Player of the Week (Su14): Week 7

Written by - Posted 2015-05-08 12:49 in POTW

The end of the Summer 2014 season wreaked havoc on awards voting. Our trusted system, BallotBin went DOWN. And since it was free, we couldn’t really complain too much. It finally came back up, but too late to handle manager voting for POTW for Week 7, and also to handle our season end awards.

As a result, we used a different system for the Summer awards, and our method of voting BROKE the results on it. They had to manually generate the results and email them to us. For the first time award winners were not announced at the Champions Dinner, but were announced on the website after. That hardware will be handed out this season.

Due to an oversight, we never announced the POTW winner. The managers voted over email for that one, with the votes being manually tallied. And we actually had a TIE, which has happened several times.

The public vote on the website, which worked fine, was won by Adriano DeSorrento after a perfect game. Stephen Crawford came in second place. In the managers voting, manually tallied, only 6 of the 12 manages voted. Crawford came in first, and DeSorrento second. This caused an overall tie, since each round of voting is worth 50% of the total.

Ties are awarded to the public vote winner, so Adriano DeSorrento gets POTW for Week 7. Despite it being awarded seven months late.

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