Player of the Week: Week 1 Nominees (Su13)

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Well week 1 is in the books! We had some tough weather conditions for a few of the games, but overall a pretty good opening weekend. Not too many chances for the hitters to shine here — THREE perfect games, but one was a combined perfect game by Aaron Graham (4.5 innings, 2 k’s), Zach Carter (1.5 innings, 1 k) — BUT they did not get the POTW nod. We do however have 3 people on here with 0 POTW wins — can they finally get one?

Matt Gagnon (6 nominations, 1 win)
While Matt only had 4 plate apperances in two games this week (and grounded out all 4 times), he carried the Moose Knuckles with his arm instead. Against the Besley Bashers, Matt pitched a perfecto (8 K’s). And on the day total, gave up just 2 hits in 12 innings pitched for an OBA of .143. He also managed to throw 11 K’s combined on the day.

Jeffrey Nitto (3 nominations, 3 wins!)
Our second perfect game of the day comes from Nitto of the Gumballers vs the Sex Panthers. Nitto only allowed 1 hit in both of his games, but against the Sex Panthers, not only threw a no hitter, but struck out 13 (17 K’s total on the day). Nitto also was able to help himself out with a 2 run blast against the Sex Panthers.

Daniel Bessette (4 nominations, 0 wins)
The Janitors might have found a gem here. Daniel had a great day at the plate — batting .500, and OPS of 1.600 with 2 homeruns and 3 RBIs. Bessette essentially carried the Janitors through their two games (both losses). They also might have found a pitcher here too, giving up 1 run to Gas House over 3 innings.

Jack Rems (2 nominations, 0 wins)
Speaking of Gas House Gorillas — highly sought after free agent Jack Rems had a fun day at the plate. For his two games, he his .667, OPS of 1.467, with 2 RBIs. Jack was on base almost every time he came up for the rest of Gas House batters (going 7/9 against the Janitors).

Adriano DeSorrento (4 nominations, 0 wins)
If there is someone who has been “quietly” banging away in the PWL the past couple seasons, it’s Adriano. This weekend, he hit .500, an OPS of 1.833 — with 3 homeruns and 5 RBIs. Adriano has become a go to clutch and power hitter — look out for him this year pitchers.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW: Week 1 (Su13)
Matt Gagnon
Jeffrey Nitto
Daniel Bessette
Jack Rems
Adriano DeSorrento
total_votes: 81

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

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