Player of the Week (Sp11): Week 4 Nominees

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The great weather killed offense. Our worst batting average week in a long time, if not ever. As a result we have two pitchers in the five nominees for the first time since we had three perfect games in one week.


  • Alex Filides (NWO) – The perfect game he threw earned Filides his 9th nomination and a tie for 3rd place with Kris Garcia on the all time nomination list. He has the distinction for being the most nominated player never to win the award. By the stats, he should have three or four, but sometimes people vote their hearts, and their hearts aren’t with him. He did win an MVP award in a public vote, but has been shutout on POTW. He struck out 14 with a OBA of .100 as NWO won two games to put them on top of their division, but that doesn’t matter. You don’t care.
  • Dan Golding (NWO) – The only rookie getting a nomination this week Golding was a Craig’s List pickup for NWO to replace Brett Beyerlin. His debut games went well, two homers and a double slugging 1.167 and batting .583. He didn’t strike out a single time, which is a rarity for a seasoned veteran and unheard of for a guy who hadn’t picked up a bat before the first pitch. If he can keep Alex from wearing off on him, he could be a player to watch.
  • Howard Krasilovsky (Master Batters) – Howie is usually known more for his pitching than hitting, but despite barely qualifing for a nomination (7 AB’s needed) his single game Sunday was a good one. He was five for seven to hit .714 with two doubles and two homers. He drove in four runs as the Master Batters tried to right their ship and get back into playoff contention. He led the league in slugging this week at 1.857 and fortunately took off before the pitchers started to dominate the day.
  • Joe Thaman (Superman’s Wheelchair) – Fourth nomination in a row for Thaman this week and even we’re getting a little tired of it. But, he’s on a tear with a new record for scoreless innings pitched and 19.5 perfect innings in a row, despite not getting his 4th career perfect game out of it. Sure, he had two of the weakest teams in the league as opponents, Scared Hitless and the Canvassers, but he’s almost unhittable. In 31 innings pitched he struck out 32, gave up just four hits and of course, no runs.
  • Nicholas West (Mr. Party’s Waddle) – West earns his third nomination this week and has one win. He missed out on Waddle’s strong start early in the season, and not even his impressive numbers could keep the penguins from going 0-3 this week. Probably the first nominee ever to lose three games, West knocked three homers and a double to slug 1.231 and hit .462. He probably can’t get Waddle back on the Top 50 teams in the country, but he’ll keep his name among the league leaders.

Player of the Week (Sp11): Week 4
Alex Filides
Dan Golding
Howard Krasilovsky
Joe Thaman
Nicholas West
total_votes: 129

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

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