World Series Preview (Sp14): We Didn't Start the Fire

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If things don’t work out as everyone expects them to on Sunday this engraver’s error could be embarrassing. The DC Twits, not the Twists, are facing the Blandsford Barnburners in the Spring 2014 World Series. The best of three game series will be the 6th for the Barnburners, they’re 5-0 in them, and the first for the Twits.

The DC Twits are in their fourth postseason, and trying to rebound from a disappointing Summer run in which they were the top seed after the regular season and exited in the DCS after getting a first round bye. In fact, the Twits hadn’t won a postseason series until this year, having dropped all three they’d tried. Despite their lower seeding they’ve been a better team this season than last. Rookie Travis High is promising, but their biggest upgrade was whatever happened to Greg Hudson and Daniel Lockbaum that taught them how to hit. On the pitching department, Stephen Crawford would be an ace for any team, but their problem is depth. Crawford usually stays in games, but if he doesn’t, the Twits are in trouble.

The Blandsford Barnburners dropped the first game of the season, a pitcher ejection forfeit to the Moose Kunckles, who they were beating by three runs at the time. That loss cost them their shot at returning to the #1 National Ranking, and to add insult to injury, the Moose Knuckles ended up spending some time at #1 themselves. Obviously this team is all about offense and all about the domination of the Shannon brothers. You’d think one of them could actually hit a board 33 feet away though with all that skill? They lost Ty Fletcher to a broken ankle at the end of the season, leaving them mostly with a three man team and on the verge of always having a pitcher ejection forfeit at any time. Seriously, why can’t they hit the board? In fact, Fletcher had to make a miraculous appearance to close out the second game of the DCS, wearing a cast on his foot, to save the day. If they don’t lose by forfeit, there’s little doubt there is another way for them to lose.

History: The teams have met three times. The DC Twits are one of the eight teams to have actually ever beat the Barnburners, taking a 2-1 game in Spring 2012. The Barnburners won the other two meetings, 4-0 in Spring 2011 and 2-0 in Spring 2013. [ Franchise Meetings= ]

Probables: Jack Shannon (4-0, 0.83) will start for the Barnburners until he’s quickly ejected. Stephen Crawford (8-2, 0.96) will be on the bump for the Twits.

Umpires/Scorekeeper: Ty Washington and Bill Healey will umpire and Andrew Martin will score the series.

And the Nominees Are...

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The Spring Season award voting has moved to phase two. The nominees have been chosen and now the final votes will determine the winners.

All players in the league received a ballot to vote for the final winners.


Most Valuable Player

  • Nicholas West (Suns Out Guns Out) SLG .900 HR 4 RBI 13 AVG .550
  • Kevin Higman (Janitors) SLG .943 HR 5 RBI 14 AVG .528
  • Adriano DeSorrento (Nasty Boys) SLG .871 HR 7 RBI 15 AVG .419
  • Jack Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners) SLG 1.196 HR 20 RBI 31 AVG .457
  • Jim Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners) SLG 1.706 HR 16 RBI 27 AVG .686

Rookie of the Year

  • Chris Fantasia (One Hit Wonders) SLG .770 HR 7 RBI 13 AVG .344
  • Jesse Turner (Bald Beavers) SLG .635 HR 2 RBI 13 AVG .442
  • Connor Dierman (Sacbunt) SLG .627 HR 5 RBI 7 AVG .322

Cy Young Award

  • Adriano DeSorrento (Nasty Boys) ERA 0.51 OBA .182 SO 72
  • Michael Burns (Suns Out Guns Out) ERA 0.20 OBA .197 SO 13
  • Connor Dierman (Sacbunt) ERA 0.89 OBA .206 SO 61
  • Christopher Keeven (Superman’s Wheelchair) ERA 0.69 OBA .169 SO 58
  • Jack Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners) ERA 0.83 OBA .189 SO 37

Gold Glove Fielder

  • Alex Cohn (Besley Bashers) RF 4.55 F% .957 PO 16
  • William McNally (Suns Out Guns Out) RF 4.50 F% .955 PO 11
  • Kevin Higman (Janitors) RF 4.62 F% .980 PO 38

Gold Glove Catcher

  • Aaron Christoff (Superman’s Wheelchair) RF 8.28 F% 1.000 PO 80
  • Aaron Graham (Master Batters) RF 5.63 F% 1.000 PO 46
  • Alex Cochran (DC Twits) RF 6.94 F% 1.000 PO 103

Gold Glove Pitcher

  • Michael Burns (Suns Out Guns Out) RF 7.00 F% 1.000 PO 34
  • Adriano DeSorrento (Nasty Boys) RF 5.78 F% .988 PO 80
  • Spencer Howard (Canvassers) RF 6.00 F% 1.000 PO 27

Manager of the Year

  • Adriano DeSorrento (Nasty Boys)
  • William McNally (Suns Out Guns Out)
  • Kerby Valladares (Janitors)
  • Chris Fantasia (One Hit Wonders)
  • Gregory Hudson (DC Twits)

New Team of the Year

  • Chuggin’ Chorizo
  • One Hit Wonders
  • Torn Labrums

Final Sunday is Set

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The PWL Spring Season will officially come to a close this Sunday with a full schedule of events to wrap up the season. All events are open to all league members as their guests. You MUST RSVP for the Champions Dinner if you’re coming though so we have enough food.

Voting is currently open for the final Award winners. All rostered players should have received ballots, and all votes must be in by NOON on Saturday.

The complete schedule is:

  • 9:30 AM – NWLA SCRIMMAGETBW Lightning at PWL Nationals
  • 10:45 AM – NWLA SCRIMMAGEPWL Nationals at TBW Lightning
  • 12:00 PM – NWLA SCRIMMAGETBW Lightning at PWL Nationals
  • 1:30 PM – WORLD SERIES – DC Twits at Blandsford Barnburners – Game 1
  • 2:00 PM – CHAMPIONS DINNER – Lunch is Served
  • 2:30 PM – WORLD SERIES – Blandsford Barnburners at DC Twits – Game 2
  • 3:30 PM – WORLD SERIES – DC Twits at Blandsford Barnburners – Game 3 (if needed)
  • 3:30 PM – CHAMPIONS DINNER – Award Presentations [ nominee list ]
  • 3:45 PM – HOME RUN DERBY [ Derby Participants ]
  • 4:30 PM – ALL STAR GAME – Nationals at Senators [ All Star Teams ]

If the World Series goes three games, the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game will be pushed back until the completion of the series.

See you at the Point Sunday!

Wednesday Night Wiffleball

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Night wiffleball returns to the PWL for the second consecutive Division Championship Series. The two best of three game series to determine who makes it to the World Series will be played tonight at Kenmore Middle School, 200 S Carlin Springs Rd, Arlington, VA 22204. Both series begin at 7:30 PM.

In Summer 2013 it was the government shutdown that forced us to leave Gravelly for night games at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Gaithersburg. This season team schedules forced the move from planned Saturday series to Wednesday night.

The winners will meet in the World Series this Sunday, which will be followed by the Champions Dinner, Home Run Derby and the All Star Game.

Voting is currently open for rostered players to vote for the Spring Award nominees. Voting closes at NOON on Thursday, then a second ballot will go out to all players to select the final winners. The winners will be announced at the Champion’s Dinner.

Don’t forget we also need everyone to fill out the postseason survey to give us your feedback. Take the survey today to let us know how we’re doing.

Please make plans to join us Sunday, June 22nd for one final Sunday of wiffleball this Spring.

DCS #1 Preview: Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

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#1 Blandsford Barnburners vs #7 Suns Out Guns Out

After a big upset to take down the Nasty Boys in the Wildcard, Suns Out Guns Out has an even bigger David and Goliath challenge in the DCS facing the five time World Champion Barnburners. The Barnburners are looking to tie the Canvassers for the most Commissioner’s Tophies, and both teams are shorthanded and will feature three man lineups.

What can you say about the Barnburners that they didn’t say about themselves in their team profile this year? [ Team Profile ]

After struggling at the beginning of the season to get acclimated to free agent signing Nicholas West (clubhouse cancer), Suns Out Guns Out are on a tear, winning seven in a row and nine of their last ten. Two of their players, including one good one, took leave from the team to go to the World Cup, which is some kind of South American dance competition. If they make it to the World Series they’ll land just in time for first pitch. But, that’s a big if…

Probables: Chris Mazur (4-2, 1.85) will take the hill for Suns Out and Jack Shannon (4-0, 0.83) will start game one, with Colin Gannon (4-0, 0.46) having delusions of grandeur tossing game two for the Barnburners.

History: Barnburners have 4-0 record in the series, including a 1-0 win this season during Week 5 that went 14 innings before an error allowed the Barnburners to win. Will McNally held them scoreless and to one hit for 9.5 innings, but Will McNally will be in Brazil Wednesday night. Run diff in the all-time series is 25 runs.

Umpires: John Hofstadter and Bill Healey will call the game.

DCS #2 Preview: First Timers Club

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#5 DC Twits vs #6 Janitors

One of these two teams is going to the World Series. It’s not possible for both of them to lose. Whichever team advances will be just the 15th different team to earn one of the 36 spots in the final matchup in league history. The bad news is, barring a major upset in the other series, waiting for them will be five time World Champions who have never lost a post-season series.

The DC Twits were the best team in the league during the Summer 2013 regular season but were eliminated in the DCS by the wildcard Gumballers. This year they won one fewer game and dropped to the 5th seed, but got the better of the Gumballers in the Wildcard rematch. Rookie Travis High has been a solid addition, and Daniel Lockbaum might have finally figured out how to play wiffleball this season. Scoring more runs while Stephen Crawford holds opposing batters as he always has brought the Twits to where they are. Is it enough to give them their first taste of the World Series?

The Janitors are in their first postseason and aren’t going to get cheated on the experience. A grueling series against the Moose Knuckles, the only series that went three games, including two extra inning games, gave them the victory, but also showed they are a team carried on the back of one player, Kevin Higman. He single handily beat the Moose Knuckles, and will have to against the Twits (a team he played for one season as free agent) if they’re going to be successful. Credit Felix Fernandez with pitching complete games in the series, and holding the Moose Knuckles, but a slight breeze and his neurosis have their own neurosis. If he’s off the mound, consider the game un-saveable even by the apostle Kevin Higman. Janitors in their first postseason, making it to their first World Series?

Probables: Felix Fernandez (4-1, 0.53) will pitch for the Janitors and Stephen Crawford (8-2, 0.96) will pitch for the DC Twits.

History: DC Twits have never lost to the Janitors, but they’ve never faced this version. Career 4-0, with an 11 run diff in past meetings, but haven’t met in last two seasons.

Umpires: Jerry Shapiro and Bob Angeli will work the series.

Awards Nomination Voting Open!

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It’s time to start selecting the 2014 Spring Season Award Winners.

We give out four awards for full season play and an award for Manager of the Year and New Team of the Year. Unlike Player of the Week awards, these winners are kept secret and announced at our annual Champions Dinner which will immediately follow the World Series on Sunday, June 22.

Instead of the nominees being chosen by the Commissioner, all official roster players will get to vote to determine the nominees. That’s right, YOU pick the nominees.


Those nominees chosen by the players will then be put up for a final vote to determine the winner.

Each player in the league has been emailed instructions on completing their ballot, which is being hosted by BallotBin. Emails were sent to the address used when the player paid their registration fee. If you did not receive your email notification contact the Commissioner.

Voting for the nominees is being done by ranked pairs voting.


The awards to be voted on, as well as the number of nominees that league players will select are:

  • Most Valuable Player – Wiffleball is an offensive sport, and the five nominees for this award are determined largely by offensive power, though voters should consider overall performance in making their selections. (5 nominees)
  • Rookie of the Year – This award is for the Rookie player (defined as a player not eligible for nomination in any prior year’s stats) who had the most impact on the PWL. (3 nominees)
  • Cy Young Award – The Cy Young Award honors the finest pitching performance for the season. (5 nominees)
  • Gold Glove Award – This award honors performances in the field. There is one award per position, Pitcher, Catcher and Fielder. (3 nominees per position)
  • Manager of the Year – This award honors the best manager of the year. (3 nominees)
  • New Team of the Year – This award goes to the best new team. You can use whatever criteria you want here, none of them made the playoffs. (3 nominees)

Every player in the league who qualified for the minimum number of appearances is on the ballot to choose the nominees. Ballots are initially sorted based on a single stat performance. MVP and Roookie of the Year by SLG. Cy Young by OBA. Gold Glove by RF. Manager and New Team are randomized by the system on each ballot.

Wildcard Previews: 8 Is Enough

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It might feel like the NBA playoffs, or just a regular Sunday this weekend as eight of the eighteen teams have advanced to the postseason. Despite the fact that a couple more than deserve to be there are, not a single new team made it postseason.

The playoffs are all best of three game series, featuring two man umpire crews, and even walk-up music. Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with.

WILDCARD SERIES #1 – #1 Blandsford Barnburners (13-1) vs. #8 Canvassers (9-5)

The Barnburners lost only one game this season, a pitcher ejection forfeit to the Moose Knuckles in which they scored more runs. 5 of the 6 batting and pitching Triple Crown categories are held by their team. They’ve dominated this season and have never played in a season they didn’t take home a World Championship. A late season loss of Ty Fletcher (broken ankle) leaves the team short handed, but barring any pitcher forfeits the two Shannon’s and an upright vacuum taking an automatic out, not to be confused with Colin Gannon, could beat most teams.

The defending World Champion Canvassers lost two players mid-season from their championship run, one of whom was absolutely critical to their success. Cy Young Winner Tony Morin moved to San Francisco, but is actually in the DC area wildcard weekend for his own wedding. Unclear what priorities will prevail. Without Morin the Canvassers have played well, but are missing the magic that gave them their 6th franchise Commissioner’s Trophy last summer.

History: The teams have met 5 times including a 9-3 Barnburner win this season. The Canvassers won one game in Spring 2010, but the Barnburners have a run differential of 13 runs in the 4-1 matchup. [ All Time Series ]

Pitching Probables: Spencer Howard (4-2, 4.00) will take the mound for the Canvassers and Jack Shannon (4-0, 0.83) is expected to pitch for the Barnburners.

Umpires: Bill Healey and Bob Angeli

WILDCARD SERIES #2 – #2 Nasty Boys (12-2) vs. #7 Suns Out Guns Out (9-5)

The Nasty Boys are coming off their best season. Adriano DeSorrento has figured out how to pitch and stop bitching about the radar (well, at least half of that). He also acquired a decent rookie in Justin Arras. The benefit of a weak division probably helped them up-seed to land at the #2 spot, but don’t over look them in third playoff appearance.

Suns Out made an off season move to add Nicholas West, which should have been the missing piece of what they needed to be a complete team. Clubhouse culture problems early in the season left the team a shambles. A late season run winning their last five to finally live up to expectations got them into the playoffs. They’re peaking at the right time, but are losing some of their players, including manager William McNally to World Cup international travel. We don’t know what that is, but it sounds bad.

History: The teams have met 2 times. Nasty Boys have won both, and have a run differential of 6. [ All Time Series ]

Pitching Probables: Michael Burns (3-1, 0.20) is likely for Suns Out Guns Out and Adriano DeSorrento (11-1, 0.51) is expected to pitch for the Nasty Boys.

Umpires: John Hofstadter and Rick Neave

WILDCARD SERIES #3 – #3 Moose Knuckles (12-2) vs. #6 Janitors (10-4)

The Moose Knuckles were ranked the #1 team in the nation during an early point this season. Their ranking came back down to earth as did the team. They didn’t fall apart completely at the end of the season like last summer, but this team tends to peak early, and struggle late. In the series of the melt down players, Matt Gagnon is the Moose Knuckles. If he can keep his composure and finish games, they’ll live up to their seed.

The Janitors took a chance on head case free agent Felix Fernandez and all star Kevin Higman returned from an injury to post their first playoff appearance in league history. Those two players are the key to this teams success, and they couldn’t be more different on or off the field. If Fernandez can avoid his meltdowns, and pitch to more than two batters, between him and Higman they might be able to score enough runs to win. Don’t count on getting more than a couple of innings from Fernandez though, and their backup pitcher is that they have no backup pitcher.

History: The teams have met 4 times. Moose Knuckles have won all four, posting a 17 run differential. [ All Time Series ]

Pitching Probables: Felix Fernandez (4-1, 0.53) is likely for Janitors and Matt Gagnon (9-1, 1.30) is expected to pitch for the Moose Knuckles

Umpires: John Hofstadter and Harold Ward

WILDCARD SERIES #4 – #4 Gumballers (11-3) vs. #5 DC Twits (10-4)

The Gumballers were the runner ups in the the last World Series, having to win a tiebreaker tournament to even make the playoffs. This season they landed the #4 seed and clinched their division. Jeffrey Nitto is both the offensive and pitching key to this team, and he’s not making it for the series. Their other players are decent, but inconsistent. Without Nitto, this could be an upset in the making.

The DC Twits are back in the playoffs after pissing away a #1 seed last season. The beneficiaries of a weak division, they picked up the #5 seed. Their strength is Stephen Crawford’s pitching and their sometimes ability to string together runs. They ended the season strong and if they can keep the momentum up they have a chance to beat an incomplete Gumballers team.

History: The teams have met 4 times. Gumballers have won 3, with a 5 run diff, including last summers Division Championship Series in two games. [ All Time Series ]

Pitching Probables: Stephen Crawford (8-2, 0.96) is likely for Twits and Don McClintock (2-2, 1.29) is expected to pitch for the Gumballers.

Umpires: Jerry Shapiro and Jim Kroll

Player of the Week (Sp14): Week 7 Nominees

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  • Our only automatic nominee goes to Nick West (8 nominations, 1 win) who hit for the cycle on Sunday. West not only did that, but he batted .727, with an OPS of 2.273. He had 2 doubles, 2 triples and a homerun for 4 RBIs. Suns Out are getting their bats together at the right time.
  • Jack Shannon (9 nominations, 3 wins) is one of the many Barnburners who always manage to find themselves in the POTW nominations. In the final week of the season, Jack realized he can hit a homerun almost every at bat. Jack batted .692, an OPS of 2.769, and had 6 homeruns for 8 RBIs.
  • Suns Out Guns Out had a big week on Sunday, mainly thanks to Will McNally (6 nominations, 2 wins). On the day, Will had 11 at bats, and reached base on 10 of them — batting .909 with an OPS of 2.545, hitting 2 homeruns, and having 7 RBI. His steady bat will be key on Sunday.
  • Jim Shannon (12 nominations, 2 wins) and Barnburner crew have basically been torching the league batting wise all year. This week, Jim took advantage of some weaker teams batting .786 with an OPS of 3.071, hitting 7 homeruns with 11 RBIs. Will anyone take them down in the playoffs? Good luck Canvassers.
  • Adriano DiSorrento (8 nominations, 2 wins) is having a monster year with the Nasty Boys — pitching and batting. This week, Adriano batted .583, had 5 homeruns, and 8 RBI. Not to mention he pitched 7 innings with an ERA of 3.43, with 9 strikeouts. Look for him to keep it going in the playoffs.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW Week 7
Nick West
Jack Shannon
Will McNally
Jim Shannon
Adriano DeSorrento
total_votes: 25

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

Wildcard Preview (Sp14): Angry Young Man

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The regular season is over and part one of the postseason kicks off Sunday. It’s Wild Card Series Sunday as eight teams battle in the first round best of three game series.

Full series previews will be posted over the next 24 hours, including probable pitchers, but the matchups and starting times and fields are:

  • #8 Canvassers at #1 Blandsford Barnburners – 11:30 AM Blue
  • #7 Suns Out Guns Out at #2 Nasty Boys – 10:30 AM Blue
  • #6 Janitors at #3 Moose Knuckles – 2:30 PM Green
  • #5 DC Twits at #4 Gumballers – 1:30 PM Green

Each series is a best of three game series, and will move to a different field for Game 2. A complete schedule of fields and times is on the schedule page.


In addition to the teams still playing, everyone in the league is needed to participate in the postseason a few different ways.

  • Postseason Survey – Our seasonal postseason survey to get your feedback about the league so we can make improvements will be in your inbox this weekend. Please take 10 minutes to give us your feedback. You pay us, we want you to tell us how we did.
  • Awards Voting – Ballots to vote for Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young Award, Gold Glove, New Team of the Year and Manager of the Year will also be in your inbox this weekend. Make sure you take time to vote to select those award winners. You’ll pick the nominees, then we’ll have a second round of voting next week to pick the winners.
  • Join Us Sunday, June 22nd for Wrap Up Festivities – Don’t forget to join us Sunday, June 22nd for a full day of wiffleball wrap up festivites including the World Series, Champions Dinner, All Star Game and Home Run Derby. All events are open to everyone in the league and the dinner is on us, but you have to RSVP.

RSVP for Champions Dinner

The schedule for Sunday, June 22 looks like this:

World Series – Sunday, October 6

  • Game 1 – 1:30 PM
  • Game 2 – 2:30 PM
  • Game 3 – 3:30 PM (if necessary)

The post-season awards presentation, as well as the home run derby and all star game will follow the World Series. Food and drinks for the dinner will be provided by the league. Awards which will be voted on following Week 7 will be handed out.

Each team in the league gets one member each in the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game.

Champions Dinner

  • Dinner Served – 2:00 PM
  • Awards – 3:30 PM

HR Derby

  • Round 1 – 4:00 PM
  • Finals – 4:20 PM

All Star Game

  • Nationals at Senators – 4:30 PM

If a Game 3 is necessary, subsequent events will be push back until the completion.

All events are open to all fans and league members.

If you are attending the dinner, you must RSVP via our facebook site so that we can have an accurate count for food. It’s good food, and please join us, but give us an accurate count.

RSVP for Champions Dinner