Spring 2016 Regular Season Wrap Up

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Spring 2016 regular season is a wrap, thanks everyone for making it a success. In reverse order of the standings we’re going to give our thoughts on the state of each team then get into playoff predictions.

*Master Batters – Did Dan Snyder run your draft? They immediately sprung for the Hall of Fame name without realizing he wouldn’t be around very much. Given what the Bashers did in the same draft this doomed their season from the get go. This is a veteran franchise that we expect to reload and maybe you know, not put someone’s kid in their lineup.

*DC Twits – We’re done with you, no more optimism or hope. What kind of team are you trying to be? The past couple of seasons have been a laughingstock of ploddingly inadequate base running, inconsistent hitting, fielding gaffes and general lack of an identity. There are pieces here but they don’t fit together, time to blow it up fellas.

*Janitors – Spirited run to the playoffs behind Iron Man Kirby’s hitting, decent pitching and beating the teams they needed to when they were less than full strength. That’s enough for a playoff berth this year and to build on moving forward. Nice work.

*Besley Bashers – When at full strength (meaning with Nitto) these guys beat everybody at least once. Lack of playoff experience is a slight concern but so far this season has gone about as well as they could’ve hoped. Will the team stick together or is this their only shot with their current lineup? We know offers will be made to the key free agents but nobody can say what this squad will look like in the summer.

*Wolfpack – Solid, not great, and certainly not up to expectations. Adriano gave up an alarming bunch of homers, Colin reverted back to his inconsistent self and they finally paid for their lack of power through the lineup. Didn’t Burns used to at least occasionally get past first on his own or are we imagining that? No lineup decision will shape the playoffs more than how this six man front is handled.

*Dupont Circle Jerks – The Jerks gradual ascension has them atop the league for the first time. From the final week at least their last minute addition of Filides looks brilliant and this team led almost every hitting category. Securing the one seed was huge not just for matchups but for them knowing they can beat any team in the league. Well done fellas, we tip our caps to you.

NWLA 2016 - Regionals?

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If you think you might be, or if you think your addition to a team of PWL All Stars will make that team the best in the country, we want you to try out for the NWLA tournament. Yes…a tryout. We know, you don’t tryout anymore, but trust us, you want to for this.

This year is pretty important — thanks to the efforts of last year’s team, PWL is no longer guaranteed a spot in the tournament. Instead we must qualify at Regionals in NYC on June 4 You’ll be back in time for the playoffs on June 5th, don’t worry.

The fourth annual tournament, which was co-founded and is largely hosted by the PWL, will be July 15th through 17th. The PWL is one of sixteen leagues who will each send an all star team to represent their league in the National Tournament. The rules are a combination of rules used throughout the leagues. The tournament is fast pitch, with walks, and the field is the official 90 degree width like a traditional baseball field. (2 fielders and a pitcher are used to make up for the wider field.)

Roster changes might be made for the regionals that are different than the national tournament (if we make it there).

Tryouts for the team are open to all players who are on a roster for the Spring season. Interested players are encouraged to contact the Commissioner, Michael Burns, or Stephen Crawford, in advance to express interest.

NWLA Tryout/Practice
Sunday at 1:30p

The finalists will be narrowed down after the tryouts. The roster is up to eight players, however 10 might come to NYC.

PWL players who are not able to go to Ohio, are welcome to scrimmage during the tryout times if they’d like to join in. Especially if you’ve got an hour time slot open to kill and want to take some AB’s.

Players who are selected will have an all-expense paid trip, including travel, hotel and meals, to Columbus as well as the regional. In addition, each player will get home, away and alternate jerseys provided by the league.

Sign up for the tryouts today, email the Commish.

NWLA 2016 – Gallaway’s Last Stand?

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It’s that time of year again, that special time where former Commissioner Gallaway sends a squad of PWL All-Stars on all expense paid trips to play wiffleball. What makes this year different is all signs point to this being the last wiffle hurrah of Chris Gallaway. This means two things; first off the PWL owes him their best effort. Unlike in years past the NWLA team has to do more than show up at regionals to qualify for the big dance in Ohio, we need to win some games. It would be embarrassing to say the least if we don’t get there. Second, those who have traveled or dined with Gallaway know it means he is going to go out with a bang. Gallaway nights are a can’t miss extravaganza any time but the last weekend where he is the “God of Wiffleball” before retiring to inevitably take over a local T-Ball league?

Skip your brother’s wedding, the real party is in Ohio. Want to come?

Here is what you need to know

- We won’t be having formal tryouts. We will set up an NWLA distance mound on the practice field at the Moose these last two weeks. If you want to be on the team, talk to Greg Hudson or Michael Burns. Even if you’ve been on the team before we need to know your interest and availability for this year.

- To qualify for the NWLA you must have at least one at-bat in the PWL or other NWLA recognized league this season. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Regionals are June 4th in NYC, on the site of old Yankee Stadium. PWL will take a bus up after work June 3rd, play five games June 4th and bus back down. The rain date is June 5th but barring horrible weather you will be back for the PWL playoffs. Team schedule here

- While preferred it isn’t required you can make the regionals and nationals. However for any new guys it would behoove you greatly to be available for both.

- Final roster decisions will be made by the team manager and Commissioner Hudson.

- For Ohio we will fly out July 15 and return July 17 so you might need to take a day off work. Website here:

London 2016

There is also an all-day underhand fun festival known as the London Wiffleball Tournament the same weekend in Ohio. PWL will be sending a squad again this year, if interested talk to Hudson or Burns. The requirements here are a little less stringent; you need to be able to drink at least thirteen light beers in a day and preferably not fall asleep in the grass in between games. Those are just preferences, we understand it’s a long day.

See everyone at the Moose on Sunday!

Spring 2016: Week 2 Recap

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Didn’t take long for things to get interesting, had a light schedule this week with the Master Batters utilizing the new rule rescheduling rule for two of their games.

- Besley Bashers secured their best win as a franchise, a come from behind 3-2 victory over the defending champion Wolfpack. Great win for them and making our playoff prediction look pretty sweet. Their offense should keep them afloat in Nitto’s absence and they’ll be at full strength for the playoffs.

- Dupont Circle Jerks right the ship, going 2-0 with Gagnon pitching two perfect games. They stuffed the stat sheet as a contender should against the plummeting Janitors and Master Batters. Helps when your opponent has a child in the lineup.

- DC Twits scored 8 runs! On 13 hits! In one game! They still had two errors and gave up 6 hits but let’s just them bask in what will likely be 25% of the runs they score this year.

- Officially time to ring the warning bells for the Janitors and Master Batters. Both look to be in need of a pitcher or risk falling out of playoff contention very early. Where is Higman again?

Looking ahead to next week the Wolfpack seek revenge on the Besley Bashers while the Circle Jerks look to continue their cakewalk through the Western Division. Master Batters battle the Twits for what is shaping to be the final playoff spot but you have to like the Twits chances without Jack Shannon in the fold.

Player of the Week: Week 1 Nominees (Sp16)

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Smaller league, better pitching, known faces, new teams — the Spring 2016 season is shaping up to be an interesting one to follow. With only 2 teams not making the playoffs, who will be on the outside looking in come May? Hitting is at a premium these days. To the nominations!

No new name here for POTW, old faithful Jim Shannon continues his strong hitting with the Dupont Circle Jerks. While he didn’t have any home runs, he was on base a lot, so that’s something right? Jim batted .625, hit 2 doubles, had an RBI, and an OPS of 1.500.

Speaking of getting on base – is Nick West ever not on base? In week 1, West batted .600, hit 3 doubles, had 3 (key) runs, with an OPS of 1.500. Stop hitting opposite field please.

Old face, new team — Jack Shannon of the Master Batters (yep) did double duties at the plate and mound in Week 1. Pitching wise, 12 IP, 20 Ks, and only 1 run (solo shot). At the plate, Jack batted .667, 2 runs, 1 RBI, and an OPS of 1.333. See you next time Jack!

PWL beware if Adriano DeSorrento ever figures out how to hit again. Signs of his bat waking up should turn some heads around the league, especially with every leftie getting on base before him. In week 1, Adriano batted a low .286, but had a double, home run, 2 runs, and 4 RBIs for an OPS of 1.143. Not to mention he pitched 16.5 innings, 19 Ks, and no (earned) runs.

Kerby Valladares has been the mainstay of the Janitors since the beginning. This year, his bat will have to be top notch to make the Janitors a contender. In week 1, Kerby batted .429, had a double and RBI for an OPS of 1.000


POTW Week 1 Sp16
Jim Shannon
20% / 8 votes
Nick West
3% / 1 votes
Jack Shannon
10% / 4 votes
Adriano DeSorrento
53% / 21 votes
Kerby Valladares
15% / 6 votes
total_votes: 40

Spring 2016: Week 1 Recap

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If Week 1 is any indication we’re in for a roller coaster of a season, let’s rehash what we saw.

- Doesn’t appear to be any places to pad your batting stats, at least not against starting pitching. With a streamlined league it looks like everyone has at least one guy to put on the bump that is capable of throwing a shutout. Expect averages and home run totals to decline from those winds blowing out at Gravelly days.
- The Besley Bashers made as much noise as a 1-2 team can make, losing a heartbreaking extra innings battle to the Wolfpack, beating the Circle Jerks and falling to the Master Batters in three straight 1-0 contests. Trouble is Nitto will miss time and in a league decided by the slimmest of margins you need to start winning those one run games.
- DC Twits are 0-2 and while you can argue they lost to both of the preseason picks for best teams, at some point you need to show us something. We’re just about to quit you DC Twits.
- Master Batters are 2-0 but we’ll just wait and see what they do when all their Hall of Famer moves to Chicago next week. Are they any better than the Janitors without Jack Shannon?
- Wolfpack did Wolfpack things, winning two close games and wiping the floor with the Janitors. The six man lineup isn’t ideal but they won the title with it so until someone proves otherwise they’re still the team to beat.

Moving into Week 2 we’d like to remind folks to please clean up after themselves, there were far too many empty water bottles and beer caps left behind this week. Take what you brought with you and leave only your footprints.

Opening Day Festivities!

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As we gear up for the season we’d like to share some important things about both Opening Day and the Moose Lodge.


*Moose Lodge has bathrooms for us to use, they are down the stairs in the back by the pavilion. This door should be open by the time games start, if they aren’t let us know
*Bringing alcohol is not permitted but they have agreed to a sweet deal for us. 6 beer domestic buckets are $15 including tax and tip, cash only. We’re working on food specials as well.
*They have a full food menu, we will try and have a copy at the scorer’s table. If you don’t see one let us know. Wings, burgers, pizzas, etc
*Only those that are members of the lodge may purchase beer or food from inside, at press time that is Michael Burns and Alex Filides. PWL is working on securing funds to add more members. and this doesn’t apply during league sponsored events

Opening Day

*Former Commissioner Gallaway is providing lunch and beers for the league. Food should be out around noon while the beers are available all day. Burgers, dogs, pizza, maybe some wings, tots, and tenders.
*Please DO NOT take your own beers from the lodge fridge, we do need to keep a tab with them. We will likely make an arrangement to have a bunch in the league coolers to make it easy.
*If you plan on drinking, please carpool or arrange for alternate transportation. The last thing we need is someone driving drunk. There are nearby metro stops where someone could drop you or you can Uber, cab, etc.

See everyone Sunday!

Loyal Order of the Moose
7701 Beulah St, Alexandria, VA 22315

Spring 2016 Season Preview

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Opening Day is finally this Sunday and the weather looks perfect to kick off Commissioner Hudson’s first full year at the helm. We’ve got new faces on old teams and old faces on new teams. We’re suckers for tradition so we’re going to get a little help from an all-time great musician whose crowds are mostly twice the age of the average PWL player. Kick it off Billy Joel!

Still Rock and Roll to Me “Hot funk, cool punk, even if it’s old junk, it’s still rock and roll to me”

Janitors – Led by iron man Kerby Vallardes, they’re back for more and we love them for it. They’ve got some familiar faces and one new one but their success still hinges on how often Kevin Higman comes to town. We assume we’ll see him enough for him to qualify for NWLA but not much more. It wasn’t so long ago a Filides/Higman duo had this team contending but it must feel like a lifetime.

Master Batters – Second team we’re previewing and it’s already time to throw in disclaimers that we have no idea what to expect. They picked up Hall of Famer Jack Shannon in free agency, but how much will he show and how committed will he be? Two other new faces join this team and who knows; maybe they take the league by storm. We can’t put them in the playoffs until we see them play.
Just The Way You Are – “I took the good times; I’ll take the bad times…”

DC Twits – We’re a spiteful, bitter bunch and still stinging from both 2015 Twits performances. We know what we’re getting here don’t we? Solid pitching against most teams from Crawford and Hudson, terribly slow base running and a lack of consistent offense. They’ve got a new free agent but we don’t like him since he was supposed to form a team then backed out. Still, you never really WANT to play these guys right? We don’t like you DC Twits but we can’t quit you.

Piano Man – “Well I’m sure that I could be a movie star, if I could get out of this place…”

Besley Bashers – Bash-ers back, alright! (this thing on?). Picked up Jeff Nitto, who in tandem with former ROTY Sam Cable, should get these guys their first playoff berth. Another impressive name to join this team is someone named Brad Van Fetchmann, who we can only assume is the real life incarnation of one of the Germans from Beerfest. Don’t let us down.

Dupont Circle Jerks – Mysterious Master Batters aside, we’ve arrived at one of two teams we could see winning this thing. They’ve got a committed manager, a sort of committed Hall of Fame bat and some scrappy fielding prowess. Question here is does their new pitcher still have nightmares of playoffs past? They’ll need him to show some new stuff or we see this squad coming up just short.

We Didn’t Start the Fire – “It was always burning since the world’s been turning…”

Wolfpack – They’re back with their left handed opposite field hitting, two best pitchers in the league and those damn shirts. We know they can lose close games to teams with power hitters but you’ll have to earn every run. Nothing here is a surprise so we’d really like someone in the league to step up and knock them down a peg. But who? Until someone does they’re the clear favorites.

Encore! Encore! Encore!

River of Dreams “hope it doesn’t take the rest of my life until I find what it is that I’ve been looking for…”

*Jeff Nitto and Matt Gagnon*- Pour a little out for these veterans as they shuffle to new teams in search of that elusive title. They’re both upper echelon players and both have played in the World Series, will this be the year for either of them? Actually don’t pour anything out, that’s perfectly good beer you’re wasting.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday! Stay tuned for an update on Opening Day festivities and some vital information on the Moose Lodge. If you haven’t already, RSVP here


Stats on Stats on Stats

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A little update for everyone.

Last season, we saw a delay in the posting of stats, some duplication, and other issues. Well in order to make sure that this does not happen again, Commissioner Hudson has designated Alex Filides as head of stats for Spring 2016. Alex will be sitting out playing this year, and with that can help out. Second in command to Alex will be Stephen Crawford should any issues arise.

I want to make sure that the league keeps stats updated more timely and correctly. We’re not amateurs after all. If you have any questions on this matter, please send me a note to

Spring 2016 Registration OPEN!

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There has been an awakening, have you felt it? If not try turning your phone to vibrate because we tweeted. Registration is open, the PWL is back for 2016. Here is what you need to know –

- You told us, we listened. We return to the Loyal Order of the Moose for 2016
- Season opener April 17th
- We’ll play three games most weeks for a total of 14 regular season games (Schedule dependent on number of teams, could change)

Back are the two time champion Wolfpack , who will rise against? The Jackhammers , our summer runners up, are here to punch the clock. Dupont Circle Jerks look to build off their first playoff appearance and are already aggressively in pursuit of what they seem to perceive to be a frontline ace.

With free agency shaping the league like never before no team has made less with more moves than the
DC Twits , what do they have up their sleeve to bring them back to the pinnacle? Janitors, Master Batters and Bald Beavers come off disappointing campaigns in 2015 but look to rebound in a wide open field.

The Besley Bashers have reloaded; will it be enough to win those heartbreakers that seem to always slip

Whoever bet on the Garbage Plates being the biggest preseason question prior to last season should cash in their chips right now. From perennial nice guy doormat to the team nobody wanted to play, will we see them again? Were they a flash in the pan? Is the franchise done but are (we can’t believe we’re saying this) valuable pieces available in free agency?

Undiscovered and forgotten forces will surely throw a wrench in the establishment’s plans. The Gumballers are rumored to be in discussions for another run. Would a Gallaway funded Canvassers title or Wolfpack dynasty claim reincarnate the Blandsford Barnburner franchise? What new team will contend?

Get signed up and stay tuned for further updates…

Join today!

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