a first round bye despite their entire season being out-homered by Bryce Harper in a decent week. Finally catch a break and return to their desired Green field (it matters people) for a showdown with the Barnburners. Even if they lose they’ll be favored in the rest of their games as Nitto admits to losing sleep over their lefty bats. Have to play those pesky Circle Jerks and their sweet quads again but our money says they’ll be a focused team the rest of the way and start to look like what we expected preseason.

Canvassers – The plus side of having the Gumballers in the division is they avoid them Round 1. An offensive juggernaut so far it’s likely they take back their division by sweeping the last two weeks and watching the
Gumballers lose one.

Moose Knuckles – Something hasn’t looked right all year for these perennial contenders but they should still see the postseason. They’ll need Andrew Flowers to stop getting so torched (his term, shocking it hasn’t caught yet) on Saturdays and revert back to this .480, RBI smashing self to make any noise though.

Gumballers – Huge win over the Canvassers could have them sneak into the #2 seed but they have two tough games remaining. Should go 3-1 and find a way to lose to the Moose Knuckles in the first round despite being the vastly better team. Maybe being a lower seed breaks the curse?

Janitors – Quietly winning most of their games while scaring nobody, unless you count the innocent children of Gravelly ducking Felix Fernandez’s chalk and bat tantrums. Gagnon owns them so it looks like they’re heading for a first round matchup with the Canvassers.

Jusssssssssst a bit outside –

DC Twits – We’ve covered them enough, they just needed to win one game against a playoff team and didn’t do it. Carry on.

Chicken and Wiffle – So they beat the Gumballers but losing to the One Hit Wonders aka the Who the F Are All Those People on the Bench-ers has them on the outside looking in. Too bad really, would have been really fun to have them trying to unseat the old guard and make the first playoff appearance in franchise history.

Dupont Circle Jerks – Everyone’s favorite protein gobblers have kept every game close but likely need another bat to really contend. Can still disrupt everything by beating the Wolfpack in their finale to sweep the season series and send Adriano into rehab.

Player of the Week: Week 5 Nominees (Sp15)

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  • We had one automatic nomination from last week, Adriano DeSorrento with a no hitter (nearly two). While he wasn’t amazing at the plate, Adriano pitched 12 innings of one hit ball for both wins, striking out 10 in the process.
  • Having an up and down season, Sean Whalen of Chicken and Wiffle certainly had an “up week” this time. On the day, Whalen batted .556, hit 2 homeruns, had 4 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.778.
  • Can we go a week without these two nominated? I guess we will in the final week when they both aren’t here. Let’s just do the stat line here, Jack Shannon batted .667, hit 3 home runs (all solo shots), and had an OPS of 2.444.
  • Not to be outdone again, dearest brother Jim Shannon had himself a day at the plate also. Jim batted .600, hit 4 home runs, had 7 RBIs, and an OPS of 2.400. He also pitched 2.5 innings of no hit ball with 2 strikeouts.
  • Jeff Nitto is having an amazing season and is the main reason the Gumballers are a near playoff lock. This week he batted .667, hit 2 home runs, had 5 RBIs, and an OPS of 2.222. He also pitched 14 innings, won both games, and struck out 15 with an ERA of .086.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW Week 5 Sp15
Adriano DeSorrento
Jeffrey Nitto
Jack Shannon
Jim Shannon
Sean Whalen
total_votes: 27

About POTW: Each week five nominees will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

MEMORIAL DAY - Off Week (Sp15): In the Getto

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No wiffleball this week for the Memorial Day holiday. Enjoy the break, but take some BP, you need it. Two more weeks of regular season, then it’s all over for the Spring except the trophies.

Player of the Week for Week 5 voting will open next Tuesday and run through the traditional Friday at noon deadline.

Hall of Fame voting is open to any player who had at least 100 AB’s in league history. If you didn’t get your ballot email the Commish today. Deadline to vote for the Hall of Fame is May 31st. This is the first player election vote in league history.

Scoring corrections for Week 5 are still due this Saturday, or won’t be considered. It might be a holiday weekend, but the business of wiffleball never closes. Or at least, the rules don’t provide for it.

Who's On First?: Week 5 Wrap-up

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Little bit of action, little bit of controversy, let’s dive in –

  • Gumballers take down the Canvassers in extras in the game of the week. Pete Hackeman reportedly still at Gravelly arguing the officiating.
  • Moose Knuckles drop one to the Bald Beavers and were about to lose two but the Besley Bashers were busy at brunch and couldn’t be bothered to show up. Lucky for them their division is terrible.
  • Wolfpack continue to impress nobody with a pair of extremely uninspiring 1-0 wins over mediocre teams. The rest of the league are all embarrassed they currently sit in second but aren’t really making moves to do anything about it.
  • Garbage Plates back up their Twitter promise and win their first two games of the year. They scored 11 runs after scoring 7 total in their previous 8 games, apparently someone told them the team with the most runs at the end of game wins.
  • Barnburners continue to do Barnburner things, putting up 16 runs in two victories. We’d like to say they get their first real challenge Week 6 playing the Wolfpack but three consecutive 1-0 victories aren’t really putting a scare into anyone.

Enjoy the holiday everyone, we’ll see you at the Point in two weeks

Nationals Regional Roster

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The PWL All Star team heading to the NWLA tournament will be the PWL Nationals. The team is guaranteed a spot in the National Tournament in Columbus because of a top 8 finish in 2014, but the Regional Round is still required.

The PWL will play in the St. Louis Regional Sunday, June 7th, the same week as the final week of the Spring 2015 season.

All four members of the #1 Nationally Ranked Blandsford Barnburners will play on the Regional Roster.

The PWL Roster will be:

  • Jack Shannon
  • Jim Shannon
  • Stephen Crawford
  • Kevin Higman
  • Spencer Howard
  • Andrew Flowers
  • Colin Gannon
  • Ty Fletcher

Commissioner Gallaway manages the team. The roster for the Regional can be changed 6 times before the Nationals.

“There will 100% for sure be changes between the regional and national rounds”, Gallaway said. “Our biggest issue is pitching, and we will use the regionals to work out our final pitching rotation.”

Summer 2014 MVP Nick West, and three time NWLA roster member Matt Gagnon are on the short list for potential national roster replacements.

Several regional choices were altered because players needed to stay in DC for Week 7 games.

Hall of Fame: The First Class

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Open Letter from Commissioner Chris Gallaway

As I approach retirement, one of the unfinished things I never got checked off my list was inducting players into the Hall of Fame.

We’ve had a Hall of Fame since the league started. Until 2010 it was even a physical location, with display cases of balls, bats, league shirts, and scorecards from important events. Now all those things are in the storage unit, not available for display, but maintained and preserved. But we never had players inducted.

Part of the struggle for me was how to do it. Do we do active players, or only retired players? Finally, a couple of years ago, I just realized we had to do it, and active or inactive was irrelevant. It was fine to still be playing and be in the Hall of Fame. The test should be how long you’ve played, a minimum number, and how well you did, voted for election.

I toyed with some formulas related to the number of players, and I came up with an initial proposal. Obviously, in July when a new Commissioner is elected he can change all of this if he wants. But, this seemed to make sense to me. So this is where we are starting. We might not elect anyone. And maybe no one will even vote, but we have to try a first round, and I wanted to do it before I stepped down.

Here is how it’s going to work:

  • There shall be an annual ballot to induct players into the Hall of Fame.
  • Any player with a minimum of 200 Plate Appearances shall be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame
  • At no time shall the membership of the players in the Hall of Fame equal more than 10% of the players eligible for induction.
  • Any player with a minimum of 100 Plate Appearances shall be eligible to vote on players to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • Each voter shall be entitled to vote for up to two times the number of eligible inductions that could be made on their ballot.
  • Players that appear on 75% of the ballots cast, shall be elected for induction into the Hall of Fame, unless the amount of players meeting that criteria would violate the 10% membership cap, in which case the total number of players receiving 75% of the vote shall be elected in order from appearing on most ballots to least amount of ballots until all positions are full.
  • Non-Players may be inducted through a special balloting process, separate from the player process.

As of April 1, 2015, there are currently 65 eligible players and 146 eligible voters under these rules.

As a result, a ballot is going out now to those 146 eligible voters, or at least all of them we think we have email addresses for. Each of those voters will get to cast up to 12 votes from among the 65 eligible players. They can vote for any number from 0 to 12. Anyone who votes, even for a single player, will count as a ballot towards the 75% requirement for players to appear.

The ballot is sorted by batting slugging percentage, just because I needed some way to do it. I considered sorting by award nominations, or some other stat. I hate to screw over the pitchers, but I am hopeful people will review the entire ballot. We sort our MVP award by this stat each year, and good or bad, we have to sort it some way.

From this ballot, which obviously covers the first 19 seasons, we could elect as many as 6 players. Obviously, we could also elect 0, depending on how the voting goes. In future seasons, there will be fewer positions open, but hopefully already deserving members will have been elected.

Eligible voters will receive ballots May 17, 2015. Votes are due by Sunday, May 31, 2015. An induction ceremony for those able to attend will be held during this seasons Champion’s Dinner.

I hope this works, and I hope that in the future this is a new tradition that can be continued so that we have formal recognition of the players most deserving in our history.

Yours in wiffleball,

Commissioner Gallaway

Week 5 Preview (Sp15): If I Can Dream

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One of the six teams for the postseason has been set as the Barnburners clinched their division, but there is plenty of wiffleball left to be played. Next Sunday is an off week for Memorial Day, so make sure you get your wiffleball fix this weekend so you don’t go three full weeks without plastic action.

Even with ten teams at least having shots at the playoffs, there isn’t much in terms of important games this week. Canvassers and Gumballers will battle for the East, but the loser is likely a wildcard anyway. Master Batters and Chicken and Wiffle matchup could matter if we didn’t know they’ll both just shit the bed later. The real fireworks come Week 6, including Besley Bashers and Garbage Plates, who will both likely still be winless at that time, playing for who gets the winless season. Maybe it ends in a tie.

There is a 50% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. We will try to get all the games in as long as it’s safe so please make sure you head to the fields on time. Single digit wind again, so we for sure want to play. Make sure you’re following us on twitter (@potomacwiffle) for live status updates or call the Game Information Line at 855-8-WIFFLE about an hour before your game.

DO YOUR JOB! – Don’t forget to do two things this week, and every week. Vote for Player of the Week and nominate a nice defensive play for a Webgem. And yes, on Webgems, don’t be embarrassed about nominating yourself.