Opening Day Sunday!

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Opening Day for the Potomac Wiffleball League is THIS SUNDAY!

We have 8 teams, up from 5 last year, so we’ll have two divisions of 4 teams each, and we’ll have two fields in play every Sunday.

Eastern Division: Borg, FieldWorks Canvassers, Hot Sundaes, Gabello’s Team

Western Division: Filabusters, Gallaway’s Team, Just Look at Yourself, Masterbatters

A complete season schedule is at

This week, Game 2 on Field 2 will feature a rematch of last year’s world series as the Filabusters take on the FieldWorks Canvassers.

To blog about the league, or read the Commissioner’s predictions for the season, visit The Blog

The Commish: Predictions - Spring 2006

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Hot Sundaes – largely a new team, but with some promise. Kevin Hyde is a solid player, if by solid, I mean, slightly below average. With only 5 extra base hits in ’05 Kevin knows you don’t have to hit the long ball to play this game. Look for the Hot Sundaes to middle-of-the-pack-it with Gabello’s Team and fight for second place in the division to make it to post-season. I think they’re going to want it more than Gabello’s Team, and in this game, sometimes heart will get you that extra run even though talent wouldn’t. (5 wins / 5 losses)

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Spring Training

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A windy day, a pitchers nightmare, and some rusty gloves led to a high scoring Spring Training game Sunday as the Potomac Wiffleball League opened the 2006 season.

8 players participated in the rehearsal innings played on the original field, which will be serving as one of two fields in play this season. The visitors won 19 to 13. Teams were split up using even and odds and home team was decided by paper, rock, scissors.

The wind was stiff out to center and 9 homers made it over the fence. The new grass was very short, and the fence was just a bit high off the ground, helping to account for many of the 11 doubles in the opening game as balls scampered under for ground rule efforts.

The official scorer was a little generous to both the hitters and fielders, assigning no errors.

Regular season games start next week.

Box Score
Hitting Stats
Pitching Stats
Fielding Stats

Spring Training this SUNDAY!

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This Sunday will be Spring Training for the Potomac Wiffleball League.

Everyone is welcome to come as individuals or teams and play.

Very informal. We’ll have at least 4 games starting every 45 minutes like on the regular Sunday schedule.

We’ll also have extra bats and balls for practice, and other information about the games.

We are up to 8 TEAMS in the league this year. That means we’ll have TWO FIELDS going every Sunday.

Call my cell if you have any questions, 202-445-3858.

Roster Rules Relaxed

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The league managers have voted to relax the roster rules for the 2006 season, hopefully opening the door for more teams to participate.

Teams will now be limited to an official roster of 6 players. The prohibition of guest players only playing on two seperate playing dates has also been removed, so you can have the same guest play every week if you want.

So, the current roster rules work like this.

You basically can have up to 10 PEOPLE to field at LEAST 2 players for each game, and then an open spot for a GUEST player each week.

Basically, we’re giving you 11 possible people to field your team of 3 each week, and up to 16 people over the course of the season.

Visit the Rules Page for More Info

Teams Forming Now!

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We are currently forming teams for the 2006 season.

Contact to contact a
potential player for your team, or a manger of a team to join, or to sign your new team up today.

DEADLINE to submit your team to hold space is Monday, March 27.
DEADLINE to submit your roster of 5 players is Saturday, April 1

Your opinion wanted?

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We want you…the players, managers, and yes, the fans of Potomac Wiffleball to share your thoughts and dreams, your worst fears and your fetishes.

The player and fan blogs at Potomac Wiffleball are reserved just for you.

Sign up with the Commish today to setup your regular column, or feel free to comment on others.

Potomac Wiffleball Website Ranked 13th in Nation

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The 2005 Potomac Wiffleball website was ranked 13th in the country overall by, self-proclaimed experts in Wiffleball website ranking.

You can see our ranking and read their feedback, some of which is entertaining, by visiting their website.

Our 2005 website was just a starter site, and we hope to add more content and advanced design this year. You can help us by signing up to blog and provide comments on the news stories following each week’s games.

Amy Stice was unavailable for comment.

Wiffleball Returns to the Banks of the Potomac...

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The grapefruit leagues are going strong, we’re a month away from the Nationals home opener, and baseball is in the air in DC. But it’s not just baseball…Wiffleball is in the air too.

Remember the days when plastic bats and balls dominated your summer?

Remember when building stadiums didn’t cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but instead meant finding flattened boxes to represent bases in your back yard, or on the street in front of your house?

Do you remember Wiffleball? Do you long for Wiffleball? Are you at least willing to consider playing Wiffleball?

The Potomac Wiffleball League is returning for a second season.

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World Series Final Two Games...

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Games 6 and possibly 7 of the Wiffleball World Series will decide once and for all who the Potomac Wiffleball League champions are.

11:30 AM Sunday, Game 6, FieldWorks at the Filabusters will commence.

Game 7, if necessary, will follow.

FieldWorks has a 3 games to 2 lead, and only needs one win to clinch the series.

The Filabusters need to win both in order to be the champions.

See you Sunday.

Don’t forget about the time change.