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The Player of the Week Award was established in the Spring 2006 Season to reward the player who had the most outstanding performance that week. The winner is presented a Wiffleball Keychain. The keychain is no longer produced. After buying all available on ebay, the league owns enough to present the award for six more seasons.

The award has always been voted on by the league after three players were nominated. Starting in the Spring 2011 Season the nominees were expanded to five players. (There were four nominess for Week 7 of the Spring 2009 season due to a special circumstance.)

The votes were originally cast by emailing the Commissioner. Voting was limited to players in the league. In Week 6 of the 2007 Spring Season, the voting was moved to the website and all players, fans, media, and players families could vote. Starting with the Spring 2012 Season, the public vote was mixed with a vote of the managers of the league teams to determine the winner. The public vote and the managers vote each count for 50% of the final tally.

From it’s inception until the Summer 2008 season, a formula was used to determine the nominees. It was slugging percentage, minus opponents’ batting average, plus fielding . (SLGOBA + F) Beginning in the Summer of 2008, not every player was required to pitch, so the formula no longer worked.

The Commissioner now makes three five nominations based on various criteria, though largely hitting stats. Pitchers who throw a perfect game are guaranteed a nomination, and all but one pitcher who threw a no-hitter have received nominations.

The award has not been given out for various reasons on several different weeks. Voting for Weeks 6 & 7 of Summer 2008 were combined, because the schedules were combined. No award was given Weeks 4-7 of the Spring 2008 Season, Weeks 6-7 of the Summer 2006 Season, and Weeks 5-7 of the Spring 2006 Season.

Mindie Reule was the first only female player ever nominated for Player of the Week. She was nominated Week 2 of the Spring 2007 Season, but she didn’t win. Allison Smith broke the glass ceiling in Week 6 of the Summer 2010 season becoming the first female player to win.

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