Player of the Week (Sp11): Week 7 Nominees

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Lots of forfeits the final week of the season meaning a lot less to choose from as far as nominees go. Our first guest player gets a nomination after helping Biebs Feevs knock off the defending World Champions. We wonder if he’ll be back when Beibs/DC Twits meet this Sunday to unofficially settle their seaon rivalry, which is now split at 1-1.


  • Daniel Bessette (Canvassers) – The rookie of the year candidate gets his second nomination this season. He led the Canvassers to two important wins and a playoff spot. He homered and doubled to slug 1.222 and drive in four runs. He hit .778.
  • Brian Hollrah (Biebs Feevs) – You wonder where this guest player has been all year for Beibs. Their two wins weren’t enough for post-season, but they at least went out with a bang. Hollrah homered twice and was 7 for 12 to slug 1.000 and hit .538. He drove in four of the Feevs runs.
  • Anthony Morin (Canvassers) – Morin spent most of the final week working on a couple of new pitches that barring his ejection seemed to work. His bat gets him on this list though, a homer and two doubles to slug 1.100 and hit .600. He drove in two runs.
  • Jim Shannon (Blandsford Barnburners) – Shannon came into the week needing to maintain his average and pick-up four RBI to win the Triple Crown. He did. He was 5 for 5 to bat 1.000, one of those a homer, and drove in 5 runs. He slugged 1.600 as he won the crown and the Barnburners solidified the #2 seed and a bye week.
  • Joseph Thaman (Superman’s Wheelchair) – Thaman is back on the nominee list after a brief absence. Things haven’t been great for the big lefty since his Six Innings profile, his team has lost 3 of 4 heading into the playoffs and his partner is not getting any less pregnant as postseason looms. He managed two dingers in eight at-bats to slug 1.000, but wasn’t on base other than that, hitting .250. He drove in two runs as the Wheelchair split the weekend.

Player of the Week (Sp11): Week 7
Daniel Bessette
Brian Hollrah
Anthony Morin
Jim Shannon
Joseph Thaman
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About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

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