Player of the Week (Sp11): Week 5 Nominees

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Three perfect games but only two pitching nominees since once guy had two of them himself. The long ball came strong which was good since anything on the ground was lost in the jungle. The real competition may not be for who gets the keychain, but for which Shannon twin gets more votes than the other. Loser has to take six punches and three ball shots.


  • Craig Mann (NWO) – The third, of the NWO three total players, to get a nomination in the last two weeks Mann gets his second nod of the season and fifth in his career. He has two victories. NWO Manager Alex Filides finally figured out how to rig the voting last week for teammate Dan Golding, but not in time to prevent himself from losing a record setting nine previous nominations. Don’t hold his team against him though, Mann is good player, and until we figure out the deal with rookie Golding we’ll call Mann the most liked player on the least liked team. He hit six four homers and two doubles to slug 1.292 and hit .458. He drove in 14 runs as NWO cruised to a 3-0 weekend.
  • Jack Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners) – Jack gets his fourth nomination, and first since the first week of the 2010 Spring Season. He has two wins. The Barnburners rebounded from their loss to Hitless last week with a 2-0 weekend. Jack contributed hitting three homers and two doubles to slug 1.889 and hit .667. He drove in four runs and is the only nominee this week not to strike out.
  • Jim Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners) – Jim gets a nomination after a “down” week last week when he dropped off the nominee list for the first time this season. His fourth this season and fifth career he trails his brother with just one win. He continues to lead the Batting Triple Crown categories and with four homers in just eight AB’s he’s leading the league this week in slugging at 2.250. He’s hitting .750 and drove in five with just one strikeout.
  • Joe Thaman (Superman’s Wheelchair) – Record fifth nomination in a row for Thaman, but it was a record last week already at four in a row. Speaking of records, he’s owning the consecutive scoreless streak one with no signs of slowing down. He now also leads in career perfect games with five, four of which are this season. A few weeks ago he casually mentioned that he has a new pitch that “was starting to work”. No shit. The competition here isn’t quite the same as the College World Series he played in, but you’d think with moving the mound back some hitters could figure him out. It’s possible, if not probable, that he won’t lose a game this season. If so, like Gibson in 1968, we might be changing the rules.
  • Tyler Williams (Sex Panthers) – Williams got his perfecto against a demoralized Garbage Plates who had just been the victims of the first forfeit for pitcher ejections in league history, but a perfect game is a perfect game. He struck out five of the 14 he faced and pitched a perfect inning in his second game before being “lifted”. The Sex Panthers are going to need him to stay in the games and continue to pitch well if they hope to break into the postseason.

Player of the Week (Sp11): Week 5
Craig Mann
Jim Shannon
Jack Shannon
Joe Thaman
Tyler Williams
total_votes: 56

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

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