Spring Awards Final Ballot

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And the nominees are…

29 of the eligible voters (33% turnout rate) voted to select the nominees for each award. Now it’s time to vote among the nominees for who get the hardware.


Each rostered player in the league should have received their ballot via email.

The nominees, including their vote totals from the nomination round are here:

Jack Shannon – Votes 1118
Jim Shannon – Votes 1099
Jeffrey Nitto – Votes 1093
Spencer Howard – Votes 982
Pete Hackeman – Votes 908

Scott Donelson – Votes 136
David Bodner – Votes 106
Timothy Holt – Votes 90

Adriano DeSorrento – Votes 685
Jeffrey Nitto – Votes 682
Felix Fernandez – Votes 619
Colin Gannon – Votes 613
Connor Dierman – Votes 601

Kevin Higman – Votes 394
John Gerstein – Votes 391
Andrew Schenkel – Votes 341

William McNally – Votes 420
Ty Fletcher – Votes 414
Richard Ware – Votes 400

Spencer Howard – Votes 376
John Hamlett – Votes 372
Craig Wentzell – Votes 341

Colin Gannon – Votes 247
Adriano DeSorrento – Votes 230
Gregory Hudson – Votes 222

Pitch Perfect
Backdoor Sliders

Who's On First?: Division Championship Series Playoff Preview

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While the highlight of the playoffs very well might turn out to be the outgoing Commissioner referring to a meathead Park Police officer as the signature piece of male anatomy, we’ve still got three series left of wiffle to play. At least the Barnburners weren’t there to touch themselves over his vascularity.

DCS 1: Gumballers @ Wolfpack –

  • Teams met on the blustery final day of the regular season where the Wolfpack squeezed by in extras
  • Adriano didn’t make it out of the first that day, an advantage for a pitcher who has more usable pitches in his arsenal than any other in the league. The Gumballers haven’t seen those pitches since a shutout loss last August.
  • But if the wind is blowing as it has been this season, Nitto is the pitcher your team wants on the mound. With the field TBD this could be critical.
  • Both teams will have star hitters that were missing from their regular season matchup with Nick West and Don McClintock expected to report. We know the Wolfpack welcome West in but would the Gumballers take no McClintock and a smaller lineup if it meant not facing West? They at least have to think about it while the Wolfpack don’t even consider if the offer was reversed.

Verdict – Wolfpack in 3. You could argue for both sides as Nitto is having an MVP caliber season while the Wolfpack have struggled at times to score runs. Give the slight advantage in a close series to the team with three lefty hitters, the better backup pitcher and championship experience. Just don’t stake your life on it.

DC 2: Moose Knuckles @ Barnburners

  • Teams met in Week 2 of the regular season with the Barnburners taking it 5-1
  • Moose Knuckles showed some heart in thumping the Canvassers in the only game they actually had to play but it’s hilarious to bet on Matt Gagnon hitting two home runs a game. Beyond hilarious in fact.
  • Colin Gannon has been arguably the best pitcher this year, adding a not really needed but always nice to have dimension to the Barnburners.

Verdict – Barnburners in 2. There really isn’t much else to write, we give the Moose Knuckles full credit for their first round win but the run stops here. They are simply outmatched the plate, on the mound and in the field.

Spring 2015 Season Awards

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It’s time to select the 2015 Spring Season Award Nominees.

We give out four awards for full season play and an award for Manager of the Year and New Team of the Year. Unlike Player of the Week awards, these winners are kept secret and announced at our annual Champions Dinner.

Instead of the nominees being chosen by the Commissioner, all official roster players will get to vote to determine the winners from all eligible players (qualified in the states).

Once the nominees are selected, a final ballot will be held to select the winners.


Each player in the league has been emailed instructions on completing their ballot, which is being hosted by BallotBin. Emails were sent to the address used when the player paid their registration fee. If you did not receive your email notification contact the Commissioner.

Voting for the awards is being done by ranked pairs voting.


The awards to be voted on are:

  • Most Valuable Player – Wiffleball is an offensive sport, and the five nominees for this award are determined largely by offensive power, though voters should consider overall performance in making their selections.
  • Rookie of the Year – This award is for the Rookie player (defined as a player not eligible for nomination in any prior year’s stats) who had the most impact on the PWL. (3 nominees)
  • Cy Young Award – The Cy Young Award honors the finest pitching performance for the season.
  • Gold Glove Award – This award honors performances in the field. There is one award per position, Pitcher, Catcher and Fielder.
  • Manager of the Year – This award honors the best manager of the year.

Every player in the league who qualified for the minimum number of appearances is on the ballot to choose the winners. Ballots are initially sorted based on a single stat performance. MVP and Roookie of the Year by SLG. Cy Young by OBA. Gold Glove by RF. Manager and New Team are randomized by the system on each ballot.

Player of the Week: Week 7 Nominees (Sp15)

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The final week of the season is in. Playoff time has arrived. And without the Shannons present, we have quite the lineup for POTW nominations.

Whatever we are calling him today, the site says Felix Fernandez, so let’s go with that. Felix helped the Janitors clinch a playoff birth by getting the win they needed. On the day Felix batted .700, hit 2 home runs, 4 doubles, and had 5 RBIs for an OPS of 2.400.

Who is Brian Zirkel you ask? Good question — he’s been quietly having himself a good year at the plate for Chicken and Wiffle. This week he batted .625, hit 4 home runs, and had 5 RBIs for an OPS of 2.250.

Speaking of Chicken and Wiffle, Connor Dierman got himself nominated by having 5 hits, 4 of which were home runs. Dierman batted .556 with 4 RBIs and an OPS of 2.556.

The Gumballers are looking pretty good this year, and a part of that is due to Michael Cohen hitting the ball. For the day, Cohen batted .615, hit 4 home runs, had 6 RBIs and an OPS of 2.154.

Wait what? This is two nominations for Pete Hackeman this season. What is happening. Backing up last week’s performance, Pete batted .625, hit 4 home runs, had 8 RBIs, 2 doubles, and an OPS of 2.125.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW Week 7 Sp15
Felix Fernandez
Connor Dierman
Brian Zirkel
Michael Cohen
Pete Hackeman
total_votes: 40

About POTW: Each week five nominees will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

Who's On First?: Wild Card Series Playoff Preview

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Janitors @ Gumballers –

  • Teams met once in the regular the season with the Gumballers winning 2-0 without ace Jeff Nitto. The Janitors did get 7 hits so we assume there was some bad luck / terrible base running involved.
  • Speaking of Nitto, he’s the pitcher best equipped to thrive in what has been a very hitter friendly season. His low release point allows him to throw 35, get 27mph reads and keep the ball low on days when pop flies are soaring out of the park.
  • Janitors should have Kevin Higman back but who knows how the lineups will be deployed, Kirby has made some questionable calls in the past. Benching Higman for anyone else on this team qualifies as a questionable call.
  • Rumor has the Gumballers rolling out a three man lineup and unfortunately for everyone else it includes Nitto and Don McLintock. He’s always a tough out, just ask anyone who has played them in a close game.

For the Janitors to win – Nitto needs to get tossed early while Fernandez pitches complete games as Higman regains his MVP form at the plate and in the field. They scatter the Gumballers hits, make them work for runs and win low scoring games.

For the Gumballers to win – Nitto deals as he has been all season and frustrates the Janitors lineup. Limit any damage to Higman and hit on par with their season numbers. Get in Fernandez’s head (don’t stay there, it appears to be a weird place) and be patient.

Verdict – Gumballers in two. In a shootout, the Gumballers three man lineup can produce runs. In low scoring games, they have the far superior pitcher. If the series grinds to a third close game the Janitors are far more likely to make a bad play. It’s just tough to see where the Janitors have a true advantage over three games. Then again, it is the playoffs and it is the Gumballers.

Canvassers @ Moose Knuckles –

  • Teams met once with the Canvassers taking it 5-3, scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 5th. Expect more close games.
  • Moose Knuckles absolutely need Gagnon to be at his best against his former fling of a team. His ERA is there but his supporting offense has been even worse than in past years.
  • Canvassers have the best offensive stats south of the Barnburners but their pitching has been inconsistent. Come playoffs, this matters a lot more. But are the Knuckles equipped to take advantage?

For the Moose Knuckles to win – Pretty simple. Gagnon holds them to 3 or fewer, stays in the game and they scrape together 3-4 runs. Flowers needs to show up and the Canvassers bottom of the order hits more they like have for years.

For the Canvassers – Put up 5 in a game and you’ve got think this is theirs. Knuckles have scored 5 runs twice this year and aren’t bringing in one of the Shannons as a ringer this time around.

Verdict – This a terrible matchup for the Moose Knuckles to have to win a series, they’d be far better suited playing either the Janitors or Gumballers. If Flowers shows, this goes the distance with the Canvassers taking it in a close one. We wouldn’t be shocked to see the Moose Knuckles take a do or die game but think the Canvassers bats will be the difference.

Who's On First?: Week 7 Wrap-up

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The 2015 Spring season is in the books and as advertised, things got interesting on the final day. Not necessarily in a good for wiffle ball as a sport way but interesting. Big thanks for Commisioner elect Hudson keeping things moving and even umpiring a game.

  • The Moose Knuckles kicked off Seeding Sunday in the most Moose Knuckle way possible. Needing pretty much just to show up they forfeited their only game to the Backdoor Sliders, the same Backdoor Sliders that lost 5-2 to powerhouse Besley Bashers later. Great work guys.
  • Not to be outdone their division rival Janitors gave up 19, yes 19, runs to a Canvassers squad missing Garcia and Dreyfus. Hackeman hit 4, yes 4, yes THAT Hackeman, home runs and brought his ERA down to 12.00 in capturing his first win of the season.
  • Rather than clinch their division outright, the Canvassers promptly lost to the Bald Beavers of then -29 run differential and 2 win fame. My head hurts.
  • Because that isn’t enough about halfway through the day the DC Twits, Chicken and Wiffle and Dupont Circle Jerks were looking at potential play in games for the playoffs. All they needed was Trashy to come through…
  • And he almost did. The Janitors held off the Garbage Plates 2-1 to secure their division and avoid a gaggle of really fun tiebreakers that could have had a team looking at 7-8 potential games next Sunday. Too bad really because who knows what might have happened.
  • In more normal news the Wolfpack rode Chris Keeven coming in on only the second batter to throw 7 strong innings against the Gumballers. A razor sharp Nitto was mowing wolves down before succumbing to the wind, allowing the Wolfpack to get two across and grab the coveted first round bye. Pretty easy to see a rematch on tap for Sunday afternoon.
  • The Gumballers did however secure the 3 seed thanks to the Canvassers having the stability of a Kardashian, run ruling the Garbage Plates in their second game to grab the division on the smallest run differential margin possible.
  • Besley Bashers ended the game on a three game win streak and for what feels like the 19th straight season emphatically point out they lost 6 one run games. Right on the cusp again fellas, staying the course will definitely get you to the promised land.
  • Shout out to the Dupont Circle Jerks for tweaking their roster and actually making strides this season. There are 5 veteran teams below you in the standings that could use some of your wisdom

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sunday, June 21st and come say goodbye to Gallaway. There are a couple new events on tap in addition to usual free food and end of the year activities. Details coming soon.

Week 7 Preview (Sp15): Happy Ending

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The last week of 20th season is here. End of a era.

While we will say goodbye to 10 teams who won’t make the playoffs, EVERYONE should plan to join us for what will be an amazing final Sunday on June 21st. Details will be announced soon, but the traditional awards dinner (free food), all star game and home run derby will be supplemented with some can’t miss events. Make plans NOW to attend.

Four of the six playoff teams are set, but the final two spots, and the overall seeding is still up for grabs. The coveted #1 seed with a first round bye belongs to the Barnburners, but who will get the 2nd bye, and also avoid the Barnburners until the World Series?

Commissioner Gallaway, along with seven of the PWL’s all stars will be in St. Louis representing the league in the regional round of the NWLA tournament. Deputy Commissioner Hudson will have the airhorn. It should be an amazing 78 degrees with no chance of rain. Will be a little windy, and 10 MPH from the ESE, which means 40 MPH at Gravelly.

Speaking of the Commissioner, don’t forget he’s doing an Ask Me Anything before he steps down and you can submit questions. Do it by Monday!

EXTRA DAY TO VOTE! – Don’t forget to do two things this week, and every week. Vote for Player of the Week and nominate a nice defensive play for a Webgem. And yes, on Webgems, don’t be embarrassed about nominating yourself. The POTW voting went up late this week, so you have until NOON ON SATURDAY to vote.

Ask Me Anything: Gallaway

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In case you have been living under a rock, Commissioner Gallaway is stepping down from the PWL following the current season. Work on the transition has been going on for months to assure the continuation of the league but even the most optimistic of folks know it won’t be exactly the same. Before he leaves our Sunday afternoon lives Gallaway has agreed to answer some questions; we know your team has wondered all sorts of things like how does he do it every Sunday? Why exactly are you retiring? What exactly is FieldWorks?

Now is your chance to ask these questions. Submit your entries to by next Monday, June 8th. All questions will be reviewed and anyone who plays or has played wiffleball around the world is free to send theirs in, though for obvious reasons we can’t promise yours will be published. We look forward to your submissions.

Player of the Week: Week 6 Nominees (Sp15)

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It’s that time again everyone, the time when we nominate both Shannon’s and somehow we take for granted what they are doing to the league this year. Will anyone stop them? At least we know next week they can’t be nominated.

  • This week, Jim Shannon again had a fantastic week. This time he batted .800 with an OPS of 2.600m hit 3 home runs, and had 7 RBIs. I feel like I write out these numbers every week.
  • Right behind and not to be outdone again, Jack Shannon batted .600, an OPS of 2.500, hit 4 home runs, and had 9 RBIs. Sorry everyone else, but these two brothers are far and away better than the rest of the league (in batting at least).
  • His first nomination since 2014, Kevin Higman is back. This week Higman batted .636, had an OPS of 2.364, hit 3 home runs, and had 6 RBIs. Good to have you back on here Kevin.
  • The Twits finally were able to hit some home runs on Sunday, and Dan Lockbaum was the reason why. On the day, Lockbaum batted .444, an OPS of 2.222, and had 4 home runs for 8 RBIs.
  • This is Pete Hackeman’s first POTW nomination ever. Is that actually possible? Congrats Pete! On the day, Pete was almost impossible to get out, batting .643, an OPS of 1.786, hit 2 home runs, and had 7 RBIs.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW Week 6 Sp15
Jim Shannon
Jack Shannon
Kevin Higman
Dan Lockbaum
Pete Hackeman
total_votes: 20

About POTW: Each week five nominees will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

Hall of Fame: 2015 Class and Full Results

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The PWL announced the final results of the 2015 Hall of Fame balloting.

Four players, two active, and two retired, were elected to the Hall as the first members.

Complete voting results for all 65 players appearing on the ballot is below.

Complete Voting Results

Player Votes % of Ballots
Stephen Zigmund 54 76%
Jack Shannon 53 75%
Jim Shannon 53 75%
Joseph Thaman 53 75%
Chris Gallaway 44 62%
Kris Garcia 40 56%
Nicholas DiCrosta 29 41%
Matt Dreyfus 28 39%
Kevin Higman 26 37%
Tony Ragano 18 25%
Adriano DeSorrento 13 18%
Nicholas West 13 18%
Colin Gannon 12 17%
Jeffrey Nitto 11 15%
Tony Cani 11 15%
Matt Gagnon 9 13%
Ty Fletcher 8 11%
Andrew Flowers 7 10%
Christopher Keeven 7 10%
Eamon Murray 7 10%
Felix Fernandez 7 10%
Anthony Morin 5 7%
Brett Beyerlin 5 7%
Stephen Crawford 5 7%
William McNally 5 7%
Brian Clapp 4 6%
Brian Ford 4 6%
Gregory Hudson 4 6%
Kerby Valladares 4 6%
Andrew Johnson 3 4%
Sam Johnson 3 4%
Alex Cochran 2 3%
Andrew Martin 2 3%
Andrew Schenkel 2 3%
Don McClintock 2 3%
Michael Cohen 2 3%
Patrick Browning 2 3%
Pete Hackeman 2 3%
Zach Carter 2 3%
Aaron Christoff 1 1%
Adam Turner 1 1%
Benjamin Turner 1 1%
Brett Shegogue 1 1%
Brian Mackey 1 1%
Chris Mazur 1 1%
Christopher Smyth 1 1%
David Gross 1 1%
Howard Krasilovsky 1 1%
Joseph Zarobila 1 1%
Kevin Langone 1 1%
Kyle O’Grady 1 1%
Mark Nicholson 1 1%
Michael Burns 1 1%
Robert Rotach 1 1%
Scott Abrahams 1 1%
Sean Hendershot 1 1%
Tim Qua 1 1%
Brian Burrell 0 0%
Christopher Pike 0 0%
Colton Turner 0 0%
Craig Mann 0 0%
Joey Davis 0 0%
John Bernard 0 0%
Todd Ogg 0 0%
Zac Champ 0 0%