Player of the Week (Sp14): Week 2 Nominees

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The wind wasn’t as giving as it was in the previous week, which meant we had some low scoring affairs – and two instant nominations (perfect games). Also, am very surprised that some of these players have never won the coveted POTW.

  • Chris Keevan (5 nominations, 0 wins) of Superman’s Wheelchair is having to pick up the pieces after Joe Thaman moved out of the country, and did his best Thaman impression on Sunday against the Besley Bashers. Keevan pitched a perfect game with 6 strikeouts. In his second game, he gave up 2 hits and lost 1-0. Batting, Keevan was just .167, with one homerun, and an OPS of .583
  • Colin Gannon (1 nomination, 0 wins) of Barnburners gets our second perfecto on the day – this one ALSO coming against Besley Bashers (rough day). Gannon had 6 strikeouts in his perfect game. Gannon also pitched the other game, giving up just 2 hits and no runs. Batting wise, Gannon batted just .250, had a homerun, and OPS of .875.
  • Anthony Morin (5 nominations, 0 wins) of the Canvassers pretty much decided if he wasn’t going to hit a home run, he wasn’t hitting at all. On the day, Morin batted .500, of his 5 hits, 4 were home runs, totaling 8 RBIs, and an OPS of 2.200. He also pitched 8 innings to an ERA of 1.50 with 12 strikeouts.
  • Another Canvassers nominations here, Spencer Howard (first nomination!) not only took the Deputy’s head off here, but almost had a perfect day at the plate. Howard batted .818, an OPS of 2.273, 2 doubles, and 1 homerun. He also got to pitch and save the Canvassers from a DC Twits comeback.

These Barnburners sure know how to hit, and this week was no different with Jim Shannon (10 nominations, 1 win). Jim batted .667 on the day, knocking in 3, while hitting 2 home runs to make for an OPS of 2.111.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW Sp14 Week 2
Chris Keeven
Colin Gannon
Anthony Morin
Spencer Howard
Jim Shannon
total_votes: 46

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

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