Player of the Week (Sp14): Week 1 Nominees

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Opening day is in the books! We had a league wide batting average of .380, and a total of 53 home runs to go around. For comparison, Spring 2013 saw a batting average of .277 and had 10 homeruns. I’m sure wind had NO factor opening day right? To the nominations!

  • Kris Garcia (12 nominations, 4 wins) is the ol’ veteran here, currently on his 15th season in the league, and yet continues to hit the ball well. Coming off the World Series win, Garcia batted .625, hit 3 homeruns, had 6 RBIs, and an OPS of 2.375.
  • Rookie nomination alert! As if the Nasty Boys needed more guys hitting home runs, they get Justin Arras to hit 3 in his first week. Batting .714 with an OPS of 2.857, Arras knocked in 6 RBIs. And even with all that wind blowing the ball every which way, Arras didn’t strike out once.
  • Has Andrew Flowers (4 nominations, 0 wins) been hitting the weight room this off-season? He came out ready to play — hitting 2 home runs for 4 RBIs, batting .750 with an OPS 2.375 and had himself a sac-fly and a save. Looks like Flowers is picking up where he left off and continues to be one of the best hitters in the league.
  • Jim Shannon (9 nominations, 1 win) and his Barnburners team sure have been talking a lot via twitter this offseason — and then lost in the worst way via pitcher ejection while leading. Needless to say, Jim did what he does and continued to consistently get on base, batting .571 with 2 homeruns, 6 RBIs, and an OPS of 2.286.
  • Well this one is awkward to write. Greg Hudson (3 nominations, 0 wins) of the DC Twits had himself quite the day at the plate Sunday. Hitting 4 home runs (including the first of the season for the league), batted .727 with an OPS 2.727, and knocked in 4 with only 1 strikeout on the day.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW Sp14 Week 1
Kris Garcia
Justin Arras
Andrew Flowers
Jim Shannon
Greg Hudson
total_votes: 56

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

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