Player of the Week (Su10): Week 6

Written by - Posted 2010-09-24 15:00 in POTW

It finally happened. A female player has won Player of the Week honors in the PWL.

Allison Smith of the The Gnats launched two homers to beat nationally ranked Scared Hitless during Week 6. She became only the second female nominee in POTW history, and is the first to win, dominating in the vote.

Unlike some rival leagues, ( KWL ) where the female players are regularly the best hitters in the league, the PWL has been pretty much a sausage fest for most of it’s history.

President Obama, who previously met with Smith issued a statement on the historic event:

“Michelle and I send our best to Allison on his great honor. As the person who kept the first woman from becoming president, I know how important it is to make sure that there are other, less important, even sometimes trivial, accomplishments that specific women, and all the sisters in general, can look up to. Thank you Allison, for getting the job done where so many others have failed.”

Smith has drawn criticism from some parts of the wiffleball community for using her sexuality to achieve her success in the PWL. She is in a relationship with last season’s MVP Nick DiCrosta.

Brian Ford, DiCrosta’s teammate on Scared Hitless who gave up the two bombs to Smith last week, said, “Sure, we’d all like to be sleeping with the MVP from last season; getting pointers on the game, taking extra BP, and whispering sweet nothings into our ears about my tells for pitches on the mound. But all I ever got from fucking Nick was a bad case of the clap.”

Smith will receive her keychain in a special ceremony during Week 7.

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