Player of the Week (Su14): Week 1 Nominees

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There are few people in the league who are as consistent at hitting than Kevin Higman (5 nominations, 3 wins). Proving this to be true again, Higman had a great day at the plate, batting .615 on the day, an OPS of 1.923, with 2 homeruns, 3 doubles, and 7 RBIs. One of those home runs was enough to beat the Wolfpack, making the Janitors 2-0 on the day.

Coming off a rookie season with the Bald Beavers, Garrett Carlson (first nomination), batted .333 on the day, but earned himself an automatic nomination by pitching a perfect game against Jimmy Giggles (and the name that is too long). Facing 12 batters, Carlson struck out 4 to keep his team from starting the season 0-2.

Picking up where he left off in Spring, Spencer Howard (3 nominations, 1 win) showed why he’s one of the best hitters in the league. Howard batted .750 on the day, hitting a home run, his 1 RBI on the day, and totaling an OPS of 2.125.

There was a lot of talk this off season about Suns Out and how annoying a hitter Nicholas West (9 nominations, 1 win) can be to face. This week was no different, as West batted .533 with 4 doubles. With Adriano absent this week, West also got the start on the mound, going 1-1, West had an ERA of 0.50 in 12 IP with 9 Ks, and 1 run (a home run).

You know, I saw this tweet and though, surely this cannot be true. But somehow it is, thanks in part to Benjamin Turner (2 nominations, 1 win), who batted .566, had an OPS of 1.889, hit 2 homeruns, and had 3 RBIs to help the Plates stay at .500. Turner also pitched 2 innings of shut out ball against the Wolfpack.


The public vote counts for 50% of the overall total, and the league managers vote counts for the remaining 50%.

POTW Week 1 SU14
Kevin Higman
Garrett Carlson
Spencer Howard
Nicholas West
Benjamin Turner
total_votes: 83

About POTW: Each week five nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain. For a history of the award, check out Player of the Week History.

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