Player of the Week (Sp10): Week 6 Nominees

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Sandy Koufax said that pitching is the art of instilling fear. That may be true, but unfortunately for pitchers, chicks dig the long ball not the strikeout. Because of that, the three nominees for POTW this week certainly won’t be getting laid anytime soon. They did have the best performances in Week 6 though, not just in their chosen profession as hurlers, but overall. Because of the late posting, votes will be open through Saturday.

Also, we’re excited to announce that the Commissioner will be hosting the seven season POTW winners as a group in the Lexus President’s Club at a Nationals game this offseason. If you wanted to save the Commish some money, you could vote for a previous weekly winner to get a second award.


  • Paul Costello (Brosephorous Rex): Costello tossed the first perfect game of the season beating the Canvassers. He had a previous no-no this season broken up by a close scoring call, but this one is legit. Costello struck out seven on the day and recorded the lowest OBA at .056. He didn’t allow a run, earned or otherwise. He decided to keep the ball, rather than put it in the PWL Hall of Fame. No problem with that, but we all agree it’s a typical dick Rex move, and that’s why no one likes them.
  • Brian Ford (Scared Hitless): Ford helped Hitless clinch the East with two wins, including a perfect game over On the Fence, and gets his second nomination this season. He got roughed up and had to leave with a pinky injury (pinky=penis) in the third game of the day, a make-up game against the The Gnats. He ended up with a 2.29 ERA and a .222 OBA, giving up 6 hits including one HR. The knuckleballer also K’d 14.
  • Tony Ragano (Clubber Lang): Ragano has been the league’s whipping boy this season for his constant bitching about (insert anything you can think of here). However, looking back, we might have been a little hard on him. Sure, he’s long past the days where POTW nominations were a regular thing for him, and his team is just barely going to creep into the postseason, but he’s still in the Cy Young race. We even noticed (after he called, texted, emailed, and left a note at HQ) that he’s pitched 47 scoreless innings in a row. We absolutely know that’s a new league record, we’re just not sure who had the previous one, but we’re checking. He didn’t toss a perfect game, but he gave up just 4 hits for a .114 OBA while striking out 20 to go along with his scoreless inning streak. Look for his brother to help him print ballots again and walk to a win this week by several hundred votes.

POTW (Sp10): Week 6
Paul Costello
Brian Ford
Tony Ragano
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About POTW: Each week three nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

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