Player of the Week (Su10): Week 3 Nominees

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Week 3 was one of those weeks without breakout performances and our mixed bag of nominees reflects that. We like to nominate players who help their teams to victory, and sometimes that’s hard when they lose more games than they win.


  • John Cain (Mr. Party’s Waddle) – Cain is the last person anyone would ever expect to get a POTW nomination, but he claims one this week. Since the voters love an underdog, and Cain is probably a better organizer than slugger, we wouldn’t be surprised if he wins. The newly minted manager of the Waddle hit three home runs and slugged 1.182 on his way to 1-1 week for his team. They gave Superman’s Wheelchair a run and almost beat the undefeated team, but a walkoff homer stole it from them.
  • Aaron Christoff (Superman’s Wheelchair) – A second consecutive nomination for Christoff this week as his three doubles and a home run have him slugging 1.250. He didn’t get the hero shot to keep Wheelchair one of the two undefeated teams, and his hits didn’t come at opportune times for scoring, but he still snags a spot this week.
  • Tony Ragano (Clubber Lang) – Ragano made a serious dent in his “man of honor” street cred by being a sore loser this week. Fortunately, the video footage of his childish antics have been sealed in the PWL archives. A second loss to Division rival and former teammate traitor NWO is what caused his issues. Despite that, Clubber picked up their first win and behind Ragano and free agent Andrew Martin (who just missed qualifying for a nomination with only 6 AB’s) might be building for another late season run and ticket to the post-season. Ragano homered twice, slugged 1.250 and didn’t have a single strikeout…and his team could have been 2-0…if only he’d have picked up that ball.

POTW Week 3 (Su10)
John Cain
Aaron Christoff
Tony Ragano
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About POTW: Each week three nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

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