Spring 2016: The Wiffle Awakens

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Who shall rise?

Yes We Are Coming Back.

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The struggle is real. But wiffleball will be back.

Spring season will not die. We will return.

Updates coming soon. Feel free to sign up now!

The real question is who will be able to beat The Wolfpack this year?

Player of the Week: Week 4 Nominees (Su15)

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We are behind. That is a fact. So let’s start catching up!

Jack Shannon? is pretty much nominated every week, carrying the offense for the Jackhammers. This week was no different, Jack batted .571, hit 2 home runs, and had 8 RBIs for an OPS of 1.571.

A man doing it all for the Dupont Circle Jerks, Felix Fernandez had another strong week. This week Felix/Alex/Whatever batted .500, hit a solo home run, and had 2 doubles for an OPS of 1.375. He also pitched 15.5 innings (9 SO) with an ERA of 1.55, going 2-0.

Nick West has turned into basically being impossible to get out, and this week was no different. This week he batted .692 (!), hit 4 home runs, 2 doubles, and 6 RBIs for an OPS of 2.462.

The Garbage Plates are not the Garbage Plates anymore, and it’s due to players like Joe DeRosa . In week 4, DeRosa batted .550, hit 3 home runs, 2 doubles and had 5 RBIs for an OPS of 1.750. Spring season beware.

If Jeff Nitto can hit the ball like this, the Jackhammers could be very dangerous, but can he keep it up? He has suddenly become a power hitter, hitting 3 home runs on the day. Nitto batted .381 and had 6 RBIs for an OPS of 1.286.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW Week 4 Su15
Jack Shannon
13% / 3 votes
Felix Fernandez
17% / 4 votes
Nick West
46% / 11 votes
Joe DeRosa
17% / 4 votes
Jeff Nitto
8% / 2 votes
total_votes: 24

Wolfpack Summer 2015 Champions

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The Wolfpack are once again champions of the Summer 2015 season sweeping the DC Twits on their way to beating the Jackhammers 2-0. The game was won via pitcher ejections (5 Jackhammers couldn’t hit the board), it was the 2nd World Series game to end in a pitcher forfeit, first time it’s meant the series.

Let’s give them this moment to celebrate and enjoy the festivities before we wonder if they can win it in the Spring.

Around the League: Playoff Preview (Summer 2015)

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We’ve weeded out half the teams from the Summer 2015 season aka The First Season Without Gallaway aka Where the F Are My Stats. Familiar names and faces dot the playoff landscape, here we go through the storylines.

  • Wolfpack vs #4 DC Twits*
    - They just played twice Sunday with the Wolfpack sweeping but the Twits were without veteran pitcher Stephen Crawford. Expect to see some changes on the mound for them.
    - Wolfpack have some very interesting lineup questions and former MOTY Adriano will have some decisions to make. They’ve got 6 players, all of which are former All Stars and have at least one title. Batting six is a not a formula for success in a 3 game series so what will give? Colin as a clutch pinch hitter / Cy Young worthy reliever? Keeven punished for getting married and traveling the world for 90% of the season? Burns out because he seems to only get to first anyway?
    - Twits rely on Lockbaum for power and hope other people are on base when said power comes through. TwitsBall is them losing 1-0 in 9 innings and is a very real thing. Slipping to the #4 seed hurts them not having the last at bat.
  • Verdict – Wolfpack in 2. Close, boring games to watch but the Wolfpack speed on the bases and in the field make the difference.

  • Jackhammers vs #3 Dupont Circle Jerks*
  • - Jackhammers are the better team, but has signing Matt Gagnon ever worked out for anyone? Knuckles, Canvassers, NWLA, London…
    - We assume this series has some sibling bragging rights at stake as the Shannons face off. Or maybe it’s just who is less hungover. Either way at least 3 separate cars will be driven from Casa de Barnburner.
    - Felix Fernandez has mostly kept his promise to “be cool” but he is desperate to win and the Jerks need him at his best on the mound. Will be hard to look away if things get hairy.
    - Jerks also have some lineup questions with six on their roster; maybe skipper John Hamlett moves his gym to the lodge to make an appearance.

    Verdict – Jackhammers in 3

    World Series – Wolfpack over the Jackhammers in three close games. While the Jackhammers match up in career accolades and pitching depth, the hitting matchup favors the Wolfpack.


    Around the League: Season Recap (Summer 2015)

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    The strangest regular season in PWL history wrapped up this week. We’re in for a marathon Sunday as we will play the entire playoffs in one day. Let’s run through the final day:

    - Chicken and Wiffle finished a disappointing season with more letdowns, losing to the Wolfpack on Colin Gannon’s walkoff. At some point they need to add some talent to put them over the edge or at least you know, stop forfeiting.
    - DC Twits tumbled fast and far from their lofty perch two weeks ago as Spencer Howard was kind of enough to remind everyone that Adriano is a former MVP. They need Crawford to have a chance at making a run next week.
    - Jackhammers wrapped up the two seed, winning what ended up being a comically bad division.
    - Congrats to the Dupont Circle Jerks, qualifying for their first playoff berth. How long that lasts we’ll talk about a bit later, they have some interesting lineup decisions to make.
    - Garbage Plates scared everyone they played but ultimately fell short of the playoffs. They’d be the best odds to change that in the Spring if they keep their core intact.
    - Master Batters went winless, disappointing even for them. We’d feel bad but they forfeited what seems like half of those losses so we don’t. They’re a veteran team that can scrape together wins, we expect they’ll just pretend this season never happened.
    - Janitors missed Higman as much as you would expect but Kerby will reload. If Felix Fernandez melts down for the Jerks he could be available again.

    Stay tuned for the playoff preview including details on the final Sunday. We’ll be expanding the All Star Game, doing the fastest around the bases and fastest pitch as well as the Derby. Former Commissioner / guilt-stricken-for-leaving -the league-without-a-field-sugar-daddy Gallaway is providing lunch and beers again so we hope to see you there.

    Player of the Week: Week 3 Nominees (Su15)

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    A little late on this one, but judging by the stats for Week 3, this might not be necessary.

    Putting in time setting up, building sheds, pitching, and hitting, Felix Fernandez has shown he can do it all this year for Dupont Circle Jerks. In week 3, Felix batted .412, hit a home run, 2 doubles, 1 RBI — oh yeah and he threw a perfect game against the Jackhammers.

    The Jackhammers should be a lot better than their record shows, but they’ll be in any game thanks to Nitto and Matt Gagnon — especially if Gagnon is hitting like week 3. On the day, Gagnon hit only .313, but managed a double, triple, and home run for 4 RBIs on the day. He also pitched 18.5 innings with 19 strikeouts (2-1).

    Nick West just knows how to get on base. Simple as that. He is the spark to the Wolfpack if they hope to get anywhere in the playoffs. On the day, West batted .417, had 2 doubles and 2 runs.

    Look out if both West and this next guy get going. Will McNally had some clutch hitting all day. He batted .455 with an OPS of 1.364, including 2 doubles, 1 home run, and 6 RBI.

    Finally, not to be forgotten, a Shannon brother HAD to be nominated as tribute right? This week it’s Jack Shannon who only batted .389, but hit a double, 2 home runs, and had 6 RBI on the day.


    The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

    POTW Week 3 Su15
    Felix Fernandez
    Matt Gagnon
    Nick West
    Will McNally
    Jack Shannon


    Around the League: Week 4 Recap (Summer 2015)

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    Well well well, look what we have here. Resurgent teams, final week drama, close games, all the good stuff.

    - The league is officially on notice – these are not your grandpa’s Garbage Plates. They can hit, field and pitch well enough to beat anyone. They dropped two tough games before annihilating the Master Batters. Like the Cubs this year, you don’t want to play them in a single game playoff. We look forward to what these guys do in the future.

    - Pregame chatter for the afternoon games centered on what would happen if the Circle Jerks won all three. Well they did, sweeping the Twits to their first two losses and booting forfeiting donks Chicken and Wiffle out of the playoff picture. Nicely done.

    - Wolfpack escaped two close games to sweep the day and regain first overall. Nick West had four homers to provide his usual lion’s share of the offense; they better hope he is available come playoff time.

    - Jackhammers officially have the best uniforms and scoring celebrations but lose a prime chance to sweep the Wolfpack. They’ll win their division but let’s see if Jekyll or Hyde shows up next week. You don’t want to play them but you also know you can beat them, interesting combination.

    - Great so see Kevin Higman, pity the Janitors only got in one game because Chicken and Wiffle were last minute forfeits. Really ruins the day for other teams.

    We’ve gone one week left in the regular season. Playoff teams are likely locked in thanks to the forfeits today but seeding is still very much up for grabs. As we close out we need your feedback on the Loyal Order of the Moose, we’ll be sending out a survey soon after the season ends.

    Around the League: Week 3 Recap (Summer 2015)

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    Week two at the Royal Order of the Moose and we’ve got a couple gripes to get out. For the second straight week Master Batters and Garbage Plates didn’t provide enough players to field a team except this week there weren’t scorekeepers to bail one out. With our three game a week, two field schedule this pretty much ruins everything as the Twits and Chicken and Wiffle had nobody to play. If you’re going to be short let us know early and maybe we can do some maneuvering so everyone else isn’t inconvenienced.

    - As a result of the forfeits, the DC Twits lead the league at 8-0. Everyone knows they aren’t the best team in the league but this is what happens when people don’t show up.

    - Wolfpack suffered their first defeat to the Jackhammers on a walkoff as their offensive woes came back to haunt them again. Tough to win games when you can’t string two hits in an inning together no matter how solid your pitching and fielding are.

    - Jackhammers promptly went and lost to the Circle Jerks to remind everyone they can be beat by anyone at anytime. Talented but dysfunctional, you have to wonder if they can put it together for a postseason run.

    - Chicken and Wiffle move into the playoff picture thanks three forfeit wins and no thanks to their negative run differential. What a weird season.

    - Garbage and Master Batters, you owe us a round of beers.

    Big thanks to Commissioner Hudson for sticking around to score and making the fantastic decision to use the money saved from not having to score early games on beer. Without people willing to go the extra mile we wouldn’t be playing wiffle so let’s make sure we let folks know we appreciate the effort.

    Around the League: Week 2 Recap (Su2015)

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    These posts are written by league members throughout the season.

    Week 2 and location two of the Summer season are in the books, let’s see how things went down at the Royal Order of the Moose.

    - DC Twits, playing without franchise stalwarts Hudson and Crawford, went 3-0 on the day including a sweep of the Jackhammer’s Cy Young duo. They are 5-0 with a run differential of somehow only +7 but had a huge day towards securing a playoff berth.

    - Wolfpack showed unexpected amounts of power on a day where not many balls were leaving the yard. Adding that to repertoire have them as the team to beat so far but let’s see how they fare this week against tougher foes.

    - Garbage Plates and Janitors both needed scorekeepers to sub to play their games and promptly got involved in a 21 hit, 3 run, 10 inning marathon to keep everyone from watching the NFL. Learn how to take the extra base guys.

    - New look Circle Jerks started to show some cracks in their two losses with hilariously slow base
    running, premature home run calls and a general lack of discipline as team overlord John Hamlett was laid up in bed crying because someone stole the last of his protein. Your team needs you John, come back soon.

    Big thanks to former Commissioner Gallaway for buying lunch and beers this week. We’ll have some info on what we are doing moving forward with food and drink but we definitely can’t bring our own booze to the lodge. Thanks to everyone who helped with the fields, scoring and generally making a great first impression with the lodge folks, they seem to be happy to have us.