World Series Final Two Games...

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Games 6 and possibly 7 of the Wiffleball World Series will decide once and for all who the Potomac Wiffleball League champions are.

11:30 AM Sunday, Game 6, FieldWorks at the Filabusters will commence.

Game 7, if necessary, will follow.

FieldWorks has a 3 games to 2 lead, and only needs one win to clinch the series.

The Filabusters need to win both in order to be the champions.

See you Sunday.

Don’t forget about the time change.

World Series

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Weather prediction for Sunday = Sunny and Windy.

The Wiffleball World Series can begin. (World Series is a registered trademark of Major League Baseball, all rights reserved.)

For the Filabusters to stand a chance, they better hope it’s blowing out to center. Or else it’s small ball, a game they can’t win. (Small ball is a registered trademark and descriptive term for the Filabusters.)

Games begin at 11:30 AM.

Governor Warner will throw out the first pitch.

Lt. Governor Kaine will then throw out the second pitch, but it won’t be as good as the Governor’s pitch. If the pitch causes a batter to strike out, he will then commute the sentence to a walk.

See you Sunday.

World Series is SET!!!

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Clear and Present Danger has forfeited and so the World Series is set.

No games this weekend.

Next weekend will be the first two games…

11:30 – FieldWorks at Filabusters
12:15 – FieldWorks at Filabusters

It all ends Sunday for one team...

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Sunday there will be 1, and maybe 3 games to determine whether the Filabusters or Clear and Present Danger will advance to the World Series to face the FieldWorks Canvassers.

Games start at 11:30 AM at Gravelly Point.

CAPD has to win all three games to make it to the World Series. Filabusters need just one win, to setup the Series that has been predicted all season long.



11:30 – Filabusters at CAPD – Game 3 (Filabusters lead 2-0 in best of 5 series)
12:15 – Filabusters at CAPD – Game 4 (If Necessary)
1:00 – CAPD at Filabusters – Game 5 (If Necessary)


11:30 – Game 1
12:15 – Game 2

11:30 – Game 3
12:15 – Game 4
1:00 – Game 5 (If necessary)

11:30 – Game 6 (If necessary)
12:15 – Game 7 (If necessary)


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Ok, so i’ve been a terrible commissioner over the last few weeks. I can own that.

Fortunately, we’re only two weeks behind schedule, and can still complete play before the last two GOTV weekends for the election.

The final week of regular season play has been cancelled. Mostly because Showcase Showdown forfeited. That left a tie for FieldWorks and JLAY for home field, but i’m giving it to JLAY. It didn’t affect who played who, only who had home field.

So, the schedule is as follows…

I’m getting the special mower for Sunday, so the field will be nice and tight for post-season.


25-Sep LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (Games 1 & 2) 11:30 Clear and Present Danger Filabusters 12:15 Clear and Present Danger Filabusters 1:00 FieldWorks Just Look at Yourself 1:45 FieldWorks Just Look at Yourself

2-Oct LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (Games 3, 4 & 5) 11:30 Filabusters Clear and Present Danger 12:15 Filabusters Clear and Present Danger *If Necessary 1:00 Clear and Present Danger Filabusters *If Necessary 1:45 Just Look at Yourself 2 FieldWorks (Will be Moved up 45 minutes if Games 4 or 5 aren't Necessary) 2:30 Just Look at Yourself 2 FieldWorks *If Necessary 3:15 FieldWorks Just Look at Yourself *If Necessary

9-Oct WORLD SERIES (Games 1 & 2) 12:00 LCS Winner (Worst WPCT) LCS Winner (Best WPCT) 1:00 LCS Winner (Worst WPCT) LCS Winner (Best WPCT)

16-Oct WORLD SERIES (Games 3, 4 & 5) 11:30 LCS Winner (Best WPCT) LCS Winner (Worst WPCT) 12:30 LCS Winner (Best WPCT) LCS Winner (Worst WPCT) 1:30 LCS Winner (Best WPCT) LCS Winner (Worst WPCT) *If Necessary

23-Oct WORLD SERIES (Games 6 & 7) 12:00 LCS Winner (Worst WPCT) LCS Winner (Best WPCT) *If Necessary 1:00 LCS Winner (Worst WPCT) LCS Winner (Best WPCT) *If Necessary

One hot Sunday...

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It was the day that everything could have been decided, but nothing was decided.

The next to the last week of the regular season had the potential to make next week’s games nothing more than organized batting practice. Had Clear and Present Danger picked up a game today against Just Look at Yourself, the pairings would have been set for the playoffs, and we would only be hitting for average.

However, Clear and Present Danger lost a heartbreaker in the first game 6-5 in the bottom of the 5th inning to Just Look at Yourself, and never fully recovered losing 9-1 in the nightcap.

So, where are we? We know two things:

1) The Filabusters are the top seed in postseason play, and they’ll be opening up at home against…>. That’s right, Clear and Present Danger and Showcase Showdown are still fighting for their postseason lives.
Showcase is done for the regular season, and CAPD has the Filabusters next week to try and break the tie to move to the post season. If they don’t, which is likely, there will be a playoff game next week after the completion of the other games to determine who goes to post season. The winner of course, gets the lucky opportunity to play the Filabusters in round one.

2) Just Look at Yourself and FieldWorks will face each other in round one of the playoffs, but home team advantage will be settled on the field next week as the two teams finish the season playing each other. The two game set will also be a preview of the post season challenge, so bring your lawnchairs.

Finally…the deadline to make a roster move is next Sunday. Will anyone add another player for the postseason? Will it make a difference?

Will Showcase, who has been out these past two weeks be able to recover from their manager moving to Boston and other internal issues? Can they at least show up for a playoff game, or are they just giving in to Clear and Present Danger?

Stay tuned…answers coming in 7 days.

The standings and schedule is updated on the website, but not the individual stats yet…

SUNDAY - Schedule

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We haven’t had a Wiffleball report in a while, and i apologize for that. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in full business soon.

We only have TWO WEEKS left in the regular season. After that, one team is left behind, and the top 4 go to the playoffs.

Here is the schedule for Sunday.

21-Aug Week 9 11:30 FieldWorks Canvassers at Showcase Showdown 12:15 Showcase Showdown at FieldWorks Canvassers 1:00 Clear and Present Danger at Just Look at Yourself 1:45 Just Look at Yourself at Clear and Present Danger

As usual, batting practice starts at 11:00 AM if you want to get there early.

Hopefully it won’t be 130 degrees this Sunday.

TWIF - Partial Update

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This is only a partial update…a more complete report will be coming soon.

We dodged the rain again, but the humidity made it feel like rain.

As many of you have noticed, and several of you have pointed out, the website didn’t get much of an update last week. The interns at the commissioner’s office were on vacation last week, so updates didn’t get done. Rest assured, that over the next day, all updates from the last two weeks will be made, including some exciting stuff like…

1) Complete Box Scores from week 6 and 7.
2) Exciting digital video from Showcase Showdown at Clear and Present Danger last week including the walk-off home run in the bottom of the 6th to seal the win for Clear and Present Danger
3) A complete TWIF report coving the last two weeks exciting games, including stories such as “What’s going on with CAPD, are they the second half sleeper?”, “Why can’t FieldWorks hit for shit?”, and “Do forfeits threaten Crain in the Triple Crown race?” (ANSWERS – No, Women Problems, Yes)

Also, check the website now for updated standings. With only 3 MORE WEEKS of regular season play, it could come down to the wire to see who the 4 teams are who make the playoffs, and which team goes home early.

Three of the leagues five teams requested that next weeks games be cancelled for various reasons, mostly legitimate. Therefore, as a benevolent Commissioner, I am canceling next weeks games, and moving them to the first available weekend of play, which is August 14th.

Because there was also an unscheduled week of games that had to be fit in, the ENTIRE SCHEDULE is being pushed back two weeks. This means that the regular season will end the weekend before Labor Day.

We will have an off-week at Labor Day, and post-season begins after that. (Craig, no reason to keep after labor day open.) This schedule change is subject to review by the leagues 5 managers, but since they are mostly in my pocket, I doubt it will be overturned.

PLEASE ADJUST YOUR CALENDARS, the schedule that is now online is the new schedule.


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Showcase Showdown has forfeited the first two games on Sunday to the Filabusters.

The other two games will occur as scheduled, starting at 1 PM.

A robo-call about rain will be issued at NOON if the games are cancelled.

Batting practice will start at 12:30 PM.


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Well…for only the second time all season rain is predicted for our Sunday games. There’s a 30-50% chance of rain.

We’ll use the emergency ROBO-CALL announcement system if games are cancelled.
The robo-call will go out 30 minutes prior to the start of the first games,
11:00 AM tomorrow, if the games are cancelled.

17-Jul Week 7 11:30 Showcase Showdown at Filabusters 12:15 Filabusters at Showcase Showdown 1:00 FieldWorks Canvassers at Clear and Present Danger 1:45 Clear and Present Danger at FieldWorks Canvassers