Player of the Week (Sp08): Week 1 Nominees

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Each week, the three players with the best combined numbers (SLGOBA + F%) will be the nominees for POTW. The league will then vote for the winner.

Players must average 3.1 AB’s per game played to be considered in the stats, times the forfeit factor. That means 6.2 at bats each week, times the % of games forfeited. This week, 50% of games were forfeited, so 3.1 AB’s were required to be considered.

Votes are Due at NOON on Friday.

Week 1 Nominees:

  • Brett Beyerlin (Mega Maids): Beyerlin helped his team run rule the Rossi Posse, slugging 1.286 and driving in 4 runs with one home run and two doubles. Perfect in the field, he did give up an earned run in one inning pitched but struck out two.
  • Alan Dana (Free Agents): Dana hit the league’s first homer of the season, slugged 1.200 and drive in two runs as his team squeaked by the WMD’s. Perfect in the field, he struck out one, and didn’t give up a hit in his two innings pitched.
  • Stephen Zigmund (Canvassers): Zigmund had an incredible four back-to-back-to-back-to-back homers all in one inning. He drove in 9 runs, and slugged 2.714. He only tossed one inning, struck out 1 and gave up no hits, while playing errorless in the field.

Player of the Week (Sp08): Week 1
Brett Beyerlin
Alan Dana
Stephen Zigmund
total_votes: 78

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