Player of the Week (Sp08): Week 2 Nominees

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Each week, the three players with the best combined numbers (SLGOBA + F%) will be the nominees for POTW. The league will then vote for the winner.

Players must average 3.1 AB’s per game played to be considered in the stats, times the forfeit factor. That means 6.2 at bats each week, times the % of games forfeited. This week, 25% of games were forfeited, so 4.7 AB’s were required to be considered.

Votes are Due at NOON on Friday.

Week 2 Nominees:

  • Steve Dubois (WMD’s): Dubois went on an offensive tear during week two, slugging 1.571 and driving in ten runs with three homers. On the mound he gave up two runs and five hits and committed one error in the field.
  • Chris Raymond (Rated ‘E’): Raymond drove in five and hit one home run slugging .900. His perfect pitching with two strikeouts helped make him a nominee despite committing two errors in the field.
  • Charlie Zold (Rathed ‘E’): A rookie week performance that will be noted in the history books saw Zold delivering eleven runs batted in behind three homers and two doubles, slugging 1.625. He gave up two runs in three innings pitched, and played errorless in the field. He’s now tangling with Triple Crown Winner Stephen Zigmund at the top of the offensive leaders list.

Player of the Week (Sp08): Week 2
Steve Dubois
Chris Raymond
Charlie Zold
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